Nour Trades Review

Trading can be viewed as an investment or just a speculative activity for your average joe. In contrast to investors, who often have a longer time horizon and want to accumulate money over time, speculators seek to profit from short-term market changes.

There are dangers involved in all forms of trading. Due to ignorance, irrational choices, and other circumstances, many people have lost money trading. It’s critical for traders to educate themselves on the markets they operate in and to employ reliable risk management techniques.

Nour Atta and Nour Trades claim that they can save you from those risks. How? Continue reading my Nour Trades review.

This One’s Much Better

From New Jersey, Nour Atta is a technical analyst who specializes in long-bias options trading and is the man behind Nour Trades. He set out on his adventure at an early age. Atta was a wall street intern while learning trading in his free time. 

“After returning from New York, I opened a Robinhood brokerage account and funded it with $20,000 that I made from reselling high-fashion clothing”, Atta shares in one of his interviews.

“I worked myself up to $25,000 where I had unlimited trades, and continued trading throughout school.”, he continued.

But that’s just a coincidence. The trades that he made that time are just lucky trades. And with those lucky trade profits, he moved his money to TD Ameritrade Holdings Corp. and shifted his focus to technical analysis.

Being a technical analyst, he became aware of the risks in day trading. “I made a leap forward in my consistency after I placed an increased emphasis on risk mitigation.” he says.

Atta uses the following methods for the technical analysis of price trends. A four-hour chart for trends and one-hour charts for swing entries and exits. Then a 30-minute chart for trends and 5-minute chart for intraday entries and exits. Lastly, moving averages and pivot levels like major support and resistance.

Atta boasts about him having solid risk management methods. “A lot of times you’ll get stuck in profit-taking, so I really stick to technical support, resistance, volume and price action.”, he continued.

He emphasized the significance of establishing risk before entering because of how leveraged and quickly option values can change. He claimed that he would risk less money overall but more in terms of a percentage, possibly up to 35%, if he believed a stock had further to go. 

“Education and mindset are extremely important,” he said, even though his early success was a result of pure luck, Atta claimed that using strong risk management concepts was the only way he was able to succeed.

This One’s Much Better

The website is already gone but he’s still offering his services in Whop, which is “a marketplace for really cool internet products”. You can search for Stock Hours, the name of Nour’s trading service.

Stock Hours give you the privilege to join their community which is a Discord server where they post everything. A Signals Chat Membership that includes Pre-market Trading Ideas which is posted every morning, Entries and Exit Signals Live on voice, lessons hosted 3-5 times a week, a curated option flow and many more for the cost of $199/monthly.

“My aim is to leverage my unique knowledge and success in technical options trading alongside my Series 65 Uniform Investment Adviser certification to help democratize and increase success in the trading space.”

“My goal is not only for me to make money. I want thousands of people to say that they made money with Nour trades,” he said.

One takeaway is that it is virtually impossible for an individual to day trade for a living contrary to what brokerage specialists and course providers often claim. Not unless you have the luck that Atta had when he started trading. But most if not all of the time, day traders are going to lose all of their money, and it’s only a matter of time.

Nour Atta also has been caught using other traders’ trading alerts and passing them off as his own. There are also negative reviews like his videos seem fake and prerecorded or at the very least he’s paper trading and trying to pass it off as real when he got lucky. If these are not enough reasons to stay away, I don’t know what will.

This One’s Much Better