Private Label Masters Reviews

We have always been intrigued by the prospect of generating income online. Earning through Amazon is no exception, and gurus like Tim Sanders know that when he presents the story about Sean, who’s able to rack thousands of dollars every month by just selling spatulas and kitchen wares on Bezos’ billion dolllar platform.

Tim says you can be like Sean, and sell simple, everyday products online, and be able to have the freedom to travel, spend more time with your family, and be your own boss. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to do it as a side hustle or a full time gig, he can help your business thrive and succeed.

Forget about uncertainty, he says, and start your entrepreneurial journey with something reliable. He encourages everyone to not bother with lots of hoping with free stuff, and instead, join his Private Label Masters program. Should you? We’ll help you decide in this review, so keep on reading!

But before getting into the review…

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What Is Private Label Masters?

About The Program

Private Label Masters is a educational program that covers all the essentials in starting an Amazon business. In particular, you’ll learn how to generate consistent income online using private label and Amazon FBA.

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About The Founder

Tim describes himself as a normal guy, living in a normal house, wearing a normal clothes. He’s making a point that he’s just your average everyday person, and yet he was able to get extraordinary results on Amazon.


Unlike his peers, Tim didn’t have the advantage of a privileged upbringing. While his parents were able to ensure they have food on the table and a roof over their heads, it’s clear that they’re just barely getting by.

To escape this paycheck-to-paycheck life, he had no other choice but pick himself up by the bootstraps. At fifteen, he already joined the workforce. His last stint was at Costco before he decided, “never again!”

You see, Tim here really tried his best at Costco. He was a model employee— never called in sick, and accepted every shift assigned to him, even if it means always manning the cashier’s during rush hour (he’s the most capable of doing it).

However, the system was never set up to reward employees like him that work hard. It’s all about seniority, and as a young lad back then, he knew he was at the tail end of the queue. He realized that his work ethics and patience were in vain.

This led to his breakdown one rainy day while tending the carts. He was so done of not getting the appreciation he thinks he deserves. There had to be another way of fulfilling his dreams of traveling around the world, buying a home, and having a free time to pursue hobbies. He had no idea that day what it is, but he knew it wasn’t a 9 to 5 job.

On Becoming An Entrepreneur

At first, he tried several business models like real estate, reselling products online, and stock trading. However, he argued that those businesses have been around ages ago, and it’s tough for newcomers to get success given the intense competition.

Well, sh*t, Amazon has been around for years now too, but back when he first started, it still is relatively new. But yeah, he found it easier to manage, and he was able to become a top 1% seller of the platform. That’s his claim, alright.

But it isn’t zero to hero typa thang, and he made a ton of mistakes. Like the one time he lost $20k on dud products, and then more for overpaying suppliers, taking horrible photos, and using substandard packaging.

The Private Label Masters Opportunity

Private Label Masters Squeeze Page

The point is, it took him years and lots of trial-and-error to perfect the craft. With Private Label Masters, he promises that aspiring sellers don’t need to experience the same themselves nor settle with novice teachers who compensate their lack of in-depth knowledge with aggressive marketing.

To be specific, he mentioned that scheduling a call with him and his team and joining the program is the path of least resistance if you want to have a thriving business on Amazon.

With the program, you’ll be able to take advantage of compound layering to know the best strategies on using private label and FBA, and how to make the most of the billion-dollar company and leverage their warehouses, their seller platform, and their logistics system.

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About Compound Layering

To understand what compound layering is, take note of the six parts of launching a product on Amazon. It involves finding the product, sourcing, shipping, listing, advertising, and finally, launching it.

Each part can be executed in different expertise levels namely, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. Tim argues that most sellers executes on beginner level.

This is where compound layering enters the fold. With compound layering, anyone can execute at the highest possible level, regardless of prior experience. This is possible with an expert like Tim sharing all the tips, tricks, and strategies he knows after years of doing the business.

As on overview, he gives a few examples to contrast how those who executes at a beginner level differs to those at expert level.

Finding a Product

Most sellers who execute this part at a beginner level tends to be copycats, and only differentiates themselves by lowering the price.

In contrast, sellers who execute at expert level would rather improve than copy (e.g., put items that are frequently bought together in a one, convenient listing).

Sourcing a Product

Those who execute at a beginner level never maintain a relationship with their suppliers beyond “I pay you, you manufacture products for me.”

Experts would rather live by the Guan Xi, which involves actively developing a strong connection with your suppliers. Tim did it himself by sending a thoughtful gift, and he noticed that the opportunities that opened up after are easily worth the cost of the gift.

