Monica Little Coaching Review

Etsy shops remained in demand and continued to be a popular platform for individuals and small businesses that gave them the opportunity to create their own online shops to sell a wide variety of products, including handmade crafts, vintage items, art, jewelry, clothing, home decor, and much more.

If you’re creative enough and want to share your creativity to a lot of people all around the globe, Etsy is one of the platforms that you can utilize. Little do you know, your product might become phenomenal, and might make a huge impact on someone’s life. 

Monica Little has been around and been managing etsy stores after she quit her corporate job. And now, she’s ready to share with others the things she learned along the way. 

Read along where I’ll discuss what programs she has to offer and her wisdom that you can take with you throughout your journey.

This One’s Much Better

Monica Little was your typical employee working full-time at her corporate job when she started to realize that she needs to take care of her health, due to genetic reasons running through her family. So she started off with her own business concerning plant-based beauty four years ago, where she makes and sells organic skincare.

She didn’t expect that it would blow off after she posted the product online. People started asking how to order the product she released, so she listed it on Etsy. That’s where she also realized that she has a knack for the business side of things where she eventually left her corporate job.

The idea of the business which started off as just a passion for her, transformed into a real business that kicks off through the roof and it’s just life-changing. The combination of passion, the love for what you do plus the fact that it can impact different people’s lives, it’s satisfying. 

One of the roadblocks that keep people from moving forward is the fear of getting judged. “What are my family members gonna think? What are my friends gonna think? or what might other people be thinking, etc.” are just some of the common questions we ask ourselves before starting a new venture.

So if you think that what you’ll be doing will amount to anything, if you have a vision that it will grow bigger than you’ve anticipated, you need to step out of that fear and go full throttle. It all comes down to mindset, getting out of your comfort zone and showing up authentically.

More of these motivational shenanigans are available in the podcast that she’s managing right now, called the Product Biz Podcast. It contains step-by-step tricks and tips to help you take your business to the next level so you can have more will and excitement for your business that transforms into more customers and sales. 

Monica’s focus is on teaching people owning handmade product businesses how to learn more about selling online, making consistent profits, and selling on other different platforms aside from Etsy. These concepts are involved in the two coaching programs that she has to offer, the Product Biz Academy and the Etsy Algorithm Secrets.

This One’s Much Better

The Etsy Algorithm Secrets is a free training where you can have access to more than eight years of proven marketing techniques and tools that will empower you to grow your business on Etsy. It will teach you how to stand out and attract consistent new customers that love your unique product.

Etsy is the fastest and easiest way for small business owners like you to get in front of as many people as possible in the growing online shopping world. That’s why I created an epic training that will show you the three untold secrets to get your products seen on Etsy ”, says Monica. 

And then the Product Biz Academy will teach you how to build, grow, and maintain your business which in time will allow you to have the stability and financial freedom that you’ve been dreaming of. It is for individuals that are new to business, and also for experts who want to improve their skills to achieve more heights in the business industry.

There is no mention about the cost of Product Biz Academy because they will reopen the program next year. But if you’re interested, you can go to her website to get registered as waitlisted, and better be fast since they just offer limited slots on that matter.

This One’s Much Better