PushAMZ Reviews

PushAMZ Reviews

PushAMZ is not your typical Amazon automation store that might promise the moon and stars but falls short on delivery. Instead, they are a friendly and comprehensive Amazon seller store management company that stands out thanks to their tried-and-true approach. They are about ensuring your sales keep growing steadily and creating a source of passive income that works for you.

Their success story would not be possible without their amazing team of more than 100 professionals. They are experts in sales, marketing, and running operations, bringing years of experience in navigating the digital world and online marketplaces. At PushAMZ, we pool our talents to create tailored solutions that do not just drive growth—they set you up for long term success that you can count on.

Their secret is that they blend top notch technology with a real knack for understanding what businesses truly need, making them the go to partner for entrepreneurs looking to achieve their goals.

Let us figure out if investing in PushAMZ would be a good idea!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with PushAMZ in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Chase Alley

PushAMZ Reviews

Chase is a seasoned entrepreneur who has excelled in various industries like telecommunications, ecommerce, and global import-export. He is known for creating successful businesses and specializes in handling overseas product delivery and procurement.

Chase teamed up with Luis Millan to start PushAMZ, a new chapter in his entrepreneurial journey. Before this, he gained valuable experience managing supply chains for major global brands. His talent for starting new businesses, running large companies, and introducing innovative digital marketing methods has made a significant impact on the industry. His pioneering work has earned recognition in many national and global publications for its creativity and forward-thinking approach.

Apart from his professional life, Chase enjoys adventurous activities like skydiving, wakeboarding, fishing, and surfing, reflecting his zest for life and diverse interests.

Luis Millan

PushAMZ Reviews

Luis Millan, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at PushAMZ, brings a wealth of expertise in technology and operational management. His partnership with Chase Alley began with the creation of PushAMZ, following the successful sale of their first business when Luis was just 22.

Afterward, he led a team of 50 employees in the technology sector, achieving record sales due to his focus on aggressive sales strategies and operational efficiency. During this time, he extensively researched product strategies, drop-shipping methods, Shopify, and Amazon selling tactics, implementing these findings into his e-commerce platforms.

Having mastered the e-commerce management approach, Luis and Chase established PushAMZ, gradually growing it to manage over 70 accounts a decade ago, primarily through referrals. Since then, the company has continuously expanded its operations and experienced substantial growth in the e-commerce industry.

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What is PushAMZ?

PushAMZ is your all-in-one crew for Amazon store management. They cover everything you need, from creating and running your store to making sure it turns into a sweet source of passive income to ensure a continuous flow of cash through their super careful and go-getter methods. They are not just about getting your Amazon store up; they are all about making it big, helping it grow and become a money-making machine in the crazy world of online selling.

As pros at building Amazon Automation stores from scratch, they also make sure they are all set up and geared to start making you money right away by carefully putting it together to kick off revenue generation super quickly and efficiently.

Plus, they handle a bunch of important stuff for you, like managing product listings, keeping those supplier relationships strong, setting the best prices, making returns hassle-free, and making sure your account stays safe from any potential risks. They also provide real-time reports tailor-made for their Amazon dropshipping and FBA clients. These reports give you all the details you need to make smart decisions and keep things transparent.

How it Works?

PushAMZ Reviews
  • Begin by initiating the process by submitting an application to acquire an automated Amazon store.

This initial step marks the starting point of setting up your store and involves providing necessary details and information to kickstart the process.

  • After completing the application process, the subsequent step is to enroll in a complimentary strategy session, a valuable opportunity where you’ll gain insights and information without incurring any costs.

This session is designed to offer you a deeper understanding of the processes involved in setting up and managing an automated Amazon store. During this session, seasoned experts will provide tailored advice, share industry-specific strategies, and discuss various aspects crucial to your store’s success.

  • Following your attendance at the strategy session, the next pivotal step is to navigate through the onboarding process. This phase serves as a cornerstone in the establishment of your automated Amazon store, essential for setting the stage for a successful launch.
  • Once the onboarding process is completed, it is time to entrust PushAMZ with the reins, allowing their team of experts to spearhead the setup of your store.

This phase is all about the skilled professionals taking charge, meticulously crafting and populating your store with all the essential elements needed for optimal performance in the Amazon marketplace. As PushAMZ brings your store to life, their efforts will culminate in a well-structured, fully functional Amazon store that is primed for success. Once your store is up and running smoothly, the exciting part begins—the revenue generation phase.


Prices are not displayed on PushAMZ’s website. However, initial startup fee typically hovers around an average of $40,000 for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) automation service, although this amount can vary based on the range and specifics of the services they provide.

This fee serves as an initial investment covering the setup and launch of your Amazon store, including various essential services tailored to your business needs. Factors such as the extent of store customization, the breadth of services rendered, and the level of ongoing support contribute to the variations in this fee.

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Pros and Cons


PushAMZ offers an intuitive dashboard designed to provide investors with an easily accessible and comprehensive view of their earnings. This dashboard serves as a centralized hub, offering a clear and detailed overview of the revenue generated through their Amazon store which is integrated with Amazon’s Application Programming Interface (API), ensuring the accuracy and validity of the data displayed

Also, the folks behind PushAMZ are seasoned pros in the business, tech, and entrepreneurship game. These founders have been around the block and back, racking up years of real hands-on experience in different parts of these industries. From running businesses to keeping up with the latest tech trends and diving headfirst into entrepreneurial ventures, they’ve pretty much done it all. Their combined expertise covers a whole bunch of areas, making them the go-to experts in the e-commerce world.

Furthermore, trusting a specialized agency such as PushAMZ to construct and oversee your Amazon store provides convenience. It helps save time and effort by removing the responsibility of independently setting up and managing the store’s complexities.


You might need around $40,000 for this gig. That is a pretty big deal when it comes to starting and keeping something like an Amazon store going. This cash covers lots of stuff you need to get the store up and running like a pro. From the basics of setting it up to making sure everything runs smoothly, that money takes care of a bunch of important things to make your store successful.

Competing on Amazon is tough right from the start. Loads of sellers are all trying to get noticed and grab customers’ attention. Standing out in this crowded space needs careful planning. Even before you begin, you’re facing sellers with good reputations, lots of different products, and lots of loyal customers. They are all trying hard to be the top choice in searches and win buyers over.

Many individuals have faced significant financial setbacks as a result of investing in ‘done-for-you’ Amazon automation stores. The appeal of these pre-built stores, which pledge effortless earnings and minimal engagement, frequently conceals the actual risks and unknown factors involved.


These pre-made stores that boast easy money and little effort can be tempting. They make it seem like a quick and easy road to making cash without really mentioning the tricky bits and the things that might go wrong. Even if your online store on Amazon or Walmart is doing really well, you might not need this extra venture now.

It might not add much value, considering your already great sales and strong presence on these platforms. Also, not everyone can afford the high fees, and the profit-sharing system they use might make it hard to get back the money you invested quickly. This makes it tough for some people to afford their services and see a fast return on their investment.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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