Paper Raven Books Review

Starting as a relatively unknown author can be challenging and sometimes frustrating because you also need to solve things like how you will reach people to read what you published and such. But with persistence and strategic efforts, you can work towards popularizing your books.

Common questions after you finish writing a book are “should you find an agent and pitch to a traditional publisher knowing that you’ll probably face rejections one after the other?”, or “should you self-publish, knowing in mind that you’ll have a hard time hiring or even finding freelancers to edit, design and market”.

Paper Raven Books has you covered. They will do all of these things for you. But are they the perfect partner that you’re looking for? Find out in my review below.

This One’s Much Better

Morgan Gist MacDonald started off as a sociologist in academia. However, she quickly felt the urge to start her own business, using her expertise as a researcher, writer, teacher, and leader to create a publishing company from scratch. Hence the birth of Paper Raven Books.

She now leads the team for over twelve years in creating the best practices for publishing successfully in the modern digital era. They collaborate with authors to produce best-selling books of the highest caliber. To date, they have already finished nearly 100 works, including nonfiction, memoirs, and fiction.

Paper Raven Books will be your team publisher. All you have to do is pick a niche that you want or you’re already writing about and that’s it. A team of seasoned editors, designers and marketers will assist you through the entire publishing process, step-by-step, from your rough manuscript up to the finished product.

What happens inside Paper Raven Books when you choose them as your partner? After submitting your paper, you’ll have several publishing planning sessions on the phone until something clicks after you talk through about your visions and timeline needed for the book to be published.

You’ll have 100% control on what your book will look like. And how they will be reproduced to the masses. Couple of brainstorming sessions is needed, of course, to make this all possible. 

After all these, they’re also the ones to do the “platform-building” book launch. They will develop a launch strategy tailored to the advantages of your platform. Email marketing and social media posts are also written and scheduled by them. To help you gain reviews prior to the book’s launch, they will set up your book launch team and get in touch with independent reviewers.

They will also schedule a podcast tour to get your message and newly published book in front of more audiences. If it’s too much for you to handle, then don’t worry. They will assign you a personal project manager that will be at your side to ensure that every step is planned out and completed on time.

This One’s Much Better

So let me summarize it for you. There are four phases in Paper Raven Books. First phase is the book content development, and then the comprehensive editing. Next is professional publication and lastly, the “platform-building” book launch. And all of these are gonna cost you around $10,000 – $40,000. But don’t worry, payment plans are also available.

If you’re already artistic and imaginative enough to become an author, there’s not much extra steps you need to do to be able to self-publish your books. You can do so by sending your works on Amazon Kindle through Kindle Direct Publishing, which is literally free.

But they also offer several services that come with a fee like formatting services, cover design, expanded distribution, also advertising and print cost. At least in this way, you can only print copies of books when a reader requests for one, not several printed books but no one buys. And you can also just avail for the expanded distribution when your book gains popularity.

You can also do advertising on your own. There are countless free tutorials on the internet. You’ll just need to try each and every one of it and see if anything works. All of these are only doable if you have a lot of time on your plate. If not, and you have the fat wallet needed to avail Paper Raven Book’s services, then just let them do all the hard work for you.

This One’s Much Better