Why Unified Review

The general expansion of e-commerce created an environment that was suitable for dropshipping companies to prosper. Dropshippers discovered a broader customer base as more people started shopping online.

Due to various shifts in trends, successful dropshippers understood the importance of building a distinct brand. This involved creating unique store designs, logos, and providing a consistent customer experience. They also started providing sustainable and ethically sourced goods to appeal to consumers who were becoming more aware of environmental and ethical issues.

It is true that dropshipping is still a profitable business to run but take note that it will not be easy from now on. It now faces challenges such as supersaturation of the market, hence potential supplier issues, and most importantly, the need to deliver quality service to customers to overcome their skepticism.

Can Why Unified offer something unique that will make you stand out from other drop shipping businesses and overcome your skepticisms? Let’s find out.

This One’s Much Better

Why Unified was founded in 2011 by Robert Nikic. It holds the title of the first all-inclusive dropshipping platform that gives entrepreneurs the ability to take a hands-off approach with their online stores backed by selling brand-name products and offering 2-day shipping.

Why Unified is a pioneer in the dropshipping market nowadays”, says Robert. “One of the accomplishments our company has is that we have over 20,000 active users to date. And what that means is that we’ve taken those 20,000 people and turned them into entrepreneurs. That’s the reason why we’re the number one dropshipping platform and one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc Magazine.

How did they do that? Why Unified didn’t just grow over 1300% year after year with just one decision. It’s hundreds of decisions all along the way that really instills growth, and that is something that should be followed”, he continued. Entrepreneurs should not just go ahead and get comfortable. They have a responsibility to their customers. 

Their responsibility is to innovate, to provide solutions and change lives. And you can’t accomplish any of that if you stay in your comfort zone. “We’re looking ahead and just maintain our position as being the market leader of the dropshipping industry. It’s a $2-billion market, and I believe that market is ours, that we do it best.

I’ll just go ahead and influence other entrepreneurs to eliminate that one thing in their heads, that making a sole decision is all it takes to make a successful career. It is not. It takes a cumulative number of decisions to build a multi-million dollar company like ours”, on his stance on what’s next for Why Unified.

What does Why Unified offer? They are the ones who will open up your dropshipping store. The picking,  promoting, selling, delivering and even the customer service is being handled by them. Your only work is to talk to them for the first time and tell them what you prefer for your store.

You’ll be the one to pick up  your desired niche. You don’t have to do anything after that. Just keep track of your store from time to time to see if there is any progress. And after you become successful on your first store, you can add multiple revenue streams to diversify your portfolio as your business grows.

This One’s Much Better

But I’m hearing a lot of buzz concerning how “Why Unified works with their clients. There is one that claims that there is a lack of fulfillment from the promises made when he made his first contact with Why Unified, resulting in no earnings. 

Another one’s worst. He called it a fraud business because they make clones of the same sites for advertisements. Another one second the motion, where he found three exact same copies of his. He lost all of his investments for the company and just requested for a cancellation of membership.

Their market plan seems to be generic, also. And some users are complaining why it takes weeks just to send something that has already been used before. That’s also a delay on the deployment of your store. They will cost you $600+ for your upfront store depending on the niche you chose and then another charge of $20/day for advertisements. They’re just racking up money from people.

Like I said earlier, the market is already saturated as it is, and the profit margin seems to get thinner and thinner each day. I don’t think there’s still hope in achieving success in the dropshipping business if you’re as late as today.

This One’s Much Better