Natalie Hodson Review

If you are trying to find a way to build an online business, you might have heard of Natalie Hodson. As an online business coach, she claims to have the know-how in building one by selling digital products.

She has built a massive following through sharing easy-to-cook recipes, workout guides, and helpful insights on managing an online business. As of the time of writing this, she has 461k likes on Facebook, and 86k followers on Instagram.

In this review, we will look into the journey of Natalie Hodson as she transformed her dream into a highly profitable online business.

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Who is Natalie Hodson?

Natalie Hodson is a stay-at-home single mom turned mompreneur and online business coach with a focus on digital products.

She started a small blog site after gaining weight from having her kid. Back then, blogging is her way to motivate herself to eat right, exercise properly, and get back to her pre-pregnancy figure.

Natalie Hodson Pregnant

She did not anticipate the huge amount of traffic she would get from Pinterest, which is around 30k people a month. Since getting that much traffic, she thought to herself that she might as well monetize it.

Natalie Hodson’s Business Journey

After getting certified as a personal trainer, Natalie Hodson decided to start writing some e-books. This includes 10-Day Training at Home program and 12-week Gym Training program.

Her digital products sold well. She realized that people simply wanted to buy something from her.

Shen then continued writing more on topics she is passionate about. One topic she is interested in particular is showing the real, unfiltered changes that happen after pregnancy.

Nobody seems to talk about it before. This is why it is not surprising that her video showing her post-pregnancy abs went viral back then.

Eventually, she shifted her focus to making an impact in the business space. She was determined to show how one’s passion can be used to build a thriving business online.

Throughout her journey, she is able to build a huge following on Facebook and Instagram. She has done it without spending a single dime on Facebook ads or any paid service.

Natalie Hodson Facebook Account

Generally speaking, she loves helping people and just putting helpful info out there. She claims that around eighty percent of her content is free.

But as a single mom of two, she still has to earn money for a living. Thanks to her e-books that sold for millions of dollars, she is able to provide for her kids.

To share her business know-how, she puts up several courses on how to start an online business. With her guidance, she believes that everyone can achieve success and feel independent, just like her.

In the said courses, she will reveal her own business journey, which includes ups, downs, and even plateaus. With her being transparent, you will learn what you should do in starting your own business, and what you should not do.

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Natalie Hodson’s Courses

Natalie Hodson’s signature course is Peak Business Academy. Besides the said course, Natalie Hodson has other offers to get you started with your online business journey. They include:

Base Camp

Base Camp is a fourteen-day beginner course that focuses on the mindset you need to have as an aspiring entrepreneur. With Base Camp, you will get assurance that your talent and passion is worth turning into a money-making, digital product.

5-Day ‘Discover Your Digital Product’ Challenge

The said challenge is a free offer from Natalie Hodson about creating your own digital product. Here, she will refine your niche, reveal how to build an audience even without a huge social media following, and show how to connect with the said audience with your own story.

21-Day ‘Find Your Compass’ Challenge

21-Day ‘Find Your Compass’ Challenge is all about dismissing the negative thoughts that might be stopping you from pursuing your business goals. If you need help in getting yourself unstuck and reshaping your story, this challenge is for you.

Fast Path

Fast Path is a live four-week intensive course intended to show how to create your products and get it online fast. It is a companion course offered with Peak Business Academy.

Elevation Mastermind

Elevation Mastermind is an 8-week course with a focus on streamlining systems, automating processes, and tracking metrics in order to rapidly grow and scale your business. This is only open to students of Peak Business

What is Natalie Hodson’s Peak Business Academy Course?

Peal Business Academy Course Homepage

Peak Business Academy is a proven step-by-step program made by Natalie Hodson in starting a successful business in selling digital products like e-books and courses. Everything you need to know as an aspiring digital entrepreneur will be covered here— from finding your niche, creating your first digital product, to building a reputable brand.

Who Is This Course For?

The Peak Business Academy by Natalie Hodson is ideal for those who want to turn their passion, hobbies, and personal experiences into money-making digital products. If you are looking for a legitimate way to make money from home, this course will show you how.

