Our Rich Journey Course Review

Have you ever wondered what year you want to retire during all these years you’ve been working your butt off? Any savings threshold before deciding that “I’m done, I can live with this. I’m out. I’m good”? If you’re still doing a 9-5 job, it’s not impossible that you’ll be retiring around your 60s, 65s.

You won’t have enough time to enjoy life when you’re that old. You might as well regret that you haven’t done what you wanted to do during your early years. Before it comes to that, Christina and Amon are here to make you realize that it’s still not too late to change your retirement plan.

Our Rich Journey Course will help you understand how to be able to retire at an early age, but also with proper planning and strategizing, to make your journey to financial independence a reality.

This One’s Much Better

Christina and Amon are both civil servants and have two children before they started their F.I.R.E (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement. Common misconceptions about their movement is that in order to achieve F.I.R.E, you need to have a huge income, or be single/married with no children. But these two are living proof that you don’t need all that to achieve financial independence. 

In pursuing F.I.R.E, we constantly thought of creative ways to make and save extra money to invest.  And after eight years of smart, consistent, and (frankly) boring investments – we grew our stock market portfolio to an amount that allowed us to quit our jobs without ever having to work again”, says Christina.

They have a YouTube channel with over 600k+ subscribers with contents about making money, investing money and saving money on the road to financial independence. “We use our channel to chronicle our journey to inspire others and we’ve gotten to a point where we’ve reached F.I.R.E

There are things to internalize and deliver in order to achieve F.I.R.E. What they did first was achieving a high savings rate. An optimal 50-70% of the income must be for your savings, you can do whatever you want with the rest. Next is cutting out housing costs. They have methods on how to live rent and mortgage free.

And then every single dollar that they saved, they’re investing it in real estate and the stock market. “In real estate we did what we called slow flipping. We lived in the home, fixed it up and moved to the next home. We also invested in low cost index funds”, Amon shared.

And lastly, they’re hustling. Forget about your 9-5 job. As long as you work hard, it will pay off. They have etsy stores, listings on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Airbnbs, etc. And with the money that they get from those, they invest, invest, invest.

This One’s Much Better

All of these are included and will be discussed in-depth in their 365 days to F.I.R.E program. It is a year-long action-oriented program to help you get closer to your financial independence goals. It is designed for you to be able to complete daily tasks concerning the areas of saving, making, and investing more money.

And all of those are recorded progress to your journey to financial independence. They also conduct monthly Q&A’s to help answer your F.I.R.E related queries and they also provide email chat support throughout the duration of the 365-day program. It costs $897 for the basic membership and $1,394 which includes the email chat support.

An alternative to this is the F.I.R.E Master Class. It includes a series of pre-recorded videos and 17 modules designed for anyone interested in pursuing F.I.R.E where you can watch and read anytime, anywhere at your own pace. It costs a one-time payment for lifetime access of $197. 

They even have a Moving to Portugal course. It feels like they’re making a cult in Portugal and it’s creepy. But maybe they chose to do a course on that because living in Portugal can maximize the full potential of your early retirement plan. Or maybe it’s just them, we’ll never know.

Sadly, they don’t do refunds on any of the programs they offer but you can reach out to them to get your questions answered before you decide to sign up for the class.

This One’s Much Better