Private Label Mastery Reviews

Ashley Kinkead once said that she has probably collaborated with more Amazon entrepreneurs than any other woman in the space. It makes sense that she made such claims as the founder of Private Label Mastery. Obviously, she had to interact with lots of sellers, students are joining her program to become one or better.

In particular, they join in hopes of emulating Ashley’s laptop lifestyle. Y’know, being able to leave the 9 to 5 grind, and have the freedom to work wherever, and whenever. To be even more specific, they’re counting on the promise of generating at least $10k a month on Amazon after six months of coaching and following Ashley’s FOTON system.

This raises the question: Is Private Label Mastery able to deliver on its promise, or it’s all lip service? Are they legit? Read this review to find out.

But before getting into the review…

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Introduction To Private Label Mastery

Quick Overview

Private Label Mastery describes themselves as an online business training platform with a mission. The said mission is helping their students build a thriving business on Amazon that’ll enable them to have financial freedom.

As stated in the name, the program uses private label as its business model. It involves selling a product on Amazon as your own— as in, with your own branding— but not necessarily manufacturing it yourself. Typically, you’ll get it in bulk from someone else who agreed to make and slap a label of your ownership on it.

While the program primarily offers online services (and most of their staff and coaches work remotely), the upper management is based in Dallas, Texas. They also host live summits near the said area.

Hold on, it’s supposed to be “offered” and “hosted” in the past tense. They have recently halted their operations, and we doubt if they’ll be back anytime soon. Even if they did, it won’t be as Private Label Mastery.

But why? What happened? Dontcha worry, the tea is here. Just read along and you shall know. Hint: It’s a mess— a huge f*cking mess— courtesy of the founder and CEO of the program.

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The Founder

Ashley giveth, Ashley taketh away. But before we delve in exposing Ashley the destroyer, we focus on discussing Ashley the creator in this section. We’ll try to explain why is she considered by many as an e-commerce expert before the facade fell off.

Time for a little bit of a backstory. Back in 2015, Ashley was a typical 9-5er. Overworked, underpaid, and burned out. The usual. Understandably, she wanted to escape the hell that is corporate America. Aren’t we all?

She had no entrepreneurial background, and no formal business training when she found out about the Amazon opportunity. She was drawn to the opportunity largely due to its earning potential. It’s promising, albeit the associated risks. One can say it’s a moth to a flame situation.

Luckily for her, she was able to go all-in without getting herself burned in the process. In just two years, she has built a seven-figure Amazon business (or so she claims), and she only started with just a credit card, drive, and determination.

Just a side note, her not-so-subtle mention of credit card (yes, it’s her words, and not ours) is calculated considering that she’s known for pushing students on taking loans on her terms. Damn slick.

Anyways, most of her products are in the health & beauty, and cosmetic niche, including the bath bombs. She gives the aforementioned product the most credit for her business’ commercial success.

The success prompted her to start a different company to share her knowledge about building a business on Amazon. It’s none other than Private Label Mastery.

She proclaims that the program is the industry leader in Amazon coaching, and that she and her team are The Wizard of Oz behind the Amazon today. Shucks, what would Bezos do without Ashley?

On a more serious note, her reason for saying such is having tens of thousands of products on the platform. Is it even true? We doubt it. But even in the remote chance that it is, Miss uppity gotta chill.

Oh, and since we’re doing comparisons, she might as well learn a thing or two from the Tin Man about kindness and compassion. The shit she pulled lately seems rather heartless.

The Business Model

For those who doesn’t have any idea on what’s Amazon private label, this section is for you. You’re welcome.

To put it simply, private label typically involves sourcing products from a third-party manufacturer and selling it under your own brand, as if the manufacturer isn’t in the picture. The choice of logo, packaging, labels, and allat depends on you, the one who owns the private label business.

Manufacturers are fine with the arrangement, since you buy from them in wholesale quantities. They don’t need to bother much with marketing either, so they can focus on what they do best— manufacture stuff. It’s a win-win as long as the seller can, uhh, sell their now branded products.

This is what you’ll do, and apparently do well with the program’s FOTON system which stands for (F)ollow the demand, (O)nly the best products, (T)ap into secret suppliers, (O)utrank and dominate the competition, and (N)urture to success.

Yup, the system has nothing to do with a car brand nor some Japanese mattress. The mattress thingy is called futon, anyway.

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Offers Of Private Label Mastery


Private Label Mastery Podcast

This is the free training offered by Private Label Mastery to give you a glimpse of their coaching service. Just in case the podcast and Ashley’s guesting on various talk shows aren’t enough of an overview.

While they do cover the basics, it’s more of a sales pitch to convince you on joining their paid PLM Live Summit and/or Boardroom. It’s what mostly funnel people to book a one-on-one consultation too. The latter is just another sales pitch to buy the program’s offers, but more direct, pushy, and preachy.

