Private Wealth Academy Reviews

Private Wealth Academy Reviews

Carlton Weiss’ Private Wealth Academy might provide intriguing insights into the tax planning strategies of the mega-rich and how they navigate to “protect their assets from the government.”

A considerable part of their marketing approach has that “tax is a pain” tone which, yes, it is a sentiment that many can relate to. However, it’s essential to recognize that taxes play a vital role in funding government initiatives, including education, healthcare, infrastructure, defense, and social welfare programs.

Nevertheless, the prospect of lightening the tax burden is undeniably attractive, making it understandable that people would be interested in exploring such strategies. The goal is to help you decide if you should take this online course or not while you enjoy reading this review article. Sounds like a good treat?

But before getting into the review…

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What is Private Wealth Academy?

Private Wealth Academy Reviews

Private Wealth Academy is a program that offers courses/workshops that teaches wealth protection and how to keep more of your hard-earned assets by cutting down on taxes. Whether it’s your house, properties, wheels, or business, they’ve got it all covered in their courses that you can purchase individually depending on your needs. They are designed as follows:

Bulletproof Trust is the course that they are heavily advertising in their site and it is about creating your own private trust containing guide documents, contracts, security agreements, transfers of ownership, etc. All you have to do, according to them, is to fill them out with your information and then you’re all set and ready to take to the bank in no time.

Corporate Credit will show you how to secure high-limit corporate credit, up to $50,000 or even as much as a quarter million in just six months. The unique thing is, you won’t have to pay it back by declaring bankruptcy. Keep in mind, though, that the methods used may be questionable and not entirely ethical, possibly leading to trouble. But if you’re curious about the step-by-step process, this course might be interesting for you.

Debt Removal shows you how to use existing laws to stop debt collectors from bothering you and make them forgive your debt. Again, they have document templates for this that you only need to fill up and submit to your creditors and then your problem will be solved as easy like a magic paper as that. Not quite. Laws can be subject to debate and the contents of this course is just how Private Wealth Academy interprets them but it is not a sure way to get away with your debts.

Elite Tax Secrets is about how to reduce your income tax to zero but you have to be invited to avail this course.

Foreclosure Profits is a course about how to find foreclosed properties or a finder for unclaimed mortgage payments so you can have a percentage of the net profit. It will honestly take a lot of time and effort to do this but out of all their courses, this one seems to be the most interesting just because of its potential in making profit.

Half Your Mortgage is a pre-order only course and as the title suggest, it will teach you how to lower your 30-year mortgage by half or even as low 5 years in 4 steps. We could only imagine the catch.

Real Estate and Taxes touches about allodial title which will act as the absolute protection to your property. It means your property is entirely yours, and it can help protect it even from people you owe money to. This will involve a lawyer though.

Beat the Ticket offers knowledge how to “beat victimless crimes” (yes, they literally said crimes in their page) including DUI, speeding, red light, stop sign or drug possession tickets by knowing exactly what to tell the judge. This course feels like you can easily find through a simple Google search for me, to be honest.

Personal Credit will teach you how to build your credit score to a 100 in just 10 days.

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They have a YouTube channel where they “store” the testimonials of their clients and I say store because they don’t actually post the videos for public to see. I can’t help but notice how they “unlist” these testimonials probably to avoid scrutiny and skepticism, unlisting videos might be a way to avoid public discussions or debates that can sometimes arise in the comment sections of public videos.

It’s essential to approach such claims with a critical mindset. Unlisted videos can lack the transparency that comes with public testimonials, and viewers may not have the context needed to evaluate the credibility of the testimonies.

Who is it for?

This program is worth taking a look at if you are someone who is doing well and already have existing assets or earning at least a 5-digit salary per month and wants to know if there are some sort of loopholes on tax to further save money. One of the appealing side of the program is that it is purposely made to look simple to do on your own to attract clients regardless of status. Basically appealing to everyone that pays taxes on their assets.

Who is Carlton Weiss?

Private Wealth Academy Reviews

Carlton Weiss is the founder of Private Wealth Academy. If you read their About Us section, they will tell you that he was a private investigator during the 1980s who specializes in piercing private trusts. He doesn’t have much internet presence and there is not much found about Carlton online to confirm but he was apparently good at his job.

When he came across a trust known as The Private Express Trust, he is said to have researched everything and even got as far as to reverse engineered their ways until he finally understood the secrets of the world’s elite how they keep their wealth and property protected from lawsuits.

Along with Jon Miller, the both of them created the first course of Private Wealth Academy which is the Bulletproof Trust.

How much does it Cost?

The Bulletproof Trust is available at a cost of $997, which can be paid in two installments of $597, and it comes with a 180-day refund policy. Similarly, Corporate Credit follows the same pricing and installment conditions, but it offers a 365-day money-back guarantee. On the other hand, Debt Removal is exclusively offered through a one-time payment of $997, accompanied by a 365-day refund guarantee. Elite Tax Secrets is accessible by invitation only.

Foreclosure Profits is available at the same price and installment option but with a 90-day refund guarantee only. Half Your Mortgage is probably their most expensive course at $3,997 while Real Estate and Taxes is only available through a one-time payment of $997 like most of their courses with a 180-day money-back guarantee refund policy.

At $297, Beat the Ticket is their cheapest course with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

All the course content will be delivered in the form of videos and PDF files and will be accessible only upon completion of full payment for those who will choose the installment option.

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Private Wealth Academy Reviews

Is Private Wealth Academy Worth your Money?

Private Wealth Academy certainly provide interesting deets, albeit within certain limitations.

Pros and Cons


  • The courses are actually insightful.
  • They offer 30% affiliate commission for those who are interested in a side hustle.
  • There is refund policy so if the courses don’t work for you this is actually consoling.


  • Legality and Ethical concerns
  • Oversimplification as a marketing strategy that can lead to incomplete understanding
  • No available Reviews outside their website

Simplifying content excessively can lead to an incomplete understanding of complex topics. Clients might miss essential nuances or details crucial for real-world application. This will lead to dissatisfaction from expecting a quick and easy path to success if the actual course content requires more effort or does not meet the simplified expectations.


There is a reason why the mega rich hire professionals to take care of their financial concerns and that is because there is no way one person can do it all alone on their own. It is very unlikely, yet Private Wealth Academy make it seem like it’s as easy as a DIY project. The courses, although undoubtedly informative but it’s a whole lot of work to apply in real life scenarios not to mention the unique complications that comes with each financial cases.

While Private Wealth Academy is not a scam, it falls into a category where the strategies or methods taught might be legal and legitimate, yet they could present challenges or risks when applied in real-world situations.

For these reasons, I would say that while it is worth checking out but I can’t really recommend following everything they teach. Just take their advise with caution and I know it already goes without saying but risk is inherent in many financial and investment strategies, and what works for one person may not work for another.

Before leaving…

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