My Investing Club Review

My Investing Club Review

Ever heard of My Investing Club? It is a cool spot for folks keen on mastering stock trading.

They are all about breaking down trading strategies and managing risks daily. What sets them apart is how they value personal connections. Their members can chat privately with seasoned moderators in their buzzing chat room and even schedule one on one phone calls. It doesn’t matter if you are new or seasoned in trading; they are here to assist everyone.

Their aim is to steer you towards success on your trading journey. Keep in mind, having a mentor is crucial for trading triumphs.

Interested in finding out if this is worth exploring? Keep reading to find out more!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with My Investing Club in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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The Founders

Alex Temiz

My Investing Club Review

Alex is a rock star in the financial world with years of hands-on experience that honed his skills. He has a deep understanding of how markets work and an expert when it comes to maneuvering through the Stock Market, diving into Stock Trading, dissecting both Technical and Fundamental Analysis, and skillfully handling Financial Risk Management. His proficiency in these areas is unmatched, showcasing an adept understanding of market intricacies, chart patterns, company fundamentals, and effectively managing risks associated with financial activities

His impressive track record says it all about how good he is in the complex world of finance.

His Finance background from Ramapo College of New Jersey really sets him up for nailing strategic business development. With that education under his belt, he has got the inside scoop on financial principles and strategies, which totally amps up his ability to grow businesses. This background gives him the smarts to analyze market trends, make savvy decisions, and craft killer business plans that push for success and long-term growth.

Bao Nguyen

My Investing Club Review

Bao is a seasoned trader with loads of experience in the trading world and is one of the founders of My Investing Club. Being a co-founder, he brings a ton of expertise gathered over years of getting hands on in the trading scene. His awesome ideas and deep understanding of how markets work have really shaped My Investing Club into the success it is today.

He has made his fortune by playing it smart, shorting those low float stocks like a pro. No doubt, he is known as one of the best in the business when it comes to mastering this trading move. His awesome skills, sharp market smarts, and a winning track record put him right up there among the top dogs in this particular trading game.


Bao and Alex put in a solid 15 years trying and learning in the trading world, dealing with all sorts of challenges and losing loads of cash (which they humorously call their “tuition fee” to the market). They did not have a mentor guiding them along the way; it was all trial and error. During those years, they faced tons of ups and downs, saw the market go crazy, and tried out different strategies until they finally figured out a way that worked consistently and got them to success. This tough journey taught them tons and gave them a deep understanding of how trading works, letting them pave their own way to consistency without anyone else’s help.

My Investing Club

My Investing Club Review

My Investing Club offers comprehensive mentoring to students who wants to master the art of day trading. Through a dynamic approach that includes live trading sessions, personalized interactions, and courses taught by consistently profitable traders, they provide an immersive learning experience.

In their community, they are all about that personal touch, custom advice, bouncing ideas around, and swapping insights. Plus, they give their members a chance to hop on phone calls with their team, diving deep into their trading strategies, key indicators, must-watch levels, and most importantly, how to step up their game for the next trade. These talks are not just about ideas; they are about fine-tuning skills, grabbing fresh perspectives, and always growing to be sharper traders.

Their aim is to equip individuals with the necessary tools, strategies, and insights needed to navigate the world of day trading successfully. Whether it is hands on live sessions, tailored one on one guidance, or structured courses taught by seasoned traders, they are committed to empowering their students to thrive in the realm of day trading.

They make sure to give a good run-through of different strategies, break down various setups, and highlight the super important part: managing risk. Their style is all about simplifying these bits, giving detailed explanations that really help their members catch onto the finer points and complexities.

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How it works

They guide students in the art of day trading through live trading sessions, personalized one-on-one sessions, and courses led by traders who consistently generate profits.

Their courses have got you covered from the ABCs to the ninja-level techniques, making it a breeze for beginners to kickstart their trading journey with confidence. Students may dive into two important day trading strategies: scalping and swing trading. Whether you are all about the lightning-fast action of scalping or prefer the smart moves of swing trading, their lessons pack in all the must-know stuff and advanced tips to nail these strategies.