PLM Live Summit

Private Label Mastery PLM Live Summit

PLM Live Summit is an on-site event offered by Private Label Mastery once a year, and held close to the program’s headquarters in Dallas. It’s part in-person training, part networking event.

Boardroom students don’t have to pay for the Live Summit’s general admission tickets, as it’s supposedly a complimentary to the mastermind they’re enrolled in. The additional cost would be if one wanted the extra benefits of an upgraded and VIP tickets.

The price of upgraded tickets of PLM Live Summit ranges from $197 to $297, the lower figure being the early bird price limited to only fifty people. You’ll receive the benefits of the free general admission plus lunch for two days and access to a post-summit coaches party.

Meanwhile, the VIP tickets of PLM Live Summit cost around $697 to $997. Comes with the same benefits as upgraded tix plus VIP seating privileges, private meet-and-greet with Ashley and the coaches, after hours VIP only dinner, and access to the VIP lounge and exclusive goodies. If you want, you can also take a post-summit one-on-one action call with one of the program’s coaches.


Described as the program’s mastermind, Boardroom is the most elite offer of Private Label Mastery. It’s top coaching and top community in one, and is said to be offered to top graduates of PLM (like the masterclass, but paid) who needs a more tight-knit mentorship group and more advanced training.

Supposedly, the group is meant to be composed of a select ten people or fewer from PLM. But no, the truth is, they offer the Boardroom as early as the free one-on-one consultation after attending the (also free) masterclass.

They also accept whoever is willing to pay the hefty price tag, preferably using the program’s vetted loan provider. Ashley herself encourages everyone, even those who are not remotely close to making six figures or more on Amazon, to join.

So much for calling it elite; every other thing we heard about it demonstrates anything but elite. There’s nothing elite and tight-knit about a group that ends up with forty-two people— forty fucking two as opposed to ten— and only one coach.

With a price of $9,000, the Boardroom is meant to provide the following:

  • Lifetime access to advanced training lessons and videos, Amazon’s secrets, and other similar resources
  • A network of top Amazon sellers
  • At least a year of assistance and hand holding from Private Label Mastery’s team
  • Money-back guarantee in case you didn’t see the promised results (at least $10k a month after six months of coaching) with the mastermind

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What Went Wrong With Private Label Mastery?

Well, everything. Goodness gracious, Ashley!

What Went Wrong In Particular?

Private Label Mastery Reviews

When the program is still in business, Ashley fired most of the coaches without giving any heads-up. No explanation, just yeeted them out and proceed to put many students under one coach.

When students realize that they’re unlikely to receive the value they paid for, they react out to Ashley for clarification. All they get are excuses, if not radio silence.

Refund requests are turned down, and the terms are later scrubbed off their site. And to add insult to the injury, she tried to cover up the concerns by offering a $250 gift card in exchange for a favorable review.

Ultimately, Ashley bailed, deactivated her accounts on social media, and filed for bankruptcy. This also includes closing down the portal that houses the program’s training videos and educational resources, much to the dismay of students who expected lifetime access to it.

The Mess That Is The Program’s BBB Profile

Private Label Mastery Revoked BBB Business Accreditation

To get a sense of the public sentiment surrounding the program, we typically check feedback aggregators and consumer review platforms, including BBB. We peep the program’s profile there, and hoo boy, the number of complaints is jaw dropping.

Without any exaggeration, this is the most we’ve seen! At least, the most we’ve seen so far at over a hundred and thirty. That many! Worse, most, if not all, of the complaints were left unanswered by Private Label Mastery.

In summary, the complaints called out the program for doing the following:

  • Downplayed the additional investment required in an Amazon business just to sell the pricey mastermind
  • Failed to keep the Boardroom as promised (should be under close supervision of at least four coaches, exclusive to ten people or fewer)
  • Altered their guarantees to avoid honoring it
  • Failed to disclose the terms of loans (From zero interest to something significant, the one that could incur someone’s $9,000 loan close to $4,000 in additional fees)
  • Revoked access to training materials (should be lifetime access)
  • Harassed those who raise their concerns towards the program
  • Did a shameless attempt to farm positive reviews in exchange for gift cards
  • Lead on people on too good to be true income claims

That’s why they’re so pushy in selling their offer. They don’t want people to think things through, or nobody will join. This is their tactic to make people agree to take a predatory loan that generates them (mostly Ashley) obscene amounts of interest to pocket on top of the base fee.

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To conclude, we obviously don’t recommend Private Label Mastery. They’re out of business, and for a reason. They didn’t deliver on their rather too good to be true promise, and they’re not legit.

Of course, we don’t recommend any programs that’s made or associated with Ashley Kinkead either. From the chatters we’ve seen online, they mention how she’s attempting to make a comeback in the coaching space. This time around, under a different banner, with a program not named Private Label Mastery to skirt taking accountability.

Like, wooow, that’s a lot of audacity for someone who just committed fraud and burned a lot of bridges along the way. Mind you, not only did she maligned her students, she also did most of her coaches and staff dirty. Lawsuit, legal repercussions when?

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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