Photon Trading Course Review

Photon Trading Course has been around for more years than most folks realize. They simply had humble beginnings, and had a period when there’s only around four, five members.

The program didn’t gain much traction until Matthew Donlevey posted videos on YouTube, the majority of which have gone viral. It made people pay attention to him and his course, and that’s when it all started to blew up.

From structures, they’ve since moved on to trading Smart Money Concepts (SMCs). And yes, they do have strategies for both day and swing traders.

Is Photon Trading Course for you? Continue reading our comprehensive review to find out.

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Overview Of Photon Trading Course

Brief Introduction To The Course

Photon Trading Course is a training program for those who aspires to become smarter and fully funded Forex traders. The program is based in London, United Kingdom.

In the video sales letter on their site, Matthew Donlevey, the British lad who created the program, boldly claimed that they can prep you for every trading scenario that comes your way.

You don’t have to rely on luck nor second guess yourself come trading time. You’ll learn how to approach the business systematically, and not simply wishing that you catch a lucky break.

Just so you know, you can’t expect a win when the odds aren’t exactly in your favor. That’s a fact. (Just like you can’t expect Niners to win their sixth if they can’t turn their defense and run game back to its former glory… Gosh, the three consecutive losses hurts!)

The confidence and clarity you’d gain here will help you scale your trades. With the mechanical plan of Photon in place, you’ll get over that trading death loop real quick, since you’ll be able to execute your trades at levels you need.

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About The Trading Death Loop

Photon Trading Course Matthew Donlevey

According to Matthew, here’s what a trading death loop looks like when a trader doesn’t approach the business systematically:

  1. Take a loss
  2. Harbor doubts and hesitation towards making a next trade
  3. Skip a trade
  4. Miss a win from skipping a trade
  5. Placing a revenge trade due to fear of missing out (FOMO)
  6. Take another loss, and the cycle repeats

The takeaway? Don’t be a hindsight trader and start employing a mechanical framework. With Photon Trading Course, you don’t even have to reinvent the wheel. You join as a member, take their proven system, and the team behind the course will help you throughout the whole (learning) process.

About The Business Model

Simply put, Forex trading means buying and selling currencies from one form to another in hopes of getting a profit from the fluctuating exchange rate. This is why it’s expressed in terms of currency pairs like EUR/USD or GBP/USD.

Let’s take EUR/USD for example. What’s written on the left (EUR) is called base currency, while the other is quote currency (USD). The exchange rate determines the amount of quote currency required to purchase a single unit of the base currency.

If the exchange rate goes higher, it means that the base currency strengthen in value relative to the quote currency. Thus, speculating the right price movement is the key to making a profit here.

If you want to learn more about other business models, check out Bookkeeping Life Reviews, eSelling Machine Review, and Flipped Lifestyle Reviews.

Features Of Photon Trading Course

Zero To Funded Course

Photon Trading Course Core Training

Zero To Funded Course is the core training of Photon Trading Course with over seventy hours of interactive content. If you need something that’ll show exactly step-by-step how to be a smarter trader without fillers or fluff, then this is for you.

The training is divided into eleven phases (modules) plus another one for advanced technical analysis. The first six are as follows:

First Six Phases

Phase one is all about laying the foundations. Just like any course, Zero To Funded Course begins with getting your head in the game, and being transparent to expect with the Forex trading space.

Speaking of Forex, the next phase, phase two, is an introduction to Forex trading. The said phase is about getting started with actual trading. However, when it comes to staying in the business, you’ll want to check out the next module on risk management.

Then, phase four is on brokers and charting. Topics on setting up your charts on Tradingview, choosing the right broker, and automating your trades will be discussed here.

Of course, having a winning strategy isn’t enough if you don’t know when is it applicable, nor is it a guarantee that you’ll profit every time. With phase five, you’ll learn what trading an edge means, along with relevant probability concepts and mental models to get you on the “winning” path.

For the most in-depth module complete with interactive exercises and chart walkthroughs to follow along, see phase six that tackles all you need to know about technical analysis.

The Next Six Phases

For the trade plans for both day and swing traders alike, check out phase seven. For testing the said trade plan and listing your progress as a trader via journaling, it’s on phase eight and phase nine.

What if all the strategies don’t work as expected? Should you blame it, the market, and yourself? Perhaps, quit the trading business, altogether? With phase ten, you’ll have a thorough roadmap to follow, so you won’t lose your confidence and be able to make profitable trades more consistently.

To wrap up the course, phase eleven includes topics on trading psychology. Be equipped with the appropriate mental framework, be disciplined, and be poised. With this, no limiting beliefs can stop you from being a profitable trader. The sky’s the limit! (or your budget rather…)

Advanced Technical Analysis

As if the earlier module on technical analysis isn’t in-depth enough, Photon Trading Course offers another one with more advanced concepts. If you’re interested in things like trading complex ranges and against HTF, you’ll get tips here.

The Photon Service

Wanna see Photon Trading Course’s strategies in action? With The Photon Service, you’ll see it and get insights on how it applies to someone else’s trade and yours via the following:

  • Daily session recap videos
  • Daily analysis and markups for London and New York
  • Backtesting walkthroughs
  • Weekly Live Q and A meetups

The Trading Floor

The Trading Floor is Photon Trading Course’s fancy way of calling their exclusive community on Discord. According to them, it’s a safe space for members to share trade ideas, ask questions, and chat with other traders. No dick measuring, only professional and high-level analysis.

The Rest Of The Features

Besides the ones already mentioned above, Photon Trading Course will also provide 24/7 support and relevant tools/spreadsheets/trade plans like their highly praised plug-and-play Notion template.

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Evaluating The Value Of Photon Trading Course

The Cost Of The Course

Photon Trading Course Cost

To join Photon Trading Course, you have to pay the membership cost of either £199 every month, £497 every three months, or £1,488 every year. In US Dollars, the figures are roughly $240, $600, and $1,800, respectively.

They also accept cryptocurrency payments in BTC, ETH, UTK, and USDT, although our team would advise against it since you can’t dispute charges unlike paying with traditional bank accounts (in any case you need a refund, and they’re denying it).

The Positives

Photon Trading Course Review

The pros of the Photo Trading Course are as follows:

  • They’re upfront that Forex trading requires significant investment
  • Their core training is commended for being thorough and informative, while still being easy to digest unlike the ones in other SMCs courses
  • The community on Discord is active and helpful
  • They’re consistently adding new and updated content
  • Well-received on Trustpilot sans comments we’ll discuss below

The Negatives

Meanwhile, here’s the list of cons:

  • The best time to do trades is not suitable for those with traditional 9 to 5 jobs (and our team is not a fan of businesses where you typically have to be glued to your screen to get good results consistently)
  • The business model is not for beginners nor for the faint-hearted
  • They’re not showing their live funded account nor definitive trading history, only random screenshots of Tradingview and demo accounts

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Photon Trading Course is a legitimate program made for both day traders and swing traders alike. While we don’t recommend the business model itself, it’s a great resource if you want to learn more about Forex trading and SMCs.

However, do note that Matthew or any of the mentors of Photon Trading Course didn’t show any solid proof that they have real skin in the game. Some reported that they’re not so transparent with their losses either.