Phone Flipping Academy Reviews

Phone Flipping Academy Reviews

Have you ever wondered how some individuals turn used and damaged smartphones into a lucrative source of income?
Phone flipping is like a cool hustle where you buy and sell used phones. Meet Julia McNeal, who proudly calls herself the phone flipping queen. She’s the brains behind the Phone Flipping Academy, where she teaches a course all about how you can make money by flipping phones. It’s basically turning old phones into cash – and Julia’s got the inside scoop on how to do it right!

The concept is simple: source smartphones locally and resell them to eager buyers who are willing to pay on the spot. The goal? To pocket a tidy $100 profit with each successful phone sale.

Everything might seem awesome. But, as with many things, there’s always a “catch” in the story and this one might be a pretty significant “BUT.” Just how big of a catch is it? Keep reading to uncover the details.

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Who is Julia McNeal?

Phone Flipping Academy Reviews

Julia Aless McNeal (as the name she goes by in her Instagram) is a successful entrepreneur hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, who has carved her path to a 6-figure income. Juggling multiple jobs, including babysitting and driving with Uber while expecting her first child, Julia found herself living paycheck to paycheck. Eager to provide for her child without relying on daycare, she embarked on a quest to find ways to make money from home.

Her journey into phone flipping began on December 2017, when she took a leap and placed an ad on Craigslist. Investing $60 in her first phone, she flipped it for $214. Within just 30 days, Julia raked in a profit of around $5,000. Four months later, she bid farewell to her 9-5 job, never looking back as she soared to over half a million dollars in profit from flipping cell phones.

In 2020, Julia established the Phone Flipping Academy, where she has guided countless individuals to make thousands of dollars each month. She regularly shares insightful content about phone flipping in IG account with her over 48K followers.

What is inside Phone Flipping Academy?

Sourcing Electronics at Profitable Prices: Discover the insider knowledge on where to find new, used, and damaged electronics at prices that set the stage for profitability. Julia’s expertise will guide you in identifying devices that can become your ticket to a successful flip.

Determining the Right Price: Delve into the art of determining the fair value of a device. Learn the strategies that will ensure you make a smart investment, setting the foundation for a profitable resale.

Mastering the Art of Negotiation: Negotiation skills can make or break a deal. The Phone Flipping Academy equips you with the tools and techniques to negotiate the best prices, ensuring that every transaction works in your favor.

Swift Payments After Closing Deals: Waiting for your hard-earned money is a thing of the past. Julia shares her insights on how to secure prompt payments, turning your flips into a quick and efficient source of income.

Optimal Selling Strategies: Discover where to sell your devices for top prices in the shortest amount of time. Julia’s proven methods will guide you in maximizing your profits while minimizing the time your devices spend on the market.

Julia’s Phone Flipping Tricks: Gain exclusive access to the tricks and tactics that propelled Julia’s phone flipping business into a 6-figure success. Learn from her experiences and apply these valuable insights to your own venture.

Training Lessons and Proven Scripts: The academy provides comprehensive training lessons accompanied by Julia’s proven scripts. These scripts are your key to effectively communicate with both buyers and sellers, streamlining your interactions for successful transactions.

Mission University: Private Discord Community for Support: Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals through Mission University, the private Discord community associated with the Phone Flipping Academy. Engage with fellow students, share experiences, and seek guidance as you navigate your own phone flipping journey.

Phone Flipping Academy Reviews

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Is it Worth Investing?

In the ventures of side hustles and entrepreneurial, now especially where everyone is upgrading to the latest smartphones, phone flipping has emerged as a promising avenue for those seeking additional income. Wondering if it’s worth the investment? Let’s break down the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s worth your investment.


To avail the course they ask an amount of $297 or 3 payments of $99 with no refund policy. The cost can be justified if you are committed to actively participating in phone flipping, see value in Julia’s expertise, and believe the potential profits outweigh the initial cost. Assess your personal circumstances and preferences to determine if this investment aligns with your goals.

Phone Flipping Academy Reviews

Potential Money Making

  1. Julia’s Proven Success: One of the key draws of the Phone Flipping Academy is Julia McNeal’s impressive success story. With over $500,000 in profit from flipping smartphones, she has a wealth of experience to share. Learning from someone who has walked the talk can be invaluable in navigating the nuances of the phone flipping business.
  2. Market Demand: The constant influx of new smartphones creates a robust market for used devices. Julia taps into this demand, teaching you how to capitalize on the trend where everyone is eager to upgrade to the latest phone, making it easier to find potential buyers for your flipped devices.
  3. Access to Direct Buyers: Julia goes the extra mile by providing a list of top direct buyers after your investment. This added resource is ensuring you have a steady stream of potential sales and reducing the time spent searching for buyers independently.

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  1. Active Involvement Required: Phone flipping, as taught by the academy, is not a passive income stream. It involves actively meeting with buyers and sellers, negotiating pricing on almost every deal, and creating and managing ads on platforms like Craigslist. The level of involvement may not suit those seeking entirely hands-off ventures.
  2. Delayed Payments: While Julia’s direct buyers can offer consistency, there’s a potential downside. If these buyers have sufficient inventory, you might encounter delays in getting paid. This aspect requires a degree of patience and financial planning, as waiting for payments can impact your cash flow.
  3. Time-Consuming Travel Demands: The need to drive around the city for face-to-face meetings with buyers and sellers adds an additional layer of hassle to the phone flipping business. While it may offer a more flexible alternative to a traditional 9-5 job, the requirement for physical travel limits the potential for earning a truly passive income online. Moreover, the cost of gas further eats into your profits, posing a challenge to maintaining a lucrative margin.
  4. Unexpected Device Conditions: A recurring headache in the phone flipping business is encountering electronic devices in worse condition than initially presented by sellers. Sellers, eager to maximize their returns, may downplay the extent of damage. Dealing with devices in unexpectedly poor conditions can force you to renegotiate prices or, in the case of concealed issues like water damage, necessitate a reassessment of salvageable devices.
  5. Pricing Negotiations Struggles: Engaging in daily negotiations with potential buyers and sellers can turn into a significant time-consuming headache. The constant back-and-forth on pricing may lead to deals falling through if an agreement cannot be reached. Moreover, this ongoing negotiation process can strain business relationships and drive buyers or sellers to seek alternatives, impacting the stability of your supplier network over time.


Phone flipping might stands out as a profitable venture, backed by the sustained demand for Apple products. The statistics speak for themselves, with Apple’s impressive $394.3 billion revenue in 2022, driven significantly by iPhone sales.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the hands-on nature of phone flipping. Successful practitioners, like Julia, invest time in daily negotiations, meetings with buyers and sellers, and consistent advertising on platforms like Craigslist and Facebook. The earnings, around $100 per sale, can accumulate to substantial monthly income for those dedicated to the process.

It is not a scam; it can indeed provide a living for those willing to put in the effort and actively promote their services. The key lies in embracing the hustle, negotiating effectively, and building a strong online presence to attract potential buyers and sellers.

However, while it may match the profitability of certain online business models, it lacks the unique benefits that my number one recommendation provides.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

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