My Investing Club Jumpstart Accelerator ($249):

The MIC Jumpstart Accelerator is an awesome 7+ hour, 4-part series — a unique, step by step trading course jam packed with everything you need. It is filled with educational content that takes you from zero knowledge about day trading stocks to becoming a savvy, independent day trader. In just 7 hours, you will learn to spot your own stocks, create your plans, and make your moves in the stock market all on your own.

Mentorship Plans:

The two mentorship plans listed on the website are Gold and Platinum. However, the exact price was for both were not mentioned. 

Gold Club Membership

  • Step By Step Video Lesson Library
  • Access To Our Trading Chatroom
  • Live Trading
  • Accelerator Course ($997 Value) 
  • Daily Watch Lists
  • 1 on 1 Mentorship
  • Full-Time Access to Alex, Bao & MIC Moderators
  • Weekly Trade Recaps
  • Small Cap Runner Strategies
  • Large Cap & Options Strategies
  • Swing Trading Strategies
  • Paper Trading Simulated Demo Account
  • Mobile App

Platinum Club Membership (By Application Only)

Everything in Gold Club Membership, plus…

  • Monthly Training Webinars with Alex
  • VIP Access At Meetups and Events
  • Private Platinum Members Only Channel in their Chat Room
  • Platinum Member Only Access to Alex’s Live Trade Recordings

Research suggests that an annual membership at My Investment Club costs $3,995, while a lifetime membership is priced at $15,000. However, it’s not clearly mentioned whether these prices cover the mentorship program.

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Pros and Cons


Three experienced day trading experts joined forces to create the Investing Club. They combined their knowledge and experiences to build a platform for aspiring traders, aiming to provide valuable guidance and strategies for success in the trading world. 

In addition, these founders hit the jackpot with their day trading skills, raking in millions through their success. Each of the founders is a total pro in their own area, showing off impressive skills and achievements in day trading. Their expertise and accomplishments are a big part of why the Investing Club is so successful and respected.

Their moderators are there to help whenever you need them in their chat room, which has your back all day, every day, ensuring you get quick and reliable support. Whether it is advice, questions, or needing guidance. They are always on the ball to make sure you receive the assistance you need.


At first peek, those basic course and membership fees might seem kind of expensive. When you first check them out, they look higher than what you might find elsewhere. The money you got to put down right at the start for their basic course and membership can feel pretty steep, making some people pause or think twice before diving in because it seems like a big financial commitment.

Getting started in the financial markets requires a pretty hefty sum of money upfront. You can’t just dip your toes in; you have got to dive in with a significant amount of capital. The initial investment needed to kick off trading in these markets is not small change – you’ve got to come in with a decent amount of cash to even get started.

Additionally, engaging in day trading poses substantial risks, especially for those new to the game.

The breakneck speed at which day trading operates can be overwhelming. The market’s constantly shifting and unpredictable nature adds another layer of uncertainty, making it a turbulent and challenging experience. For beginners stepping into this arena. The fast-paced nature of day trading, combined with the market’s volatility, can lead to a rollercoaster ride filled with highs and lows that can leave newcomers feeling disoriented and stressed.


Taking on trading in financial markets involves thinking it through, considering the big bucks you will have to shell out for courses, fees, and the hefty starting cash you need. The crazy high cost can be pretty scary and it is important to balance what you could gain against the risks and money you are putting in.

Day trading might promise big returns, but it is like riding a wild rollercoaster, especially for newbies. It is super risky and can leave you feeling stressed and all over the place.

So, whether it is worth diving into this world really depends on how much risk you can handle, how much money you have got, and if you are ready to tackle the challenges and unknowns of the financial markets. Doing your homework, learning the ropes, and understanding the risks are key before deciding if the potential rewards are worth the big costs and risks involved.