NextGen Strategic Investments Reviews

Today, we are going to talk about NextGen Strategic Invesments. Is it legit? Let’s find out in this review of NextGen Strategic Investments.

So many people have taken an interest in the world of ecommerce. With millions of consumers buying products primarily online, it sort of makes to try and be the one to sell products to them. It is easier said than done, as with most things are.

There are a ton of different companies that offer their own services for those that want to get into this particular niche. Some offer training programs that show you exactly what you should know about starting your own ecommerce business. While others offer done-for-you services where they mostly do the grunt work of running said businesses.

A lot of people often become interested in these done-for-you services because it takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation. You invest money into this particular venture, and all you have to do is wait for the profits to roll in. That’s what drives a lot of people’s interest into this particular service.

Many individuals have staked their claim into providing such services. One that I have recently stumbled upon is NextGen Strategic Investments. But is their particular service worth the trouble? Or are you better off spending your money else?

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Who Are The Founders of NextGen Strategic Investments?

Ignacio Saenz Lancuba (middle) with NextGen Strategic Investments co-founders Pedro Sebasco (left) and Earl Elton Browne (right)

There is very little that is available with regards to the founders of NextGen Strategic Investments. From what I was able to find out there, three names popped out: Pedro Sebasco, Earl Elton Browne, and Ignacio Saenz Lancuba. Those particular names were included in a press release that I was able to find Yahoo! Finance out of all places.

Most of what was in the press release pertained to Ignacio specifically. Before he partnered with Pedro Sebasco and Earl Eltone Browne, who goes by Elton Browne in certain cases, Ignacio was a professional rugby player. From what I could find, Ignacio played professionally for about six seasons. His first three was for the Argentinian rugby union Club San Cirano. The next two were for the Jersey Reds. And his final season was with the Ealing Trailfinders.

So when Ignacio had retired from playing the sport profesionally, he decided that he wanted to go and start his own business. This kind of decision wasn’t just by happenstance. He was inspired by some of his family members who were entrepreneurs. It did seem that when he was a bit younger, he tried to involve himself with his family’s business. So him doing so after retiring didn’t come as much as a surprise.

Apparently, Ignacio was able to start a couple of different businesses. Based on what he said in the press release, he runs an automotive spare parts factory and a finance company. He also invests in real estate. What’s interesting is that the automative spare parts thing is actually true. Ignacio was named the owner of Saenz Performance around the time that he had retired from rugby.

What About Pedro Sebasco and Earl Elton Browne?

Even though Ignacio Saenz Lancuba was referred to as one of the business partners that run NextGen Strategic Investments, he is not one of the main founders of the company. That goes to Pedro Sebasco and Earl Elton Browne. An archived version of the NextGen Strategic Investments website refers to them as such.

Pedro Sebasco was apparently a senior sales executive before co-founding NextGen Strategic Investments. He had a bit of experience when it comes to ecommerce when he decided to partner with Earl Elton Browne. At the time of writing, Pedro is currently running his own automotive brokerage firm as well as his own wholesale watch dealership. He is pretty active on Instagram.

Earl Elton Browne, on the other hand, previously had experience working in the aviation industry. He had served managerial roles for a couple of different companies. The last being executive mananger for an airline company. Aside from that, he also dabbled as a real estate investor.

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An Overview of NextGen Strategic Investments

The logo for NextGen Strategic Investments

Unfortunately, NextGen Strategic Investments is no longer in operation. If you search for the name of the company, the topmost result that you will get is the link to the company’s website. But when you click on it, it will only lead you to a page that says that the domain is available for sale.

I was lucky enough to find an archived version of their website. From what I could tell, the company was still in operation in early 2023. But they eventually shut down somewhere along the line. It might have to do with a complaint that was filed against NextGen Strategic Investments, Pedro Sebasco and Earl Elton Browne for a breach of contract in May 2023.

Based on the website, the “strategic investment” that they refer to in their name is an automated Amazon storefront. This particular business model has been a thing for a while now. I have written quite a number of reviews for similar companies that offer such a service.

When they say “automated storefront,” what they often refer to is the business model wherein a company like NextGen Strategic Investments handles the management of an Amazon storefront under your name. A lot of the business details are tied to you. But you are not putting in any of the work that is often required when it comes to running an ecommerce business.

The process of partnering with NextGen Strategic Investments is fairly straightforward. You will first have to schedule an introductory call with their team through their website. Once they’ve considered you a good fit to be a partner, you will then pay the investment fee that they may charge you. (More on that in a little bit.)

After that, there’s not really much else that you have to do. They may ask for any proof of identification and other documents, as they are submitting an application under your name. Once everything is worked out, the storefront will be launched and the team at NextGen Strategic Investments will start selling products. All you have to do is to wait for the profits to come in.

How Much Does It Cost?

NextGen Strategic Investments offers three different tiers to choose from.

The cheapest of the three is the Gold plan which costs a one-time fee worth $25,000. They do point out that the profit split between you and the NextGen Strategic Investments is 60/40. There isn’t really much else that is notable about this particular tier.

The second tier is the Plantinum plan which costs a one-time fee worth $35,000. Compared to the profit split in the Gold plan, the profit split between you and NextGenStrategic Investments is 70/30. Besides the higher profit split, there isn’t much else included with this plan.

The most expensive tier is the Platinum Combo plan which costs a one-time fee worth $60,000. Apparently, you get two storefronts for this particular plan. But it is only a limited time offer. The profit split is retained at 70/30. But you do get 100% of the commissions from the first three invoices.

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Is NextGen Strategic Investments Legit?

It is safe to say that NextGen Strategic Investments is not legitimate. With all of the legal complaints that were filed against them, it’s no wonder that the company is no longer operating. Although, it does seem that the founders of the company, Pedro Sebasco specifically, are still doing business elsewhere. But, they are no longer trying to offer a pretty half-assed ecommerce service.

Ecommerce is a very difficult industry to get into nowadays largely due to the amount of competition that is out there. Moreso if you choose to run a storefront within the larger Amazon ecosystem. A lot of other sellers are likely using the same tactics that NextGen Strategic Investments was using prior to its shutting down.

Investing in a business can be a good idea if you trust the people who will be running that business. Even though what they were offering was a fairly straightforward business model, there is no guarantee that you would have had a consistent profit every month. As I have said, there are a lot of people competing to sell the same products on Amazon. And there’s going to be a point where dropping your prices every so often isn’t worth the time.

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This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone. (*And sky’s the limit.*)

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