Mosh Hamedani Review

Mosh Hamedani Review

In the swiftly changing realm of technology and programming, the demand for comprehensive and effective learning resources has never been higher. Mosh Hamedani, a seasoned software engineer turned online instructor, has emerged as a prominent figure in the educational sphere. With an extensive library of courses and a thriving YouTube channel, Mosh aims to make learning software engineering as accessible as possible.

Code with Mosh online school can be a valuable resource for practical coding skills, especially for those looking to enter the workforce quickly but, the question is if it is better than traditional college schools? Can it really outshine the conventional juggernauts of traditional college education? Let’s unravel this intriguing comparison and explore the true worth of Code with Mosh in the realm of tech education.

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Who is Mosh Hamedani?

Mosh Hamedani Review

Mosh is a software engineer with a background in software engineering, having studied the Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering in the year 2000. His initial inspiration for entering the programming world came from his childhood experiences with a Commodore 64, where he played video games and aspired to become a programmer to create his own games.

However, the game industry in Iran was not as prominent at the time, and Mosh transitioned to web development as the internet industry began to emerge. Mosh’s early experiences involved working with technologies like CGI and classic ASP.


After gaining industry experience, around the year 2015, he ventured into online teaching as a side hustle initially to generate extra income aiming to earn just an extra $500 while working as a full-time software engineer, he created a YouTube channel named “Programming with Mosh” with almost half a million subscribers at that time, a blog with the same name, and a coding school at Code with Mosh. His online teaching covers a range of programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, C#, and more. Despite initial challenges and courses that did not perform well financially, Mosh persisted and found success by identifying demand for specific courses, such as those focusing on Backbone.js.

Eventually, he transitioned to working for himself, leveraging his savings when he decided to quit his job and dedicating his time to creating courses.

In addition to his teaching activities, Mosh is critical of traditional university education, expressing concerns about its relevance to the rapidly changing field of software engineering. He emphasizes the importance of practical, up-to-date skills such as programming languages, data structures, algorithms, and version control systems like Git. Mosh encourages aspiring software engineers to explore alternative paths, leveraging the abundance of online resources and courses available at a fraction of the cost of traditional university education.

Mosh Hamedani Review

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What is Code with Mosh?

Code with Mosh is a coding school founded by Mosh Hamedani, offering an extensive range of over 60 courses designed to equip individuals with practical programming skills. These courses cover a diverse array of topics, including popular programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, and C#. Mosh focuses on real-world applications, ensuring that learners acquire skills directly applicable to the industry.

The online school provides a platform where learners can purchase and complete courses, earning “certificates of completion” upon finishing. These certificates can be added to resumes, potentially enhancing the chances of being hired. The courses are designed to be practical and hands-on, offering real-world projects and applications to reinforce learning.

The course catalog is extensive, covering a variety of programming languages and frameworks. Some notable offerings include “The Ultimate Next.js Series” for building full-stack applications with Next.js and TypeScript, “Complete Python Mastery” with hands-on projects, and “Mastering React 16” to stay ahead in building fast and interactive web apps. Moreover, specialized series like “The Ultimate Design Pattern Series” and “Mastering Design Patterns” delve into writing maintainable and extensible code.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the fundamentals or an experienced developer aiming to master advanced techniques, Code with Mosh caters to a wide audience. The courses span a multitude of skill levels, ensuring that learners can progress from foundational knowledge to advanced topics.

Code with Mosh emphasizes the practical aspects of programming, providing courses on essential tools like Git and GitHub, database management with MySQL and MongoDB, and unit testing for C# developers. Additionally, the school addresses specific frameworks, such as React Native and Angular, enabling learners to build professional-quality mobile and web applications.

Is it Worth it?


Code with Mosh offers an “All-Access-Subscription” for all existing and future courses for $29 per month. Occasionally, they provide promotions like their recent post on their Facebook page offering a half price Annual plan for just $124. The plan include access to all their currently available courses and upcoming releases next year.

The remaining courses are available for one-time payments, with prices varying from as low as $9 to a maximum of $149. Currently, at the time of this writing, the platform offers a total of 61 courses. Users can choose individual courses based on their preferences and budget, enjoying the flexibility of making a single payment for each selected course.

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Mosh places a strong emphasis on ensuring that software engineering is accessible to everyone. His courses are designed to accommodate both beginners entering the field and individuals seeking to make the transition to senior-level roles. This commitment to accessibility is in line with the prevailing trend of making technology education more inclusive and widely available to diverse learners.


Some recurring concerns from the not so satisfied feedback from individuals who have purchased Mosh’s courses said that the visual studio platform he’s using in his teaching materials is outdated as far back as versions from 2012, a good decade behind the current standards. This has led to frustration among some users. Some resort to installing old versions of everything in attempting to overcome compatibility issues, which is an unwanted additional struggle.

While acknowledging the commendable teaching style employed by Mosh, certain learners express their frustration at encountering difficulties in keeping pace with the coding aspects of the courses. This raises a legitimate concern about the alignment between instructional content and the practical engagement of students.

One of the most notable drawbacks of online learning platforms such as Code with Mosh is the absence of direct personal interaction, a dynamic certainly found in traditional college settings where professors are physically present to address queries and provide immediate clarification during classes.

The lack of this interactive element in online courses can pose challenges, especially when learners seek real-time assistance or engagement with course material.

Mosh Hamedani Review

Is Mosh Hamedani a Scam?

These raised concerns while noteworthy, it does not suggest any fraudulent intent on Mosh Hamedani’s part. Furthermore, the acknowledgment of Mosh’s commendable teaching style indicates a genuine effort to deliver valuable content. The frustrations expressed by learners seem to be rooted in technical and instructional aspects rather than any deceptive practices.

No educational platform is without its drawbacks, and challenges with software compatibility or teaching methodologies can be part of the learning experience.


Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp fundamental programming concepts or an experienced developer aiming to deepen your expertise in specific areas, Code with Mosh covers a broad spectrum of programming languages and technologies and offers a diverse range of courses to cater to various skill levels, ensuring learners have the flexibility to choose courses based on their interests and career goals.

The emphasis on practical skills, real-world projects, and the ability to earn certificates makes Code with Mosh a valuable resource for individuals seeking to enhance their programming knowledge and advance their careers in the tech industry.

But, the real-time engagement with educators in a classroom environment can be a valuable aspect that online schools might struggle to replicate. While platforms like Code with Mosh offer various benefits, the level of personal interaction may differ from the traditional college experience, where face-to-face communication with professors is readily available during class sessions.

While Code with Mosh provides a “certificate of completion,” it’s worth exploring other alternatives in the online education space that offer similar credentials. There are numerous platforms with diverse course offerings and teaching styles. Take a moment to explore these alternatives and compare them to see which one aligns better with your learning preferences and goals. It’s always a good idea to have options and choose the platform that resonates the most with your individual needs and aspirations.

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