Offrs Reviews

In an interview, Offrs’ Mark Dickson mentioned that it’s important for real estate agents to have access to data and its analysis. To him, it’s the key if they want to be successful in the industry and have a booming business.

This access to data is something Offrs are willing to offer. Now, it’s a matter of determining if it’s in your best interest to seize the opportunity or not. Doncha worry, we’ll help you decide in this review.

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What is Offrs?

Offrs Rich Swier Jr.

Offrs incorporates AI-powered algorithms to generate exclusive listing leads for real estate professionals. Based in Sarasota, Florida, the program was founded by Mark Dickson (see featured image) and Rich Swier, Jr. (pictured above) in 2013.

In addition to lead generation, the program also offers lead conversion service via their Inside Sales Agents (ISAs). The ISAs will be the first to establish contact with the leads, then qualify and nurture them into appointments in your calendar.

With their systems in place, they claim how they can generate more business using fewer leads. Spend less time, effort, and resources on growing your real estate business by focusing on the right person, at the right time… All while using the right tools and service that can automate the process on your behalf.

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AI Behind The Program

Offrs Lead Generation

Offrs uses AI in every step of their process, from lead generation up to nurturing and lead conversion. Although, the main highlight of thei AI use is on the former.

In particular, it’s their predictive analytics that, uhh, predicts which properties are likely to be listed in the next twelve months. At first, we feel like this is just a gimmick to incorporate AI, something that has been causing quite a buzz lately. Like, why predict when you can just instruct your *human* ISAs to ask the leads about their timeline?

Well, it turns out, this is used on limiting the scope of your marketing and advertising. When the people involved are not leads, at least not yet, it makes sense financial-wise to only target those who are most likely to list their properties in the near future rather than casting a wide net. After all, not everyone is like Mariah Carey, who found an “infinite money glitch” with her song *All I want for Christmas is you*.

The “leads” mentioned above that are not leads just yet, but are likely to list their property in the near future are what Offrs call as predictive sellers. Being able to determine predictive sellers is like being one step ahead of your competition. Like, you’re already there talkin’ even before other agents bat an eye.

Besides AI, the said predictive analytics also uses a billion data points aggregated from over twenty-five sources on real estate properties, both commercial and residential. Oh, and at least 250 data points for each homeowner.

Sounds good just like any endeavor that’s said to be data-driven, but seeing the spicy comments towards their service, we have doubts if they’re really doing all this data crunching. More info about this later. HINT: Scummy folks lie, especially if they’re trying to sell something.

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Thoughts On Listing Leads

Offrs firmly believes that listing leads— properties for sale by owner (FSBOs), expired listings, and the likes— are superior to buyer leads. They’ve even gone as far as calling buyer leads as worthless straight up, and really no hesi unlike Durant’s pull-up Jimbo.

They suggest that the commission from buyer leads is getting lower and lower, and will likely go away in the future. You can’t say the same on listing leads (according to Offrs, at least).

On their Ultimate Guide To Listing Leads, they outlined the advantages of listing leads over buyer leads. The said advantages are as follows:

  • Higher Gross Commission Income (GCI) compared to buyer leads
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Increased efficiency and targeting (only focus on what matters most)
  • Reduced marketing expenses

Thoughts On Lead Conversion

For Offrs, the most important aspect on converting leads is the speed at which you get to them. In a traditional sense, it’s how homeowners usually go with the agent that knocks on their doors first (hence, the AI, and analytics to determine predictive sellers as mentioned earlier).

You don’t have to literally knock doors anymore given the digital age we’re in, but it’s still critical to be the first to reach out. Offrs’ ISAs do this via calling, texting, and emailing leads promptly and consistently, up to thirty times in the first ninety days.

What Can Offrs Offer?

Territory Builder

Offrs Territory Builder

With Territory Builder, smart data is right at your fingertips. On their website, you can simply search by zip code, and you’ll have lots of info about the homeowners in the area, including the leads generated by Offrs on your behalf.

The smart data is what makes being the first to reach out to leads possible. This is the culmination of Offrs using AI and billions of data points in their processes.

Of course, knowing who’s more likely to make a transaction and are all ears on your proposal as an agent (as pointed by smart data) is obviously better than going in blind.

Lead Feed

With Lead Feed, Offrs assures that they’ll deliver leads every single day. This is with the help of several data providers, aggregated at your convenience.

Lead Capture

As the name implies, Lead Capture is all about capturing leads, and doing it effectively via proven ads and landing pages. This can be supplemented by using social media platforms and email marketing.

