OJO Real Estate Leads Reviews

Making lots of money means nothing if you’re burned out and exhausted. Many real estate agents agreed, at least in a forum thread dedicated to their craft.

The real estate market is just insane nowadays. It feels like agents have to be glued to their screens 24/7, and must be ready to respond to inquiries and make offers even in the middle of the night.

To put it into perspective, some put in over sixty-five hours of work every week, and yet they still struggle to please ‘em buyers and sellers. Both appears to never be satisfied no matter what.

With OJO, they can help with the back-and-forth communication through their concierge service. Not just that, they’ll also take the lead generation duties off your to-do list, so you can focus more on closing. Continue reading this review for more info about their referral program.

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What Is OJO Real Estate Leads?

OJO At A Glance

For consumers, OJO is an all-in-one service platform that assists them in maneuvering through the seemingly complex real estate space. If you got a problem, rest assured that they can come up with a solution with the help of their “deeply personalized” technology, now also powered by AI.

Their support is not only limited to buying or selling a home, but also on owning one. Typically, no one teaches you how to own a home, but they will.

While most are not aware, it’s also tough to be a homeowner and OJO can be your sidekick in making ‘em money moves. From picking who to fix your leaky faucet to figuring out the best time to sell your home for a profit, OJO got you covered.

For agents, OJO is a referral network that provides warm, motivated real estate leads without needing to pay upfront. They also have a concierge service at the agent’s disposal, helping them with the talks, so no negotiations fall through due to misunderstanding and lack of constant communication.

They’re aware of the growing number of consumers that seems insatiable. They know that if one ends up with a nasty one, they can easily ruin the agent’s vibe, and break their spirit.

This is an unfortunate situation, but OJO’s helping hands will keep you sane and focus on what matters the most— building generational wealth for you and your fam through real estate. Thinking of quitting the business altogether because of crude-mouthed “Karens”? Not on OJO Real Estate Leads watch!

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Info On John Berkowitz

OJO Real Estate Leads John Berkowitz

OJO is an Austin-based company founded by John Berkowitz back in 2015. This is in accordance to his goal of helping consumers make the most out of their money through informed decisions.

He knows what it means to have skin in the game. At a young age, he witnessed how his dad ran their family-owned construction company and took notes. Besides becoming fond in supporting small businesses, the early exposure in the business helped him tremendously when it’s his turn to manage a company— from Yodle, now to OJO.

His efforts didn’t go unnoticed, as he received accolades from several award-giving bodies. The leadership accolades include Austin under 40 award, EY Entrepreneur of the Year (2021), HousingWire Vanguards, and more that recognized the excellence of OJO as a real estate company.

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Info On Movoto

In 2020, OJO acquired Movoto. It’s a home listing site powered by both human and artificial intelligence, and this is what OJO uses now to generate leads.

One of OJO’s core value is providing a service that is customized to fit a consumer’s personal needs. But they also need to scale their operations, and they can’t do that with their previous in-house solution. Thanks to Movoto whose strength is apparently their fully optimized search site, OJO was able to do both.

How Does OJO Real Estate Leads Help Agents?

Key Features Of OJO

OJO Real Estate Leads Offers

As a referral network, OJO is expected to provide leads in exchange for a referral fee. No upfront cost, agents only need to pay after closing.

Given this arrangement, OJO naturally wants their agent to succeed in closing deals. This is why they offer more features that’s beyond generating leads.

Things like enabling real time notifications when they send the agents leads, and hosting a masterclass that covers everything an agent needs to know about the real estate industry, including updates on the latest trends and best practices.

For top performing teams under Pro+, they even include a dedicated success manager, a performance dashboard, and more tools. Also, there’ll be a guarantee of getting a predictable number of monthly introductions (leads that passed the vetting process, and agreed to talk with you, the agent).

On Joining The Program

In an interview, OJO president Chris Heller listed the qualities and characteristics they want in an agent. They are as follows:

  • Has at least three years real estate experience
  • Have closed at least 25 transactions in the past twelve months
  •  Has a clean background and shown great personality in the screening process

Take note that these are their preferences, and not a rigid requirement. Chris emphasized this in the said interview, as it’s an important distinction.

He also gave an example on when they adjust their preferences. In particular, he mentioned being more lax when they’re judging agents that cover areas unknown to them, like a rural town in the middle of nowhere. Y’know, locations where having closed at least 25 transactions is nigh impossible.

