Project 24 Reviews

Project 24 Review

Affiliate marketing is a big hit online because it’s affordable, reaches people worldwide, and targets in on specific markets. This makes it a top strategy because it’s flexible and both merchants and affiliates benefit in today’s business scene.

It measures success with performance based metrics, and anyone can jump in with a low entry vibe, earning passive income. Merchants can grow without making new stuff, and the commission flexibility fits business vibes. Trust with legit affiliates boosts sales vibes. Real-time tracking and analytics keep things sharp, making affiliate marketing a go-to move for success online.

And this is what Project 24 of Income School does. The goal is to help people start a business within 24 months that can eventually replace their current job.

Join me on this review to find our more!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Project 24 in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer

Project 24 Review

Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer, from Meridian and Rexburg, Idaho, are friends and the founders of Income School and Project 24.

Ricky, who graduated from Meridian High School, pursued an MBA at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Kenan Flagler Business School in 2013. He worked at HP and Celanese in various roles before venturing into entrepreneurship, initially facing uncertainty.

Jim Harmer, the author of “Work Energy,” grew up in Rexburg, Idaho. His book shares life lessons in internet marketing, guiding individuals to find motivation and success. Despite initial success in photography, Jim found more financial success in blogging than practicing law, leading him to focus on blogging.

In 2015, Jim and Ricky co-founded Income School to teach effective strategies for generating website traffic and online income. Project 24, their subsequent venture, started in 2018.

Project 24

Project 24 Review

Income School’s Project 24 is a step by step affiliate training program.

In this program, you get rewards for bringing in new customers to Income School through your affiliate link. To be an affiliate and receive rewards, you must be a member of Income School Project 24. Show at least 2,000 monthly page views on your site and/or have 2,000 YouTube subscribers. Additionally, share your plan for promoting Project 24. New affiliates start with a $50 reward for a standard referral, with the potential to earn up to $100. Commissions are paid on the 15th of each month through PayPal for bringing in new customers through your affiliate link.

Fun fact: They used to have a similar program called Niche Site School, but it was discontinued. Now, they focus on Project 24, which has the same goals of building and monetizing niche websites.

Project 24 was also made to help people of all skill levels improve as content creators and internet entrepreneurs, with the goal of enhancing their financial well-being and supporting their families.

What does Project 24 Do?

  • Get Traffic: Here you will learn how to pick interesting topics, create informative and SEO-friendly content, and improve your website’s visibility in search results. This involves mastering topic selection, effective writing, and SEO strategies to attract a larger online audience.
  • Improve Rankings: By using their methods – search analysis, answer targeting, and creating original content, you can improve your search engine rankings.
  • Make More Money: Find out cool ways to make money from your website, like tweaking ads to earn more, using affiliate marketing to boost your cash flow, and creating awesome products and memberships.

Get the lowdown on each method, from making ads work better to running killer affiliate campaigns. Try out different money streams by creating info products and memberships. Get good at these tricks, and you’ll be on your way to building a steady income from your site.

  • Get Help: Hop into a live Mastermind event to get your questions sorted and jump into the lively Project 24 community.

Going to the event hooks you up with useful tips, stories, and support from a bunch of cool people who’ve faced the same challenges and nailed their goals. Being part of this crew can really shake things up, giving you down-to-earth advice and a friendly vibe as you chase your goals.

  • Grow Your Business: Figure out what’s working and what’s not so that every piece of content you put out online is actually helping you reach your money goals.
  • Collaborate: Hook up with other content creators in your field and team up to boost your businesses together.

Making friends with fellow creators opens the door to cool partnerships, shared insights, and projects that help everyone out. Teaming up brings in new perspectives, reaches more folks, and combines expertise, all adding to the success of your businesses. Working together in your content creator crew can spark fresh ideas, get you noticed more, and amp up your game in the industry.

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Training Course

Project 24 Review

When you join the Project 24 training course, you will gain entry to a collection of courses designed to harness the potential of content creation for online income. It is also noteworthy that all courses are regularly updated with the latest strategies and methods. It also includes their two top courses: The Blogging Course and The YouTube System

The Blogging System

This course guides you in picking a profitable niche, doing keyword research, making content for your niche site, and earning money from it. They share their Search Analysis method to help you choose article topics, ensuring you always have ideas for blog posts. This course’s aim is to build a successful niche website.

The Blogging course includes:

  • The 60 Steps to a Successful Site
  • Improve and Speed Up Your Writing
  • Hire and Train Writers
  • Mythbusting
  • Web Traffic Snowball
  • Search Analysis
  • No Nonsense SEO
  • Picking Profitable Niches
  • The Battleship Method
  • E-A-T for SEO: a Step by Step Guide for Online Credibility
  • Snippet Optimization

The YouTube System

For someone prioritizing quick audience growth, YouTube is incredibly valuable. Opting for a YouTube channel, either alone or alongside a blog, can kickstart online income potential and establish a brand.

Even if you already have a well-established channel, this course is designed to help you rapidly and steadily grow your YouTube audience. In this section, you’ll learn how to create content, develop your own info product, market it for increased views, and successfully sell it. Additionally, you’ll understand the art of establishing authority for your site and generating income through affiliate marketing on your channel.

The YouTube courses includes:

  • The 60 Steps to Success on YouTube
  • Picking Profitable Niches
  • Video Editing with Final Cut Pro


In this part, you’ll learn smart ways to boost your blog and YouTube channels.

You will find out techniques that really amp up how many people see your content on various platforms. Get the hang of using social media, making your content easy to find on search engines, and connecting with your audience to build a strong promotion plan. The aim is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to market your blog and YouTube channels well, so more people notice and follow you online.

 This course includes:
  • Affiliate Links
  • PPC advertising
  • Social Media marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


I guess this is the course that interests us the most. This set of courses teaches you the methods to make money from your blogs and YouTube channels.

Included here are:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid channel memberships
  • Patreon accounts and more.

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Pricing and Refund

At the cost of $499 on your first year, you will instantly get access to an extensive library of information, much of which is exclusive to active Project 24 members. However, on your second year and each year after, the cost would $249.

You will also have access to downloadable tools and be a part of a highly engaged community where members share their experiences.

No refunds available due to the nature of the product. In addition, If you end your subscription before the renewal date, no partial refunds will be provided. However, you will maintain access to Project 24 until the conclusion of your payment term.


Income School looks like they did had fun creating the Project 24 by the use of blogging. The courses focuses on content creating which is int he first place is not a way to earn passive income. Content creating requires time and effort to think of ideas that will make you blog or site stand out than the rest and for me, this is a tough job.

Project 24 is also being criticized for not emphasizing a strategic approach to niche selection and not giving priority to monetization.

In one lesson, Jim talks about choosing a niche based on the presence of magazines or boutiques. This lack of emphasis on making money can be a problem for Project 24 students later on. Some students faced issues because they didn’t think about making money through affiliate offers until they had problems with their websites.

This shows that not giving priority to making money in the planning process can have drawbacks.

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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