Online Landlord Biz Reviews

Joshua T. Osborne and Sean Kochel are two prominent figures and are included in the list of most successful lead generation gurus in the industry.

Social media ads are like the virtual billboards of the digital world. They’re how businesses and individuals get their messages across to a wide audience on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

And since the attention span of most people in the online world is short, for your ad to not be skipped, it’s not enough to simply post an advertisement. You also need to understand what your audience wants, create a captivating message, and follow current trends.

Is Online Landlord Biz the course that you need in order to acquire such skills in lead generation and advertising? Let’s check them out in my Online Landlord Biz review below.

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Online Landlord Biz Overview

If you’re familiar with Social Ad Tribe by Sean Kochel and Map Pack Hero by Josh Osborne (which I’ve already made a review of in this site), Online Landlord Biz is a bit of a mix of both. 

Online Landlord Biz is a lead generation and advertisement program that focuses on Facebook and Google (paid) advertisements to help local businesses generate qualified leads. 

Based on a recent survey, almost 30% of businesses in the US alone don’t have their own websites. That’s why lead generation and advertising campaigns are still prominent in our online business industry as of writing.

Digital CEOs

One thing that bothers me is that whenever you click on the Online Landlord Biz website (, you’ll just be redirected to a private Facebook group called Digital CEOs, which is also handled by Sean Kochel and Josh Osborne. A rebranding of some sort.

People Behind Online Landlord Biz

Josh Osborne

Josh Osborne

Just a little trivia. If you’re familiar with ScamRisk, Josh Osborne is the man who founded that review site. That’s where he posts reviews, just like this one, of business models, gurus, courses offered by other coaches and much more. 

Joshua T. Osborne as a young one is a very restless kid. He loves to explore things, going on adventures and by not doing what he’s been told to do, others say that he has a problem. But that’s not what Josh sees in himself. 

What he sees is a strength rather than a liability. The hunger for new knowledge and new experience is what drove him to where he is today. 

He’s the guy behind BAM and Map Pack Hero, online courses that focus on building your own Google Business Profile and leverage the advantages of having one in building a strong foundation for lead generation.

Sean Kochel

Sean Kochel

Sean Kochel despises the 9-5 grind. Since the start of his business career, he has done Amazon FBA, dropshipping, affiliate marketing  and maybe, just maybe, he has a lot of bad experiences with them also. 

In the sales pitch, he’s always justifying that their new found business model is not about selling some crappy product from China nor selling someone else’s product that can be ripped away at any time. There’s some weight to how he says it, so it probably is a bad experience during his time.

Sean’s proud to tell you that the business model that he and Josh found out is how to make money while helping real people make money also. 

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What is a Digital Landlord?

Digital real estate can be dated back to the late 80s where people became aware of online communities.

They own a site, build communities in it, and interact with different people in all parts of the world. But now, being a digital landlord involves owning and managing digital assets or properties co-existing with their physical ones.

Let’s say you have a physical store and you want to increase your client base from afar, the website that you’ll be using will become your digital asset. You will manage, advertise, so that you can make your store well-known in the online space also, which can attract possible clients that need your product or services.

And being a digital landlord requires you to be tech-savvy, and also a lot of research is needed so that you can predict what the digital landscape might look like in the future. 

What can Online Landlord Biz Offer?

What if you’re not the tech-savvy type of person? You’ll need to have someone that will teach you how to do those things by yourself in the future. And maybe build a business that helps other business owners succeed in their businesses. 

That’s where Online Landlord Biz comes in. With paid advertising and other advertising skills in different social media platforms, you’ll learn how to generate leads that will also convert into customers in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Inside Online Landlord Biz you’ll have:

Sales Training

You’ll have access to Josh’s sales system “6 Steps 2 Close” that he also used in his BAM course, that will teach you how to sell to local businesses without actually selling. 

It’s like how you’ll present yourself in a way that local businesses will be eager to have you team up with them to help increase the visibility of their businesses and eventually grow to achieve their goals. 

Facebook and Google Ads Training

All about how you can leverage paid advertisements in Facebook and in Google in a way that you’re actually earning instead of losing money because of the ever increasing prices of paid advertisements. 

Access to 30+ Ad campaigns and Landing Pages

You’re initially given 30 of these ad campaigns and landing pages, but you’ll also have access to updates and future developments, all done-for-you. All you need to do is copy, paste and put them in their desired places so that you can actually start earning.

Weekly Live Calls

You’ll have access to weekly group live calls hosted by Josh and Sean themselves in their Private Facebook group. 

Price and Refund Policy

Digital CEOs Cost

There’s no specific information about the price and refund policy that Online Landlord Biz has to offer but there are heresayers that say that they’re required to pay $1,500 upfront for the course itself. And of course it doesn’t include the money you need for the paid advertising that you’ll do. 

If they’ve rebranded to Digital CEOs which is still a paid program and changed their membership plans, these matters can only be cleared and brought to light once you’ve scheduled a call and talk to one of their representatives, where they’ll explain to you the how’s and what’s in their course. 

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Pros and Cons


Lead generation is the heart of any business’ growth. Knowing how and when to do it is crucial for a business to successfully develop. Having knowledge in strategies and methods concerning lead generation will eventually make your business reach greater heights in the future.

The success of Josh and Sean’s lead generating effort is already well-known so you don’t need to be doubtful with these two if ever you’re skeptical on what they have to offer in Online Landlord Biz/Digital CEOs.

With the right amount of time and effort that you’ll put in learning lead generation, it can be very easy since what they teach is already a very straightforward approach.


Lead generation is a very straightforward business model that’s why there are a lot of self-proclaimed gurus out there who claim that they have the best strategy to land a waterfall of leads for your businesses but in fact, most of them just slightly differ from one another. And sometimes they’re just literally clones of one another, just called by a different name/approach. 

Not knowing how much it costs is a little bit problematic to some. So being clear with this, together with the payment options can help clients decide calmly on whether they want to get in or not. 

Paid ads costs are going up over time and in some cases, they are getting banned due to policy changes on the social media platform where they’ve been posted. You need to be careful on how and where you’ll post these paid ads so that it won’t go down the drain without even starting to produce leads.

Online Landlord Biz Activity

The Facebook group that you’ll be redirected to is not as active as it used to be. As per checking, it only has 16 posts from the last month (September 2023), and no new post this month (October 2023). They still do get new members, weekly by the seams of it.

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Josh and Sean are already known for their achievements in the lead generation campaign. And if you’re finding it difficult to choose from a sea of coaches out there that teaches lead generation, you can give these two a try, since they already have experiences and success that can back up their claims. 

They focus on paid advertising, and your profits will just be eaten up with these if you’re not using the system right. Always going back to square one is exhausting. So you need to do due diligence in exploring and mastering their art of lead generation so that no money is wasted.

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