Power Gauge Report Review

Newsletters are created by experienced professionals or analysts who possess deep knowledge and understanding of the financial markets. They provide investors with valuable insights, analysis, and recommendations through the use of these newsletters to aid them with their investment decisions.

Power Gauge Report is one of the monthly newsletters being sent to subscribers, offering them timely updates on market trends, economic indicators and such, helping  them stay informed about potential opportunities and risks that are normally associated with investing.

How do they differ from other newsletters available in the market? Is it accurate enough for investors to show interest in and avail their service? Questions and such will be answered in the Power Gauge Report review. 

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Power Gauge Report


The Power Gauge Report by Chaikin Analytics is a monthly newsletter that offers you a comprehensive overview of the stock market landscape. This report provides actionable insights into potential investment opportunities. 

It assesses the momentum and financial health of individual stocks, guiding you toward stocks with strong potential for growth by combining fundamental analysis led by Marc Chaikin, with technical indicators. 

The Power Gauge Report also includes market commentary, highlighting key trends and events shaping the investment landscape. 


Chaikin Analytics

The Power Gauge Report is available for purchase from Chaikin Analytics, a comprehensive financial research platform designed to empower investors and traders with powerful tools and insights to help them make informed investment decisions.

Alongside the Power Gauge Report, other tools that Chaikin Analytics offers are:

  • Power Gauge Investor
  • Chaikin Money Flow
  • Chaikin PowerTactics
  • Chaikin PowerTrader
  • Market Insights
  • Power Pulse Premium
  • Power Feed [FREE]

How Are They Being Made?

The Power Gauge Report is being generated through Chaikin Analytics’ proprietary system, Chaikin Power Gauge Rating, which evaluates stocks based on a combination of financial metrics, earnings performance, and market sentiment, helping subscribers identify stocks with strong potential for greater output.

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Man Behind it All

Marc Chaikin

Marc Chaikin is the CEO of Chaikin Analytics. He is a highly respected figure in the world of finance, renowned for his expertise in technical analysis and market insights. With a career spanning more than five decades on Wall Street, Marc has made significant contributions to the field of investment research and analysis.

He is best known for developing the Chaikin Oscillator and Chaikin Money Flow, innovative technical indicators that have become staples in the toolkit of traders and analysts. 

His contributions to the field of technical analysis have significantly influenced how market participants interpret and respond to market trends. 

Aside from this, Marc is also known for his ability to communicate complex financial concepts in a clear and accessible manner, evident through his regular contributions to financial media outlets.

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What’s Inside The Power Gauge Report?

Power Gauge Report

The Power Gauge Report is an annual subscription-based newsletter where, of course, you will be receiving monthly investment newsletter. These are the latest No.1 stock recommendations that are easily digestible, outlining exactly why in that specific month, it is the right time to get into that specific opportunity that they will send you. And these monthly newsletters will be delivered through your registered email address. 

Another thing that is included in this subscription is a research report called “The Power Gauge: How to Double Your Money on the Best Stocks”. This research report offers valuable insights into identifying high-potential stocks and maximizing investment returns.

Just as said earlier, their proprietary system, the  Chaikin Power Gauge Rating, provides a straightforward indicator of a stock’s future direction. You can make informed decisions about the optimal timing to buy or sell stocks by leveraging this tool.

Other inclusions are Member Exclusives such as:

The Power Gauge Report Model Portfolio

As a member of the Power Gauge Report, you gain exclusive access to marc’s Power Gauge Report model portfolio, a valuable resource designed to enhance your investment experience. 

This portfolio offers specific allocations, buy-up-to pricing and returns of Marc’s current open recommendations, providing you with actionable insights to optimize your investment decisions. 

You’ll also gain visibility into Marc’s recommended investment strategies and you can align your own portfolio accordingly. 

Special Updates from Marc

These updates, sent through the month as needed, provide you with insights and guidance to optimize your investment strategy. Marc will tell you precisely when it’s time to lock-in gains on your investments, add to or close a position based on market conditions, and any significant developments that may impact your portfolio.

Marc’s expertise and real-time analysis will empower you to navigate the complexities of the market with confidence, ensuring that you’re always positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities and protect your investments from potential downside risks.

One Full Year of Marc’s Warnings and Predictions

These Marc’s warnings and predictions are a valuable resource that can help you navigate the volatile landscape of the financial markets. You can rely on everything that Marc will say as his track record speaks volumes. 

To prove that, Marc has accurately predicted significant market events such as the 2020 fallout, subsequent rallies, corrections in 2018, and even the collapse of Priceline.com. 

His predictive system has a unique ability to anticipate events that often slip away from the mainstream, allowing him to provide timely insights and guidance to the members of the Power Gauge Report. 

With this, you’ll be receiving ongoing updates from Marc as he monitors and analyzes unfolding market developments. By knowing all of these, you can proactively adjust your investment strategy to capitalize on opportunities, protect your portfolio from potential downturns and stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of investing. 

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Special Bonus

They’ll also let you in with a special bonus when you subscribe to their newsletter. You’ll be receiving a full year of access to the Power Pulse System features. This tool grants you access to a vast database of over 5,000 different stocks, empowering you to make informed predictions about tomorrow’s stock ratings on Wall Street, today.

With just a single click, the system will provide you a concise rating – either “Bullish, “Neutral”, or “Bearish” – for each stock, along with a detailed breakdown of 20 factors influencing those ratings.

This system will enable you to stay ahead of the market trends and offers valuable insights into the potential future performance of stocks, helping you make informed and timely investment decisions that can make your portfolio look good. 

Power Gauge Report Cost

The Power Gauge Report costs $199/year and you will also be entitled for 30-day 100% money-back guarantee where you can use all the features that comes with the monthly newsletters, and if for some reason you’re not satisfied with what you’re getting, you can just file for a refund straight ahead. 

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Marc Chaikin is a highly experienced financial analyst and his track records alone can speak for itself.
  • They have proprietary tools and algorithms that are already proven and tested to bring a high success rate in your investment process.
  • The Power Gauge Report provides actionable insights including stock recommendations, buy and sell signals and portfolio allocations.
  • The members exclusive bonuses provide ongoing support to subscribers, providing them with regular updates and special alerts. These can help them stay informed and make adjustments to their portfolios as needed.


  • The Power Gauge Report focuses primarily on stock investments and does not cover other asset classes or investment strategies. If you’re an all-rounder, This will be just one of many newsletters that you might need to subscribe to in order to diversify your portfolio.
  • Market volatility is not new in the investment industry. Marc’s recommendations need timely actions, and if you’re not focused enough, you might just miss the opportunity due to fluctuations in the market and economic uncertainty. 

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Marc Chaikin’s more than five decades in the investment industry can say a lot, making him one of the prominent figures in the industry. His knowledge and expertise has been sought after by many investors all around the globe. 

The Power Gauge Report is just one of many tools that his firm, Chaikin Analytics has to offer, and there are already a lot of features included in it that can aid your investing journey.

Entering the world of investment is no easy task, you should come prepared since there you cannot remove uncertainties due to its volatile nature. But guidance from experts such as Marc Chaikin can prove useful in threading such endeavors. 

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