Ben Muresan Review

No matter where you begin in life, where you finish up is ultimately up to you. By virtue of his parents’ unwavering faith, Beniamin (Ben) Muresan, who was born in the communist nation of Romania, was able to flee oppression, become a refugee, and eventually make it to Canada where he realized his big dream ever since he’s a boy.

Ben dreamt of building an empire with the goal to motivate, entertain and invest in other people. He learnt his values of love for people and unrelenting drive from his parents, who juggled several jobs to provide for their growing family. And these values have shaped his view of the world and his own ambition.

He’s now a real estate guru, a motivational speaker and an award-winning author with his two books Communism to Capitalism and Real Estate Secrets Exposed: The Truth about Canadian Wholesaling.

But what challenges did he take before he achieved everything that he has now? Learn more on my review below.

This One’s Much Better

After coming to Canada, Ben grew up quickly to help manage the household. Even though they didn’t have a luxury growing up, he wouldn’t trade his upbringing for anything. Eventually, they had a stable household, his father being a pastor at a church while his mother being a restaurant owner.

Honestly, I spent years living as a fake version of myself because I didn’t have the courage to live in my truth.” says Ben Muresan. Starting like a real motivational speaker, ain’t he? Then he follows it with “I came to the realization that no one cares if I make something of myself or not, I am the only person it matters to.”

If we’re generally speaking, what he’s saying is false. Why? Ben Muresan is a family guy, with a family of 11 to be exact, and he’s the oldest of the nine children. For everything he does and will be doing, someone will always care, at the least his family does.

In line with his speech, Ben’s mindset is to keep on challenging himself, always thinking of “what’s next” to be able to grow more. “I could either keep playing small and copying everyone else or, I could be bold, unafraid and push for massive purposes”, he said.

Once I started to live life on my own terms, everything has changed. I no longer give a sh*t on what people think, I create more abundance in my life everyday, I have better relationships with people and I have complete time and money freedom”, he continued.

That’s when he established his overall brand named The Humble CEO. You’ll see everything about Ben on this website, his background, passion for music, uploaded podcasts and a line of his personal merchandise with the logo “Humble” on it. There’s nothing humble in it if you’re wearing something with the word “humble” in big crowds, but why not? Like he said earlier, he doesn’t give a sh*t.  

And even though there’s nothing mentioned about his real estate journey, Ben is a co-founder of an Ontario-based real estate education company called CashFlow Tribe. All courses and memberships concerning real estate are all available on the CashFlow Tribe’s website.

This One’s Much Better

CashFlow Tribe offers you their on-demand library of courses covering real estate investing, side hustles, business-building and growth mindset. All of these will help you eventually attain financial freedom, so they claim. And it’s not mandatory, you can learn it at your own pace.

For only $29, you’ll have access to the full on-demand real estate course library that they made, receive invitations for upcoming expert-led training and networking sessions and a complete set of powerful tools and real estate investing resources. If you’re thinking it’s cheap, wait for the high-ticket courses that they will offer you after all these. I think I’ve read somewhere that the lowest is a whopping sixty grand. So good luck.

Ben also wrote a guide book Real Estate Secrets Exposed: The Truth about Canadian Wholesaling.I wrote this book to help Canadians understand the ins and outs of a popular real estate investing strategy known as wholesaling.”, says Ben. How does Canadian wholesaling differ from any other countries that do the same? I really can’t tell because all I know is that wholesaling is just the same in any part of the world.

That’s the only thing that piqued my interest, nothing else. In my opinion, you can just skip this guy on your list of wanting to learn about real estate investing.

This One’s Much Better