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Offrs has two main plans that you can avail in subscriptions, namely Premium Plan and Premium Plan plus ISA.

Premium plan is Offrs’ lead generation only plan that features Lead Feed, a custom Territory Builder, and a Lead Capture page. It also includes an ad budget, although the exact amount is not disclosed on their site.

Meanwhile, Premium Plan plus ISA is Offrs’ lead generation AND lead conversion plan that has the same features as Premium Plan, but with an ISA service. No referral fees are collected after you closed an appointment from this plan.

Speaking of referral fees, if you want a “cheaper” lead generation and lead conversion plan in exchange for 25% referral fees every closing, then you can include ROOF referral program on top of your Premium Plan. ROOF is the lead conversion add-on for the Premium Plan with limited availability.

Is Offrs A Valuable Investment?

The Pricing

Offrs Cost

Offrs provides option to pay either monthly or yearly. For monthly pricing, the Premium Plan costs $799, while the Premium Plan plus ISA cost $1,199. Both includes ten zip codes.

Meanwhile, the yearly pricing costs $2,999 and $4,699 for the Premium Plan and Premium Plan plus ISA, respectively. Just like the monthly pricing, this is good for ten zip codes.

Offrs usually provides discounts for a limited time. For instance, their end-of-year promo sale makes the monthly pricing of the Premium Plan and Premium Plan plus ISA only $499 and $799, respectively.

Their “Lead Guaranty” (no idea if this is a typo or they tryna be cute by combining warranty and guarantee) is getting you at least thirty leads every month. That, or your service area expanded for free.

The Positives

What we like about Offrs are the following:

  • The option to choose either paying a referral fee or a higher subscription fee for the ISA service
  • Very transparent with the pricing figures

The Negatives

On the other hand, what we (and past clients) don’t like about Offrs are as follows:

  • Copy is not-so-informative, and more like a buzzword bonanza
  • No mention of integration with popular CRMs
  • Received complaints about shitty customer service
  • Received complaints about leads being old, fake, and/or inaccurate
  • Received complaints about fraudulent credit charges and refusing to give refunds (e.g., not allowing clients to cancel the subscription)

A Closer Look On The Complaints

Offrs Reviews

The staggering number of people who complained about the quality of leads is the primary reason why we don’t think they use data points, AI, or anything remotely intelligent in generating their leads. Long story short, the leads are far from being predictive sellers nor receptive to hearing from you.

If the info isn’t completely wrong (unreachable, even the names were wrong) or someone else’s neighbor who’s already six feet underground (good luck talking to a pile of bones), they’re grumpy ones who are tired of receiving calls they’re not expecting at all, including yours. As in zero interest in real estate, and are likely just a victim of some data leak.

At best, they leads are old data that Offrs didn’t bother to update. Just a buncha crap, basically.

Offrs is real nasty for that, and they make it much, much worse by doing all the slimy tactics to keep your initial payment. Heck, they even have the audacity to charge you even more!

Zero results, yet they’ll hit you with continuous billing even if they already cut you off from their service. We have no idea how they’re able to use some form of digital contract to refuse everyone from cancelling their subscription when they never upheld their end of the bargain.

Again, it’s not just refund requests, they’re refusing anyone who wants to CANCEL. If not straight-up refusal, they’ll make the cancellation process a very difficult one, far from a single click of a button. Definitely a delaying tactic, so they can keep charging your cards.

They’re the reason we always remind folks to use disposable cards with virtual account numbers, spending limit, and/or expiry on online purchases. Quite frankly, Offrs don’t even deserve this “better be safe” treatment, as they’re the type to “avoid at all cost.”

We don’t see a way how the glowing reviews about this program are real. 68 of them (out of 107 on SiteJabber) were posted within the last twelve months, and appears to be Offrs’ attempt at damage control.

Shit is very suspicious when there are several reviews from supposedly different people used the exact same sentence (e.g., “So much easier than trying to get leads on Facebook or Google.”) in their write-ups. They can’t even plant fake reviews right, goodness gracious.

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Reflecting on the points we made above, we cannot recommend Offrs for both their lead generation and lead conversion service. There’s no reason to pay for leads that are either fake, unlisted, or at best, unmotivated. You won’t even need the ISAs when the leads are that garbo.

They ain’t called lousy, dishonest, SCAM, shister, and all fraud-related words for nothing. Unless you like flushing your money down the drain, stay away from Offrs!

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

Go here to start leasing leads to small business owners and become a digital landlord

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