Modern Mastery Review

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Dan Koe calls himself as a “human obsessed with humans”, in a good way. He believes that any human has the potential to become even better in what they do, especially in their respective careers.

All they need is a good system in place. But most of them fail to find that, and Dan Koe is willing to help.

If you’re good at something, then you already have what you need to make money. Dan Koe claims that his Modern Mastery program will help you market and monetize your skills to great effect, and will help you develop systems in place so you don’t have to work too hard, yet you’ll still get good earnings.

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What Is The Modern Mastery?

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Modern Mastery (also known as Modern Mastery HQ) is a training program that claims to help people start their own one-man business, and scale them to six figures or more.

At first glance, it seems to be more of a self-development course. Because it teaches you how to develop any skill that may know right now, monetize it, and eventually grow a business out of it.

The Modern Mastery aims to achieve this by growing your online presence, especially on increasing your social media presence and visibility, helping to position you as an expert on something. This will then allow potential clients to see you as someone who can provide plenty of value to their needed services, allowing you to charge premium rates for them.

It doesn’t really teach any new business model or anything. Instead, it builds upon what you already know, and greatly improves upon it so you can earn even more money by doing the things that you know, and love.

Thus, Modern Mastery is suitable for almost any entrepreneur, even freelancers. In fact, based on its description, it seems to be geared towards freelancers even more.

Furthermore, the content you can find in this course is comprehensive enough, and covers plenty of ground. Thus, regardless of your business goals, you will surely find something of value here.

The Modern Mastery HQ is also suitable for any skill level. Beginners can find a wealth of information here on how they can start their business, while experienced entrepreneurs can learn plenty of lessons on how they can grow and scale their existing businesses by learning plenty of systems they can apply for less work, while gaining more productivity.

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Who Is Dan Koe?

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Dan Koe is the creator of the Modern Mastery HQ.

He presents himself as a brand advisor for various entrepreneurs He makes his living as a marketing consultant for various content creators, coaches, authors, influencers, and other one-person businesses.

He also presents himself as someone who can systemize the workflow, marketing, and content of various entrepreneurs so they can work for fewer hours a day, charge more, and sell their products & services without manual effort.

He started his career as a freelancer, then he became a consultant, and finally, he became a content creator. Since then, he has been active in his own company called Kortek, which seems to be a company that focuses on self-development.

He created the Modern Mastery program after he saw that his clients were getting great results thanks to his methods and systems.

Other than the information that he publicly reveals on his websites, nothing much is known about him. His educational attainment or formal work experience (apart from being a freelancer) isn’t even revealed anywhere.

True to his reputation, however, his social media presence is somewhat strong. Currently, his Instagram account has over 1.6 million followers, and his YouTube account has over 519,000 followers.

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Is Dan Koe Legit?

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Personally, I think Dan Koe is as legitimate as he can be. Despite the lack of proof of his credentials, his social media influence is quite strong. This proves that a lot of people trust him and his expertise in the subject.

Speaking of trust, there are also a lot of people online who say Dan Koe’s program has helped them a lot in their business, especially when it comes to freelancing. And they’re not just random people who are getting paid to give feedback or even nonexistent people. These are all real people, with real results.

Thus, it’s safe to say that Dan Koe’s training does give real results to anyone who has taken it. Which adds to his trustworthiness and reliability.

Nevertheless, one can argue that some of the concepts that he introduces in his training can be a bit off to some. But not necessarily something that can completely discredit him.

Some people also point out that he’s a bad writer. It doesn’t mean that his writing is full of grammatical errors, however. But some people point out that he’s not able to communicate his thoughts well in his writing,  so they point out that he writes as if he’s not knowledgeable on a certain subject.

In turn, this translates to some people not being able to trust Dan Koe fully. However, it seems to be a minor issue overall, since plenty of people still trust him with results.

How Much Does The Modern Mastery HQ Cost?

To join the Modern Mastery program, you first need to pay $150 to get started on the program. After that, monthly charges will be incurred should you wish to stay in the program.

How much will you pay monthly depends on your subscription tier. There are three tiers that you can choose.

  • Apprentice Tier – $9 per month, or $108 per year
  • Master Tier – $27 per month, or $324 per year
  • Actualizer Tier – $297 per year. There’s no monthly fee for this tier.

You can also sign up for the Modern Mastery HQ for a discounted price of $5. But you have to buy first The 2 Hour Writer, another one of Dan Koe’s courses.

You can cancel your Modern Mastery subscription anytime, but there’s no refund policy to speak of here. Thus, you won’t get your money back when you choose to cancel.

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Is Modern Mastery Worth The Price?

I would say the Modern Mastery program is something that’s worth joining, especially if you’re someone who owns a one-man business in any form.

The content that Dan Koe brings here is very useful, and can help you take your skills and interest and use it to create something that can help you earn money. It teaches you how you can market yourself, and will help you position as an expert on something, which can attract dozens of premium clients.

In addition, the community behind is quite supportive. They consist of various experts in several fields. ready and willing to assist you should you have any concerns. Even better, you can also potentially build a network there that can be helpful for your business.

Finally, it also contains plenty of content that could prove to be very useful to you and your business in the long run, such as scripts, worksheets, and even various templates that you can freely use once you become a member.


Despite Modern Mastery being a highly recommended program, your success in any business still isn’t guaranteed if you don’t put a suitable amount of effort into it.

Yes. Dan Koe’s Modern Mastery can teach you all the proper systems and teach you all the knowledge that you need to monetize your skills and scale them according to your needs. However, it’s still not a foolproof system.

You can’t just join in the program and expect great results after a month or so. It’s going to take you several months in order for you to achieve your own goals for this program.

Thankfully, the Modern Mastery community is quite supportive. So if you ever feel that you’re not getting any results from this program and you’re losing hope, the community will be there to give you some inspiration to continue.

But in the end, it still boils down to hard work to ensure your success in this program.