NeuroGym Review

NeuroGym is a company that was created by John Assaraf. Does the name ring a bell? Well, he’s just the man that you might have seen on the documentary called “The Secret”, which focused on the law of attraction and positive thinking. And he gained widespread recognition through this show.

You’re probably thinking what NeuroGym is all about. The company is a combination of the fields in cognitive neurosciences, behavioral psychology, evident-based techniques together with other tools and technologies to help people do mental and emotional exercises that they call Innercise

It is all about changing the mindset. From birth to death, our brain will process more events than there are stars in the universe. That’s why it’s called the “central processing unit” of our body. Each experience in our lifetime will be imprinted to our brain, including habits and beliefs that might hinder us from trying new things, a “trauma” if one might say.

This One’s Much Better

In the same aspect, we can also change these habits and beliefs and make it into our strength. NeuroGym’s Innercising methods can help you adapt to new beliefs and help you solve old problems rapidly and effectively. 

He started with this. “I want to talk to you a little bit about motivation. How to keep this motivation part of your brain activated so that you take action every single day. “

Which big idea or goal do you think your brain is going to respond to the most?” He asked, but with a follow-up “The answer is this”.

The one that has the deepest meaning, purpose and value to you. And these things are your biggest WHYs. It is shaped by the newest evolutionary structures in your brain that are called your insula and the anterior cingulate part of your brain”.

These different parts of your brain are really something that place a neurological value on every idea you have. And the more important the idea feels to you, the more your brain will be motivated to turn that idea or goal or dream into a reality”.

Things like meditation, self-reflection and mindfulness stimulate this specific circuit in your brain and the more you discover and find your big WHY and really fill it with more purpose and meaning of why you wanted to achieve your goal”.

After that, you’ll be able to be more calm, clear, make less mistakes and most importantly, you have the motivation (the motive of action) to take the necessary steps to move you from idea or emotion to focusing on the goals and dreams you have”. 

Have a goal, then work at a deeper level of finding the intrinsic social, moral or personal reason why you must achieve that goal”. A very interesting talk, ain’t it?

It is just a two-minute video that I’ve summarized just for you. This is just an example of the things that are inside the programs of NeuroGym and what it can do for you. An eye-opening discussion that will help you set your goals straight and aligned to what you are wanting to become.

This One’s Much Better

There are multiple programs available in NeuroGym and each program tackles different areas that your life might need help with. There’s Winning The Game of Money, Winning the Game of Procrastination, Winning the Game of Fear, Winning the Game of Weight Loss, Winning the Game of Business, 7 days to a Millionaire Mindset and Having It All.+

They also offer a free online event named Brain-A-Thon, which focuses on the power of the brain and how individuals can rewire their minds for success. We can call this event the introduction to all of their programs offered, and it is 6-7 hours long of listening to John and invited guests in the field of neurosciences. 

And this is for guarantee. At least they are clear that the programs offered in NeuroGym are not get rich fast programs. Every program needs time allotment and dedication since it’s a step-by-step process, no skips, no pause no nothing. They also offer a 30-day refund if you think that the program you avail is not for you. 

And these programs are self-help programs that tackle mindset, goal settings and such. There is no business model in NeuroGym. After setting your goal straight, what is next? If you’re new to business and such, you’ll still be stumbling across a big wall. At the very least, you have taken your first step into your own journey to success.

This One’s Much Better