Passive Income Geek Reviews

Passive Income Geek Review

Everyone dreams of having the ability to control one’s own time and schedule – from going on vacation trips or just simply chilling out on a rainy day. Having a passive income is one of the ways that one can achieve this.

Aside from what was mentioned, it lets you pursue hobbies and balance work and life. It keeps money flowing even when you’re not hustling, adding to your financial stability and independence. Overall, it boosts satisfaction and well-being.

For Morten, having a passive income for him to spend more time with his wife and kid is what motivated him to create Passive Income Geek.

Sounds like a plan? It is! But are they worth your time? Read further to know more.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Passive Income Geek in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

But before getting into the review…

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Morten Storgaard

Passive Income Geek Review

Morten Storgaard founded Passive Income Geek on 2020.

He is from Denmark that works as an affiliate marketer, digital marketing consultant, and SEO specialist. His top website,, makes up to $30,000 per month from ads and affiliate commissions. Morten also creates websites in different niches and has sold domains through

Morten started in e-commerce in 2007. He later found his passion for online marketing and, being married to a globetrotter, focused on creating content websites for a more hands-off income. While working as an SEO consultant, his websites became successful, prompting him to quit consulting.

Now, Morten manages larger sites with a team, and his success enables him to share knowledge on YouTube and teach others to build passive income websites. He considers these decisions among the top three best choices in his life, after marrying Maria and having Max.

Passive Income Geek

Passive Income Geek Review

What is Passive Income Geek? It is a course that combines affiliate marketing and blogging.

It helps you earn money online by creating passive income websites. The course teaches strategies for making money through affiliate marketing and display ads. It focuses on creating quality content and using SEO to rank your sites on Google for organic leads. Especially useful for experienced bloggers, Passive Income Geek offers valuable insights for maximizing online income.

Here are some overview of what the course offers:

  • Discover profitable niches.
  • Discover available killer domain names.
  • Methods for researching topics.
  • Learn to write content that ranks
  • Getting Links organically
  • Clean SEO tips that work
  • Fast and perfect site setup
  • Proven monetization strategies
  • Social media guidelines

They also claim that the course has everything you need to go from beginner to earning a full-time income, no matter where you are on the journey.

Additionally, the course features Morten creating a new website from scratch. This gives you a detailed guide to follow, helping you see exactly how to apply the course. The process covers different elements such as niche research, choosing a domain, topic research, outlining articles, the writing process, monetization strategies, and more.

The pricing starts at $399 for a year with an additional $199 per additional year, no up-sells or additional courses. And if you’re not satisfied with their course, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Modules and Lessons

Lesson 1: Choosing a Good Niche

With 16 lessons, this module guides you through recognizing which niches to avoid, brainstorming good ones, and figuring out their earning potential. It also has a cool tool to help you assess your niche ideas better. The course stands out by giving you a solid grasp of niche selection, giving you the info and tools to make smart decisions as you explore different niches.

Lesson 2: Topic Research

The course has tons of videos where you will be guided through finding topics to write about. It will save you time and helps you steer clear of topics with too much competition, so you can focus on areas where you’re more likely to succeed.

Lesson 3: Finding a Good Domain Name

In the course, you will be taught how to choose strong domain names that can grow. You will be given a cool Excel sheet that, when paired with an online tool, helps find strong and available domain names. In here, they personally uses this trick for many of their best domains. The course also talks about important things to check before registering a new domain, making sure you approach picking a domain in a smart way.

Lesson 4: Setting Up Your Website

Passive Income Geek Review

You will be assisted to get your website started.

This module will help you pick up cool tricks to design your website so it naturally gets more links. This part shares strategies to make your site look awesome and give users a great experience, boosting the chances of others linking to it without you doing extra stuff. Using these design tips can make your site more visible and credible, making it more likely to get linked to by others.

Lesson 5: Writing Awesome Content

Learn how to understand “search intent” and write web content that gets your pages to the top of Google search results. The course has detailed videos guiding you through creating great outlines and headlines. You’ll discover how to write content that not only attracts natural links but also ranks high on Google. The videos give step-by-step instructions to ensure you grasp effective content creation.

Additionally, the course shares exclusive tips for crafting content that works well with affiliate links and display ads. This insight helps you make the most of your content to earn income through these channels.

Lesson 6: SEO Tips

Get savvy at making your website search engine-friendly. You will see here the real tricks their sites use to get links without bothering people with emails or spam.

Plus, the course covers important technical SEO stuff, like site speed and other factors. You’ll pick up practical strategies to make your website perform better, so it not only shows up well on search engines but also gives users a smoother experience. Knowing these techie details is crucial for boosting how visible and effective your online presence is.

Lesson 7: Monetization

The course dives into different money-making methods, like ads, affiliate marketing, info products, and more.

Each method will be taken into consideration, making sure you know how to make money effectively with ads, affiliate programs, and creating info products. The goal is to give you the knowledge and strategies to make the most money.

They also discuss finding the best content ideas for each money-making method. This helps your content be engaging and focused on making the most revenue based on your chosen way to make money.

Lesson 8: Social Media

In this course section, they will be spilling the beans on their social media tricks, talking about YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and other platforms.

Here’s the cool part: You don’t need to bother creating social profiles or becoming a social media superstar to make the most of the course. They will walk you through the strategies, whether you’re into social media or not. So, you can use these tricks no matter what your online presence looks like right now.


Looks great, doesn’t it? They also have advance modules with additional 5 more that has 18 lessons that discusses strategies for: outsourcing, advance topic research, advance monetization, advance SEO and how to sell your site

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Combining affiliate marketing and blogging does seem like a very interesting idea. We cannot deny the fact that with his methods, Morten was able to show that we was able to achieve his goal of spending time with his loved ones and having a sustainable and passive income at the same time.

Let me also highlight that Passive Income Geek suggests that by writing 2-3 articles only per week, you can expect to get 20-50,000 views per month after about a year. With this many views, he says you could make $400-$1,000 monthly from ads and also earn extra through affiliate marketing.

But how true is this for others with the same goal and the same passion? Even with the course and maybe some experts guiding, isn’t it a bit realistic? Why?

For starters, making a niche website pop up in global search results takes a bunch of time and practice. Plus, you’re competing with loads of other affiliate marketers, so it’s a bit of a tough challenge.

In addition to that, blogging and affiliate marketing is tough with so much competition.  There are over 600 million blogs and a whopping 6 million blog posts every day worldwide as of May 2023, making it hard to get regular page visitors.

In this competitive space, just putting out 2-3 articles a week might not bring in big bucks, especially if you’re not already seen as an expert with a loyal following. To make it in blogging and affiliate marketing, you need smart planning, unique ideas, and a good grasp of how to stand out in the huge online content world.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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