Printables By Number Review

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Suzi Whitford, as a stay-at-home mom, still thinks that somehow, she still needs to earn money. She’s not doing this for herself, however. She’s doing this for the family, especially for her husband, John Whitford, so he doesn’t have to come home everytime, tired.

Eventually, she came to see the potential of blogging, which she only did at first because she needed an outlet for her creativity. But later on, she discovered that she could use her blog to sell various printables, thus letting her earn money.

It worked for her so much, it even allowed her husband to quit his day job without fear of not being able to earn money. Together, they made an online course so that others could benefit from their knowledge of selling printables online. Read on for my Printables By Number review.

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What Is Printables By Number?

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Printables By Number is an online course that teaches its students how they can earn money online by selling printables.

Printables are digital products that, as the name says, can be printed out on any kind of printer. Examples of these printables are designs for calendars, greeting cards, activity books, and more.

Printables By Number will teach you how you can create high-quality and beautiful online printable designs, even if you are someone who has no experience in any kind of design work (like Photoshop experience, etc.)

In addition, this course will also teach you how you can promote and sell your printable designs online using different methods.

Printables By Number is a good online course that is suitable for beginners. But those who have some experience with designing printables may find some benefit from this course, too, especially when it comes to selling them.

The main advantage of this business model is that it costs virtually nothing for you to produce a single printable design. And once you’ve gotten that good design, you can sell it over and over and over again.

However, there’s a big issue if you want to do this business model. Namely, saturation issues.

Because a lot of people are doing this kind of business right now, so you’ll be facing some heavy competition. This, in turn, can seriously impact the potential sales you can gain in the negative.

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Who Are The Creators Of Printables By Number?

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Suzi Whitford, alongside her husband, John Whitford, are the people behind Printables By Number. Though it’s commonly promoted by Suzi herself through her blogs.

As for Suzi herself, she is widely known as a blogger behind the Freedom By Numbers, the MomLifeHappyLife, and the Start A Mom blogs. She is also the creator of the Blog By Number online course.

She claims that entrepreneurship runs in their family. Her father launched his own company at the age of 25, and her mother designed and ran her own restaurant. Her brother and his wife run a successful online snack company.

Thus, it makes sense that she would also take the entrepreneurship route. Thus, after her first baby girl was born, she quit her corporate job to pursue her own online business idea.

The first few printables that were listed online earned her $1,000 on the first month. This is when she discovers that she’s onto something.

So she developed her online business selling printables even more, and with the help of her blogging skills and know-how, she promoted them.

Eventually, her online business succeeded, to the point that her husband, Jon Whitford, also was able to quit his day job in order to help her. And they all did that while raising three children of their own.

She initially created her online courses, Printables By Number included, because she wants to help full-time moms earn money for their needs. As she has proven, just because one is a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean that she can’t earn money.

She has been featured in several publications, which can be seen in the image below.

Suzi Whitford Features

Printables By Number Overview

Just like with the Blog By Numbers online course, an overview of what you can expect from the Printables By Number course is already stated on the sales page. For most people, it’s a big help for them so to give them a general idea of what’s inside the course.

The lessons inside Printables By Number is broken down into 7 steps. For this, you will get access to around 9+ hours of video lessons, that cover all these steps from start to finish.

Step 1: Market Research

The first step is market research. This is so you can know what niches out there are profitable enough, so you won’t waste time creating printables that won’t even sell.

For this lesson, you will learn the methods and tools used by Suzi and John for their market research, and how they’re able to find those niches correctly 100%, in the least amount of time.

Step 2: Create, Create, Create!

The next step to be done is, of course, to create your printables to sell. While being knowledgeable in design can help with creating printables, it isn’t necessary thanks to tools like Canva and Microsoft PowerPoint.

For this, you will be taught how to create your own printable designs using these tools, and be given a list of 100+ printable design ideas. Alternatively, you can just choose one of many done-for-you graphic and design templates so that you don’t have to think too much about it.

Step 3: Store Setup

The next step that you’re going to do is to open up your online store, on which you will list and sell your printables. For this, you have two options.

Usually, most sellers will go to an online selling platform, such as Amazon or Etsy. Etsy seems to be a more popular choice for selling printables, so this platform may probably be the best one for you.

Another option that you can do is to sell your printables through your own blog. If you’ve also taken Suzi’s blog By Numbers course, then this option may be preferable for you.

For this reason, this course includes the Blog Shop course as a bonus, if you want to sell through your blog, and the Etsy Launch Strategy, if you want to sell through Etsy.

Step 4: Phase 1: Your First $100

Now that you’ve got your printables created, and your store set up, it’s time to make that first sale.

Launching your business and making your first $100 is going to be one of the difficult parts of the business. So much, that some people would already quit at this point.

Thus, this part of the course will not only teach you about sales strategies, but also how to develop the confidence, strong mentality, and good rhythm that you’ll need to keep those sales going.

Step 5: Phase 2: Momentum: $100 to $1,000

Now that you’ve got a few sales for your printable and you got that rhythm going, the next thing you need to do is to eventually scale your business.

For this purpose, the course will teach you various methods on how to gain relevant traffic to your online store organically. The course provides you with a complete step-by-step 60-day plan to generate consistent traffic.

For resources, the course also includes lessons for launching your own free “Resource Library” to grow your audience base, and also the Marketplace Scaling Blueprints.

Step 6: Phase 3: Funnels: $1,000 to $10,000

In order to increase your sales even further as your online business grows, funnels are a necessary part of your marketing strategy. In this part, the course will teach you how you can create your own sales funnel, suitable for the printables niche.

The course also includes 2 Complete Printable Funnel Maps as part of their bonuses.

Step 7: Phase 4: Scale up: $10,000 to $100,000+

The final step for building your printables selling business is to refine your system so it continues to earn money, even on autopilot.

Here, you will learn how to idenfity the strong and weak points on your marketing strategy, and 7 scaling strategies that can be applied accordingly, based on your situation.

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How Much Does Printables By Number Cost?

Printables By Number costs a one-time payment of $197, which grants you access to the full course, and all of its bonuses for a lifetime.

The website states that they also have a refund policy in case you’re not satisfied with the online course. But I kind of think that you may need to take some complicated steps to ensure that you’re eligible for a refund.

Is Printables By Number Any Good?

Suzi Whitford 5

For me, Printables By Number isn’t a bad online course by any means. But it’s certainly not too good either.

On the positive side, Suzi Whitford is certainly legitimate. Part of what makes her a legitimate guru is that her reputation is quite good. I haven’t really seen any negative comments about her around the internet, which is assuring.

However, as far as the online course quality is concerned, it does feel like most of the training content that can be found here, can also be found elsewhere.

In fact, there’s a lot of courses and online materials out there that can teach you how to create designs on Canva, and sell them on online store like Etsy, etc. Even better, most of them are free, and will not cost you a single penny.

Even the printables templates and tools that can be found here can also be found on various free resources around the internet. You just have to know where to look.


So, will I recommend this course? Personally, I would, if it’s only free.

It is a good online course, yes. But the lessons and materials presented here isn’t anything new or groundbreaking. There’s nothing that can make this online course stand out from all the other courses out there that tackle the same business model.

Speaking of which, selling printables on Etsy may be a good business model, but you have to deal with the extremely saturated market once you launched your online store. It’s not uncommon for saturated businesses like this to have a single day with no sales whatsoever.

If you’re going to sell printables, you need an approach that is unique and fresh, to ensure that what you’re offering to customers is something that can’t be bought somewhere else. While it is possible, it’s going to take you a very long time before you can achieve it.

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