Offline Sharks Review

Many people have started doing online business in order to add some daily income for themselves and their family, aside from the hustles they earn from their day jobs, of course. There are different kinds of online businesses that you can leverage from – e-commerce, offering digital services of your field of expertise, content creation of the things that you love, online education and affiliate marketing are some of them.

Some found success and started earning little by little from it because they can do minimal advertising and marketing campaigns to introduce their online business from the start, and some didn’t even last a week or two after starting theirs because they haven’t caught up in the ever-evolving evolution of our technology. 

Having someone to guide you in starting your online business and pave your way to success can be a great way to start. Maybe Offline Sharks is your best way to go. Curious about what they have in-line for you? Let’s get you started with my Offline Sharks review below.

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What is Offline Sharks?

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If you’re a digital firm owner trying to advance your business, a freelancer looking to establish a side business, or just someone wishing to work for yourself, Offline Sharks by Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte is an online platform that provides a variety of lead generation training for the likes of you. They are a pioneer in training people in local online marketing. 

Since establishment, they claim to employ the most in-demand marketing consultant local resources possible and have been the largest digital marketing agency up to date that has over 16K members in their private Facebook community.

There are more digital marketing courses in Offline Sharks but before we dive into those courses, let us first have a quick overview of the two lads behind it. You wouldn’t want to have to deal with anyone who has a bad reputation, would you? 

People Behind Offline Sharks

Tom Gaddis

Tom Gaddis

Tom Gaddis is a loving father and husband to his two lovely daughters and a loving wife. Yes, he’s a lovable person. Tom has been hustling to give his whole family a better and stable future ahead. 

He has been a restaurant manager and just like any other successful business owners out there, he doesn’t want to work, kicking his butt off for other people. Tom wants to realize his dream, being a successful self-employed person and give the leisure to his family of having a financially stable life.

He tried local marketing consulting business from scratch, and to no avail, he failed. But it didn’t stop him from achieving his dreams and goals in life. With countless trials and errors, making use of those failures as a stepping stone for the learning process, Tom can be considered one of the most successful people in his chosen industry.

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Nick Ponte

Nick Ponte

Nick Ponte is a mechanic turned marketer. Not an easy transition, but kudos, he got there. Just like Tom, he’s done countless trials and errors before, earning web development, marketing skills and other skill sets in the process.

He has created numerous popular, high-quality websites that use modern digital marketing best practices and now, he’s ready to share his wisdom to young and veteran entrepreneurs wanting to cultivate their businesses.

What’s Inside Offline Sharks

The Shark Alliance/Plus

Shark Alliance Plus

If you’re ready to get serious about creating a six-figure local agency, then you’re in the right place. They claim that Shark Alliance is the best local marketing membership in existence. It provides you with everything you require to collaborate with local businesses and fast-track your success.

You’ll have immediate access to the training, tools, and resources that have been done for you, as well as the one-on-one assistance to help you get started, grow their local agencies and see results . It also provides you with a step-by-step plan that will help you quickly attract clients and grow your business to six figures and beyond. They broke it down to a 12-level progressive curriculum.

All for just a dollar for new members. You just need to complete a form that requires only your full name and email. Succeeding membership costs $47/month.

Shark Alliance Elite

While Shark Alliance/Plus is your starting point, Shark Alliance Elite will be your end game. Once you’ve acquired a stable landing of clients and are ready to grow your revenue and profits to the next level, then this is the place for you.

With the hundreds and thousands of students having success in the Shark Alliance program, they’ve come to the Elite program to get more knowledge from Tom and Nick.

It includes weekly coaching calls with Tom and Nick, where they share the latest working strategies within the agencies they’re working with, and answer all possible questions that you might have. 

You’ll also get access to their entire Shark Alliance Media Library where you’ll have access to videos equivalent to hundreds of hours of training on every section. From building your local agency, to SEO, to prospecting, to sales – everything you need and want to know, their library got you covered.

Another thing is that Offline Sharks has courses and a software vault. It includes dozens of individual paid products that you can acquire through the membership. And it also includes future releases as well. 

Lastly, you’ll have the opportunity to have exclusive guest training with other local marketing experts. 

The Shark Alliance Elite is a monthly-based membership subscription that costs  $197. 

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Remote Millionaires

They believe that they have a tried and tested model, that they’re able to give the exact same replica to their partners, who are also earning significant income from their businesses. 

After purchase, you’ll have immediate access to their partnership portal. And it has 5 stages:

Stage 1: Access to All Deliverables

If you don’t have a website, a company handbook, or any software that can help you build your own agency,  they will provide you with everything that you need to kickstart your online business journey. There’s also a one-on-one jumpstart call to get you all set up. 

Stage 2: How to Hire Your Team

Being left in the old era sure is frustrating. If you don’t know any of the stuff like SEO, marketing, advertising, handling your own website and any techie stuff, Offline Sharks will help you find one that can do all of these things. 

From where to hire, how much to pay for them, what kind of job posting you should make, how to interview, all are compiled in videos made by Nick himself.

Stage 3: Getting Clients

This is what every online business owner struggles about every now and then. They’ll let you into their “free” way of getting clients, where you don’t have to spend any money, have to pay to run ads, and they call it the remote prospecting strategy. 

They also have more advanced strategies, and it is of course achievable by spending some cash. Cash for running ads, they have a surefire way of making those ads reach the intended clients. 

With this, they promise you to have a continuous flow of lead sources to the point that you’ll need to close those ads off to cater the ones who got in. Well, that’s a problem that makes you grin in excitement and happiness that most online business owners want. 

Stage 4: More Life

After achieving the first three stages, they want you to pull out. Pull out from being self-employed to becoming a full-grown business owner. A business that works for you and not done-by-you. It’s all about systemizing the business, making it more stable, and hiring more appropriate people to run your business.

Stage 5: Scaling to Six-Figures and Beyond

Once stage 4 is complete, you need to start thinking about how to scale or how to make more money. You must never be stagnant. Always keep in mind that you already built a running business with the use of a complete, potent method, so why not think of starting a second or a third one?

Aside from these 5 stages, the partnership program also includes weekly live training, where you can ask questions about the things you didn’t understand in the partnership portal or outside of it and a 24/7 support with the use of their slack channel. 

They didn’t indicate if there’s a fixed price for this program, they only require you to schedule a free call to talk about the specifics of the program. Maybe it’s personalized, and differs from person to person. 

Free Resources

They have different sections of blogs to help you learn what and how local marketing works. From reputation marketing, to outsourcing, to search engine optimizations, to PPC (pay-per-click), sample case studies that can leverage what you’ll learn in their paid memberships, shark tips and best practices – all can be read for free.

Shark Bites is like their online diary that has already 213 published issues up to date. They have videos and podcasts, have listed recommended products and services that are a trend in today’s market, recommended readings with regards to these online businesses and hosting free live shows and events every now and then. They’re busybodies, indeed.

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Starting your own online business alone doesn’t give you a higher success rate compared to having someone that teaches you the ropes in doing so. I think that Offline Sharks got what it takes to help and guide you with your online business journey.

They have a lot of free resources to read and watch, free online events that you can join to help you decide whether they can cater to your needs and help you reach the goals that you have in mind.

Before You Leave …

If you’re looking for a real business which can help you make money online, checkout my #1 recommendation. 

This is the BEST business to start right now and it has helped me make $30,931 last month alone.

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