New Skills Academy Review

Online learning platforms can be dated back as far as the early ‘60s where early experiments with computer-assisted instructions (CAIs) and computer-based training (CBTs) were being conducted.

The expansion of online learning platforms has been facilitated by advances in technology, increased internet connectivity, and shifting perceptions of online education during the past decades. Just to give you examples, Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy are some of the online learning platforms that gained attention during the past years.

Especially when the covid-19 pandemic hit our world, everything became digital. A virus can’t stop people from learning, that’s why every school and university tried to adapt and enhance the online learning way so that the children won’t get left behind. 

New Skills Academy is also a tutorial/learning platform just like the ones mentioned earlier, and they offer a wide range of online courses.

This One’s Much Better

From retail banking, to dog grooming, baking, name it and the New Skills Academy have the tools you need to know everything that you wanted to learn in your chosen profession. They’ve recorded more than 1200 courses, 9000 lessons and one million students, and are still counting.”

The levels of our courses are based on the content and how much knowledge a student can gain from the course. For instance, some of our courses are beginner, intermediate and advanced, others are assessed by levels.

Our courses are provided to introduce the student to the subject and to help them increase their confidence and develop the skills needed to go on to apply for a job in their chosen field, or to take the subject at college.

Our students are aware that these are online courses only and therefore we do not offer any qualification which involves practical or classroom based study.

There are many online course providers offering similar courses to us, but we have received many awards for our courses and hope that this assists our students when they are choosing their course provider.”, says their owner, Chris Morgan. 

What’s even better is that New Skills Academy preach freedom to study. They believe that an award-winning company would accept nothing less and take great satisfaction in giving its students the freedom to study whenever and wherever they want.

So what they do is like enrolling in a crash course, but online. They give ideas and introductions to any profession listed in their curriculum for students who will enroll to have a broader understanding of what they want to pursue in life. If it’s not to their liking, they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

You will have a personal login area with a list of the courses you are currently taking once you have selected and paid for your course. Each course’s number of modules is listed, and the top of every module includes an estimate of how long it will take you to finish it. 

As you read, you can also choose to make notes. There was an assignment with a few questions at the end of some of their modules. This could be downloaded in Word or PDF format. Some modules have the answer keys at the bottom part of it so don’t get tempted to look at it because you enrolling will serve no purpose if you cheat.

Yes you will have certification once you finish your enrolled course, but take note that it is not equivalent to a bachelor’s degree offered by universities.

This One’s Much Better

While this is this, and that is that, a misleading job advert targeting prospective teaching assistants has been removed by New Skills Academy after pressure from Schools Week. 

They’re using The Guardian’s popular jobs website to advertise a teaching assistant diploma. The description claimed that to secure a job as a TA, applicants must be qualified to a certain standard.

To start a career as a teaching assistant you need to be qualified to a certain standard to be considered for the position, we can train you for as little as £40 so you can pursue your new exciting, rewarding career.” The part where we can train you etc has been hastily removed.

It was due to the mistake that looks like it has been oversighted by a member of staff who posts the course adverts. Anyone who felt misled were immediately offered refunds.

Ian Mcclelland, the new CEO of New Skills Academy was also the founding CEO of Guardian Australia five years ago. There seems to be some connection here. 

This One’s Much Better