This is also for those who are tired of traditional 9 to 5, and wants something where they have more control of their income.

If you want to avoid mistakes in building your own business and do not have time to read through the info scattered all over the internet, then this might be a worthy investment for you.

What Will You Learn In This Course?

Here in Peak Business Academy by Natalie Hodson, you will learn the best mindset to have as an aspiring entrepreneur. This includes how to navigate the emotional roller coaster of owning a business, how to dismiss the fear of failure, and how to deal with haters.

In addition, you will figure out what to sell online, and how to sell it fast. There will be proven strategies to leverage social media to build your brand and drive more sales.

If you have questions on how to write and publish an e-book, how to create an online course, and how to set up your website, the comprehensive course have that covered.

What Are Included In This Course?

Peak Business Academy Course Inclusion

In Peak Business Academy by Natalie Hodson, you will get access to resources that will serve as guidance in monetizing your passion, hobbies, and personal experiences. They are as follows:

Lifetime Access to Natalie Hodson’s Peak Method

In this six-week step-by-step guide, Natalie Hodson will reveal the exact method she used in building her own highly profitable online business. This also includes tons of videos, cheat sheets, and templates.

Access to an Exclusive Private Facebook Group

The group is a safe online space where you can ask questions, attend live group coaching calls, and get additional support from Natalie Hodson and her team. This is also a space where you can discuss with your fellow students and celebrate your success with them.

Access To Base Camp

As mentioned earlier, Base Camp is a fourteen-day business mindset course. While you have the option to buy this separately for $37, it will be complimentary if you order Peak Business Academy.

Secret Pinterest Process

Remember how Natalie Hodson achieve her big break from getting traffic from Pinterest? She and her team continued tinkering with the said platform in hopes of cracking the code.

They were successful and were able to determine how to get one, two million unique impressions monthly from Pinterest. How they did it without paying for any paid ads will be revealed here.

Influencer Pitch Template

If you do not have a huge following, reaching out to those who do is important. This template will allow you to get influencers to notice you and get them to promote your products.

Natalie Hodson’s Share Funnels

To accommodate those who have no idea to get a website up, Natalie Hodson shares some of her best-performing share funnels. All you have to do is copy and paste— no need to be “techy” at all.

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How Much Does Peak Business Academy Cost?

Natalie Hodson’s Peak Business Academy costs $1,997. From our intensive research, we have not found any coupon codes or ways to get a discount.

What Are The Pros of Peak Business Academy?

Legitimate Mentor

From what we have gathered, Natalie Hodson is a genuine mentor who is knowledgeable in creating profitable digital products. Her students love her business acumen, her sincerity, and her very personal, dorky approach in teaching her methods.

Comprehensive Course For Beginners

If you are looking for a course that will show you the process in creating and selling digital products from A to Z, then Peak Business Academy is made for you. If you have more questions, Natalie can answer in the course’s regular live group coaching calls.

What Are The Cons of Peak Business Academy?

Limited Refund Policy

The money-back guarantee here is only valid for fourteen days. If you found yourself unsatisfied with the course yet unable to email your refund request within fourteen days of purchasing, you will not be granted a refund.

Controversies Surrounding Natalie Hodson

While it is true that Natalie Hodson knows a lot about building an online business, she does not possess the same level of wisdom when it comes to being a responsible driver.

Her alleged drunk driving resulted in the loss of a woman’s life, Kristina Rowley, who was merely inspecting the trailer attached to her pickup truck. To make the matters worst, Natalie did not bother to help and continued driving to flee the scene.

She is charged with two felonies— vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run— which she both pleaded not guilty. Her trial is scheduled to begin in October this year.

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In conclusion, Natalie Hodson is knowledgeable in building an online business from selling digital products like e-books and courses.

Her success is featured in one of ClickFunnels’ case studies. Russell Brunson, founder of the said popular funnels builder, lauded her as very authentic and someone who is quickly becoming a household name.

However, you should be aware that she is awaiting trial for her role in the fatal crash that killed a woman. Several news reports mentioned that she was allegedly driving under the influence during the incident.

If found guilty, she might face twenty years in prison.

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