Suggested Strategy For Teams

In the same interview we mentioned above, Chris discussed how teams should funnel all the real estate leads to their top performing agent. Strength in numbers be damned, they expect your star agent to carry you through the evaluations.

That said, they evaluate a team/agent’s performance based on the following:

  • Effectiveness (Are you converting?)
  • Responsiveness (Are you responding in a timely manner?)
  • Customer satisfaction (Are customers happy with how you handle transactions?)

The higher the mark in performance evaluations, the more they’ll prioritize in sending better leads. This also means more chance to get accepted in OJO’s exclusive Pro+ offer. Quality over quantity? How about both?

Vetting Process To Identify Warm, Motivated Leads

As part of their concierge service, OJO will be the first to establish contact with consumers. The consumers are those who entered their info in Movoto, either a seller or a buyer.

If their attempt to connect via phone call was successful, they’ll immediately proceed in conducting the vetting process. Which means, asking the consumers the following questions:

  • Are they committed to another agent?
  • How is their credit score? (Good, fair, or poor)
  • What is their time frame?

If it’s all good (e.g., the consumer is not committed to another agent, has no problems with credit score, and is looking forward to making a transaction within the next three months), they’ll transfer the call live to an agent, assuming that the consumer also agreed to talk with an agent immediately.

Otherwise, they’ll schedule an appointment at a later date. For leads that aren’t warm enough, OJO will instead place them on their nurture system.

Option To Release Leads

Going back to the interview, Chris admitted that OJO’s vetting process isn’t foolproof. From time to time, there’ll be leads that’ll sneak in when they shouldn’t have.

To counter this, OJO provides their agents an option to release leads. The valid reasons to do it are as follows:

  • The lead is already working with an agent
  • The lead is unresponsive
  • The lead had a change a mind about selling/buying
  • The lead is outside the agent’s service area

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Is OJO Real Estate Leads Worth It For Agents?

The Cost Of The Program

OJO didn’t list any info about their referral/success fee on their website. But based on the interview we mentioned earlier, it was confirmed that the referral/success fee is 35% of the gross commission after closing, regardless of the overall value.

Take note that one might incur additional charges due to OJO’s conversion and platform fees. Just like with the referral fee, OJO isn’t so transparent about the exact figures with this.

The Pros Of The Program

OJO Real Estate Leads Home Seller

It’s commendable how OJO receives massive traffic every month on their main website and Movoto. They got plenty of options too. For instance, they can help sellers sell their homes quickly, price it very competitively, or help with moving to another property first before selling what they currently have.

This means more OJO real estate leads, and consequently, more chances of getting introductions. Hopefully, more closings too, which is likely thanks to the help of their highly-praised concierge service.

In addition, we like how they provide continuous education to agents. No more worry about not knowing what currently works best, as OJO will keep you updated. They’re like that one friend who always keeps you in the loop with the juiciest gossips.

The Cons Of The Program

Of course, we don’t like how OJO isn’t transparent with their fees. Ideally, the info should be easily accessible on their site.

Then, we don’t like the disconnect between them and the consumers. In the interview we mentioned above, Chris explicitly stated that they promise consumers to only connect them with top agents. But then, in the same breath, he also mentioned that the latter are simply a preference.

It’s fine if they really need to make an adjustment due to the area, but no. Overall, they seem lax in their agent application process and accepts whoever.

After getting connected with mediocre agents, many hated it. It’s not a matter of sky-high expectations when OJO themselves made the “only top agents” claim, and we can’t blame the consumers if they felt disgusted if OJO didn’t follow through.

OJO Real Estate Leads Reviews

Many also left reviews about how they were so furious about OJO allowing so many BS to happen with their info. Things like not scrubbing their listings and residential photos off Movoto even after being requested to take it down, and bombarding them with bajillion of calls when they don’t feel like they gave consent.

For agents, there’s a high chance you ruin your reputation when you work with something that many consumers hate. Be careful, especially when an agent also warned that you might incur unexpected charges due to OJO allegedly making their agents pay upfront now.

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OJO is a legitimate company that provides real estate leads (plus all the extra stuff like concierge service) in exchange for a referral fee. They’re not a scam by any means, but they aren’t the best either.

Their worse offense as a real estate company is posting info and residential photos of consumers that doesn’t allow it. This is highlighted in the many complaints and bad reviews they received on BBB (most on Movoto’s BBB profile that’s rated a pathetic F).

If you’re an agent, are you fine getting involved with a company with such reputation? It’s up to you, but we don’t recommend doing it.

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This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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