MOA Mentoring Review

By the looks of it, the guy in the middle, Michael Sartain, looks like someone that you can see from an adult video that has collaborated with these ladies, but no, it’s just his inner “social circle”. In fact, Michael is a performance coach that can help you lead your life the way you’ve always wanted it to be by building a social circle with high caliber people in it.

I’m not here to cuss this guy, but rather will talk about how his program can help you be like him–not socially awkward, attending or hosting different social gatherings, having girls flock around you and many other aspects a “desirable” man can have. It’s all about taking the red pill over the blue pill.

Make some change, be who you want, and continue living the abundant lifestyle that you’ve dreamed of, is what he always says in all of his sales pitches. Continue reading my MOA Mentoring review down below to know the specifics. 

But before getting into the review…

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About MOA Mentoring

MOA Mentoring

MOA is short for (Men of Action), is a performance coaching program that helps men build an abundant lifestyle of high-status friends and incredible women. You will learn how to network with elites, attend exclusive events, become a “local celebrity”, and become the man that other men want to be. 

Michael Sartain Overview

Early Life

In his story, Michael Sartain shared to us that he grew up in a really diverse environment. Gang fights, shooting, poverty–that kind of environment was nothing new to him when he was attending high school, but at least he knew at an early age that it is not the norm. He had a grandfather who was a university professor, and both parents held a professional job. 

Michael is the curious type of person. Even when he’s at the university, he’s not studying for the sake of the grades but he’s more into learning what needs to be learned. “Knowledge is power” is what most of us believe in. Michael majors in Finance but is still studying physics, astronomy and other fields that are far beyond his course.

The DotCom Bubble Burst

He ended up graduating at the end of the DotCom bubble. Familiar with it? It was the craze about the internet. During the 90s, a lot of people invested in companies mostly related to the internet. But when the year 2000s came, reality hit. Turns out that most of these companies don’t even have solid business plans. They’re just overhyped and overvalued.

After that realization, the bubble burst, stock values crashed, and a bunch of these companies went belly-up. It became hard for Michael to find a professional job just like her parents and ancestors, where he ended up working in a strip club, as a DJ.

Environmental Dichotomy

He spent 4 years working in a gentleman’s club, and transitioned himself to being in the US Military. That’s where he connected all the dots. The good and the bad, the transitions in environments made him realize how people struggle in certain aspects of life. 

Michael Sartain

That’s what made Michael understand what makes a person attractive, what human desires are, how they can differ from other people and the problems that can be solved by having an accountability and performance coach. And that’s the birth of the MOA Mentoring Program.

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Desirable Man and Abundant Lifestyle Failure

Lack of a Fruitful Network

Guys completely ignore value arbitrage when it comes to social alliances and they do not understand the importance of having female friends in order to be able to network with men and women alike, and have access to anything they want.

Men Are Not Their Own Entrepreneurs

People want everything, but only the most determined succeed. Most men don’t:

  • Understand their “Why”
  • Define actionable goals 
  • Understand speed of implementation
  • Understand suspension of disbelief

Lack of Leadership Abilities

The single most neglected in the self-help community. Guys want to network with the most high status individuals, the top performers, but they can’t be leaders to themselves. They want to meet celebrities, beautiful women, pro athletes, billionaires but the problem is they’re cursed with this incredible disease called passive aggressive communication. 

Most men aren’t leaders because:

  • They have complete lack of discipline
  • They fail to plan for success
  • They have no direct communication skills

Terrible Mindset of Scarcity

In Michael Sartain’s experience, he has found a plague of men that lives in scarcity. They want to be leeches to all of the other people around them, not truly happy, have absolutely no gratitude for the situation they’re put in, they don’t take initiative to take action and they’re always acting reactively instead of proactively.

By the timeline of the program, he’ll make you one of the talented men:

  • That comes from all over the world, who have created an abundant lifestyle and increased their status.
  • Who became the most attractive version of themselves and have all the options that you could possibly want. 
  • Which are in line with former world class athletes, famous musicians, hedge fund billionaires, celebrity influencers, and many more high net worth entrepreneurs.

With Michael Sartain’s over 20 years of experience in high status social circles, and has helped thousands of guys become the man who most men want to be, you’ll be able to fix these 4 areas and other aspects that are hurting you and your well being with the help of MOA Mentoring program.

They’ll teach you to be a resourceful man who takes action and is allergic to beta male behavior. Michael Sartain will make sure that you do and hold you accountable when you join his program. 

MOA Mentoring Target Clients

Michael Sartain Event

Within 90 days of taking the course, high status men will be inviting you to their events, and people all over the world will envy you. No matter where you’re starting from, they can move the needle for you.

  • If you’re a serious man that wants an incredibly abundant lifestyle
  • Want to become more desirable
  • Want amazing women in your life
  • Network with the most high status individuals
  • Have access to any high networking situation that you want
  • Want to come and work with the best people in the world

Then you’re gratefully invited to take the course but the course is not for everyone. They have a mini quiz-like form to assess whether you’re a good fit for their program so that both of you won’t waste each other’s time. 

It’s called Men of Action because they want to see YOU, take action to have your desired lifestyle come to fruition. Many hardships and challenges will come your way, but at the end of the day, you’ll see yourself improving and on your road to become a desirable man with an abundant lifestyle.

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MOA Mentoring Program Overview

MOA Mentoring Modules

They have what they call the Jumpstart Program, where you’ll be able to identify key areas that you have a problem dealing with, have an intricate discussion with them on how you’ll be able to conquer these challenges and start your sigma male journey.

You’ll become the kind of man that ladies want to be around and that most other men would be envious of. There goes the Execution phase, where you will receive a makeover for your lifestyle. This is where you meet your female friends and begin networking with people of high status. Everything from breaking rapport to hypergamy, preselection, event planning, and value arbitrage will be covered.

Michael believes that by building female “teammates”, you’ll be able to get access to exclusive events because they can get into anything. 

MOA Mentoring has a basic package and an advanced package for you to choose from and prices are indicated in the picture below.

MOA Mentoring Cost

The only guarantee they give is that, after the 90-day period of the course, you’ve done everything that they’ve asked of you and nothing still changed, they’ll continue to work with you until you’ve shown improvement and eventually reached the goal that you’ve set for yourself. Meaning a refund of the money that you spent in buying his program won’t happen.

High Status Networking 101

Michael introduces 5 steps to the starting point to becoming a man in his prime. With this (free) crash course that’s available in their skool group, Men of Action Forum, you’ll know exactly what to do to start building an incredible social life.

Step 1: Fix Your F*****g Instagram

Step 2: Create a Hot List

Step 3: Identify High Status Events

Step 4: Choose Female Teammates

Step 5: The Final Puzzle Piece 

Advantages and Disadvantages

For sure, you’ll be able to get a chance of meeting high status individuals while attending events and such. Building networks with these types of people will hit differently once you’ve decided to start a new venture, or create a brand for your own.

It takes time and effort to be able to find these people that can also help you build connections of high caliber. 90 days won’t cut it to become a local celebrity of your own community. It’s like you’re degrading the efforts of Hollywood actors in that manner. 

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Michael Sartain doesn’t consider himself as a self-help coach but rather a performance coach that can help you build a social circle of high caliber people, with you as its center. But how can you be with these types of people if you’re not high caliber yourself? Isn’t that what self-help coaches offer? To be the best version of yourself?

For me, MOA Mentoring is just another self-help course, plus the side quest of being a dating/pickup course since it promotes hypergamy. Yes, building connections is important, but that takes effort and what you most need is building trust, not connections that you can get through peers and such. 

Before leaving…

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This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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