Pet Creator Academy Review

User-generated content dates back to the early days of the internet, with its evolution closely tied to the never-ending evolution of our technology, the rise of social media platforms and of course, the user’s preference.

In today’s market, UGC’s market tends to align with current trends and consumer preferences. Reviews like this are an example of a UGC, then you have influencer collaborations, unboxing and product demos (which are getting a huge number of views recently), tutorials everywhere, and many more.

These things can be highly marketable and are being utilized by businesses and brands as part of their marketing strategies. And because of social media platforms, they can be seen all around the globe with just one click. In effect, creating UGCs has significant implications for marketing, branding, engagement and the evolution of content creations.

Pet Creator Academy utilizes this kind of user-generated content to help you earn an extra $500 to $5,000 a month in passive income. Well, at least that’s what Austin Boni did.

This One’s Much Better

You can earn five hundred dollars up to five grand in passive income, as a side hustle to note, while still keeping your day job, as a remote pet creator”, says Austin.

You’ve probably already taken pictures and videos of or with your pets, haven’t you? Being a pet creator utilizes these things and helps you monetize it. It is by far one the easiest and fastest ways to earn life changing income online.”, he continued.

The pet industry is growing rapidly and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Advertising’s getting harder and harder for a lot of companies. Any company in the pet industry needs content to survive.

Video clips or pictures from true pet owners are more believable, rather than a computer-generated one. That’s why UGC’s for this kind of business has become a trend. There is a lot of data supporting user-generated content as the number one best form of content for brands to maximize their ROIs.

And these companies are willing to pay you big bucks for your sweet pictures and video clips of or with your pets. Be it a cat, dog, rabbit, parrot, anything, all pets in general are welcome. And I know that you feel it too. Video clips with smiling and loving pets really hit differently in our hearts. There’s that tingling feeling. Right?

Pet Creator Academy is a 90-day roadmap to get you closer to owning a fully-scalable pet creative agency. Being a pet creator means you can work remotely, set your own schedule, master an in-demand skill, earn income online, and then be consistent with it, and voila, you’ve attained financial freedom to do anything that you want to do. 

What’s inside Pet Creator Academy? You’ll have access to their vault that has 24+hours of modules, weekly coaching by expert pet creators, an exact roadmap to 10k+/month Remote Pet Creative Agency, and a life-time access to all new updates.

This One’s Much Better

There’s still more. They have a pet creative rolodex of pet brands to fall back on, a dedicated support for, an access to their private facebook community and a bonus, a copy of the founders personal outreach script. They gave all of these a total value of $246,000. We can’t guess how much they’re giving all of these to joiners, but we can expect that it won’t be that cheap either.

Pet Creator Academy is just an extension of their Pet Creative Co., where they help online pet brands achieve seven-figures with engaging contents made by pet creators, who are rigorously trained up on advertising frameworks. So to say, they are training you as a pet creator to be recommended to one of the pet brands availing Pet Creative’s services. 

But just as there are positive reviews, there are also negative ones. Why do you need to experience countless cold email rejections and selling yourself on call, only to be turned down most of the time if they already have online pet brands in Pet Creative Co.?

And there’s also a thing where someone reached out to one of the “success stories” to get an inkling to how they did it, only to find out that they’re being used without their knowledge. Well, that’s that for honesty.

This One’s Much Better