Listing the Product

With listing, sellers who execute at a beginner level gravitates toward DIY, low-budget approach. Basic packaging, uninspired company branding, stock photos, poorly written product name and description, you get it.

At expert level, they know that it’s so much better to do the opposite. As in, only hiring the best professionals for the job to create the best possible output. It may cost you more upfront, but the edge of getting higher engagement will generate you more sales down the line.

What Are The Modules In The Private Label Masters’ Core Training?

Module One

This module serves as an introduction to the program. Here, he discussed the five essentials to build a business on Amazon, which are mindset, licensing (establishing LLC and the likes), taxes (knowing how to file them properly), liability insurance, and Amazon’s fees (knowing how they work).

Module Two

Module two is all about the how-tos of product research. The tools you need, what types of products he’d rather you avoid, how to shortlist, and knowing what to pick to complement your branding— it’s all here.

Module Three

This module talks about strategies on sourcing a product, particularly how to vet suppliers, how to use Alibaba to search for one, and how to communicate with them well despite the possible language barrier issues.

Module Four

Module four discusses how to deal with freight forwarding and customs duty. As mentioned in the previous module, your products will be coming from overseas, which is why it’s important to get your shipping right, or you’ll likely get your stocks wrong. The importance of quality control is also highlighted here.

Module Five

This module includes all the important bits you need to know about building your product listing and brand. Generally speaking, it’s about knowing who to hire, and Tim will show you the best photographers, designers, and copywriters for the job. He’ll also sneak in some advice on choosing a brand name and selecting keywords for listing optimization.

Module Six

Module six covers the entire process of launching a product on Amazon, including getting initial good reviews, using analytics to determine which keywords are getting you the most traffic, or using a service to do it such as Amazon’s own or a third-party one like ZonJump. He’ll also discuss how to use Facebook ads to generate more traffic.

Module Seven

This module introduces a PPC specialist to help you how to make the most out of Amazon sponsored ads. Here, you’ll learn how to structure, optimize, and manage these campaigns well.

Module Eight

Finally, module eight includes advanced tips and tricks on maintaining and eventually scaling your Amazon business. This serves as the reminder of what to do, and what NOT to do, in operating an Amazon business.

What Are The Other Features Of Private Label Masters?

Weekly Q & A

Every week, Tim hosts a Q & A session to provide insights and more nuanced instruction based on a student’s specific situation. Students are free to ask questions that the core training is unable to sufficiently answer.

Access To A Private Community

For six months, one gets access to a community group with Tim, his team, and fellow Private Label Masters students. Once the six months is up, you have to pay $49 a month to stay.

Rolodex Of Top Professionals

This is a list of professionals that can help you in your Amazon journey. They’re vetted by Tim himself.

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What Are The Key Factors To Consider Before Joining Private Label Masters?

The Cost

Private Label Masters Cost

Reports online mention that the cost of joining Private Label Masters is usually around $5,000. There are instances where the program provide discounts, up to $1,500 off.

The Refund Policy

While they didn’t link their terms and privacy policy properly, we found an old sales page that discussed some sort of refund policy. They call it their signature happiness course guarantee, and this gives us an idea on what to expect on their refund terms.

With the said guarantee, you’ll have seven days to request for a full refund. To get your request approved, you also need to finish the tasks listed on the first three modules of the program within seven days.

The Pros

Private Label Masters YouTube Channel
  • The program has a comprehensive core training.
  • They regularly update the content of their learning resources.
  • Most reviews about the program on consumer review platforms are positive (do note that some raised concerns on some reviewers’ legitimacy).
  • You can get a feel of how they present their instructions on the program’s YouTube channel.

The Cons

Private Label Masters Reviews
  • The price of the program is on the expensive side.
  • The price isn’t easily accessible on their website, even the terms and privacy notice only redirects to their current squeeze page.
  • Booking a call with them is required to know more details, and the salesperson you’ll speak to tends to be pushy.
  • There are reports about the program not honoring their refund policy (which is also NOT a no-questions-asked guarantee).
  • They don’t provide lifetime access to the private community.
  • Amazon is much more competitive now compared to when Tim started his.

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Generally speaking, we don’t recommend any business model on Amazon. It’s too saturated, and not the most beginner-friendly business model available, considering that you need north of $10k for the inventory alone. It only makes sense to not recommend any programs that teach it too, including Private Label Masters.

To be frank, we’re not convinced with Tim and his proof (a screen recording of a seller dashboard) of being a top 1% Amazon seller. Surely, it’s better than an easy-to-Photoshop screenshot, but we’re aware how one can manipulate it too by creating replica websites. Call us skeptic until he lets us see his shop live through a link. Bet he won’t.

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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