Misha Wilson Reviews

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Misha Wilson states on his website that, as an online digital marketer, he has made upwards of $15 million in personal sales alone using some method that he claims is “exclusive” to him. He even went so far as to name it after himself.

And you can this so-called “Misha’s Method” if you sign up for his program. Furthermore, he tells you it’s free of charge, which makes it all the more tempting for many others.

But others will think that it’s too good to be true. Like why would anyone teach some million-dollar-making strategy for free? There should be a catch, right?

As it turns out, it’s not really that free. So what’s in it for him? Read this Misha Wilson review to know more.

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Who Is Misha Wilson?

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Misha Wilson is a name that may be quite familiar to you if you’re into digital marketing. He’s one of the well-known digital entrepreneurs in the current landscape today.

He is known to be one of the people to have made millions of dollars in the online space. And he all did that even at quite a young age.

Before he became the successful internet marketer that he is today, however, he had to put up with plenty of life challenges. He originally wanted to be a professional tennis player, but he have to let go of that dream after he suffered an injury.

From that point, his life was a downward spiral. He hopped from one mundane job to another, but all of them ended up with him either quitting or getting fired. That’s because back then, he had no degree or any marketable skills to speak of.

He even became a drug addict, and it became so bad, he was piled with debt and was even left homeless.

But all that changed when he discovered internet marketing. With his determination and some help from plenty of mentors, he was able to build his first internet business. From then on, things started to go uphill for him.

He started at the age of 22, made six figures by 24, and his company hit multi-million dollar status by 25. By the age of 30, he can now safely call himself one of the multi-millionaires in internet marketing.

Misha was able to do this because he has mastered the skill of generating large amounts of traffic and converting that traffic into high ticket sales. This is the beginning of his so-called “Misha Method”, which he named after himself.

Today, he has created several programs that aim to teach people who want to earn money through internet marketing and affiliate marketing. All of this can be found in The Super Affiliate Network.

His current net worth is estimated to be at least five million dollars.

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What Is The Super Affiliate Network?

The Super Affiliate Network Manifesto

The Super Affiliate Network is the affiliate marketing training program created by Misha Wilson. It consists of several online courses that present a different affiliate marketing strategy one can use in order to give an edge against others.

In addition, by joining the Super Affiliate Network, you’ll be able to participate in Misha’s affiliate program, where you can promote and sell any of the online courses that are part of it through an affiliate link given to you.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the courses that are part of the Super Affiliate Network.

The Profit Boosting Bootcamp

If you want general knowledge about affiliate marketing, this is the online course for you. Here, you’ll learn about how to get started in affiliate marketing, what are the terms you need to know, plus other guidelines.

It seems to be a well-structured online course, composed of a total of 15 modules. It’s expected that most people who want to join the Super Affiliate Network but don’t have affiliate marketing knowledge, should pick up this course first, before the others.

The Profit Boosting Bootcamp costs a mere $7. However, expect plenty of upsells.

The Solo Ads Success Formula

This training program deals with lead generation training. This course deals with topics like e-mail marketing, creating an effective ad copy that converts, paid ads, and optimizing your ads.

Based on the description, this course also seems to have a hint of copywriting training as well because you will also learn how to write a persuasive ad copy that can help you in covering your leads to sales.

The course costs $297. Keep in mind, however, the training here heavily relies on paid ads. Thus, you need to assess first how much you should allot for the budget you’ll need for the campaigns you want to run. It could run as high as $500, but it could be higher or lower.

Also, as there are a lot of affiliate marketers out there that also use solo ads, you should be prepared for some serious competition. But you should also mix cleverness and thoughtfulness when you send your ads.

Remember, you want to build your list and keep them engaged to you, but you also don’t want to be too frequent on sending promotions as you may be flagged as a spammer by your leads.

The IM Profit Formula

Based on the description by various sources, The IM Profit Formula seems to be just an extension of the training provided by the previous two courses (The Profit Boosting Bootcamp & The Solo Ads Success Formula). It could be a stripped-down version of of the courses mentioned, or it could serve as a supplement to them.

Either way, The IM Profit Formula contains some useful material related to affiliate marketing. Such as the first six modules of The Profit Boosting Bootcamp, access to a two-hour webinar, and three consultation calls with mentors. It’s also said that this course will reveal to you some “Done For You” traffic sources that SAN members are using.

The IM Profit Formula costs only $7 to join.

The Super Affiliate Inner Circle

The SAN also has an Inner Circle program, which is quite similar to the “Inner Circle” programs of some other online courses.

SAN’s Inner Circle program seems to give you access to the training provided by The Profile Boosting Bootcamp and The Solo Ad Success Formula, packed in one course.

In addition, the Inner Circle contains other benefits, like weekly coaching calls with your fellow Inner Circle members, plus extensive monthly immersion coaching with one of the SAN corporate team members.

The cost for this course is $297.

The 6-Figure Connector Method

It’s not clearly defined what is contained in The 6-Figure Connector Method, but based on sources, it seems to give you all of the benefits of The Super Affiliate Inner Circle, only with more intensive coaching calls that happen twice per month this time.

You’ll also get access to certain “Done For You” affiliate marketing services, which are basically outsourcing services you can use. But, like with any outsourcing service, the quality of the work delivered by the virtual assistant they gave to you may vary.

With a price of $1,997, this program is more expensive than the others. And while it offers plenty if content compared to the others, it’s also known that this one also includes material consider to be unnecessary.

The PRO Breakthrough Accelerator

This course is kind of strange for me. Based on my observation, it seems to offer the same features and training as The 6-Figure Connector Method. Especially when you look at the product website.

The only difference is that this one costs a staggering $9,997. I’m not sure what are they pulling here, but if it does indeed contain the same content, then it’s probably best that you avoid paying for this course.

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Is Misha Wilson A Scam Or Legit?

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The company of Misha Wilson, the Super Affiliate Network, has a current rating of 3.58 stars (out of 5) at the Better Business Bureau. This means that the feedback of most people for his program is quite mixed.

For example, here’s a positive remark from one of the people who has taken the Super Affiliate Network program.

Misha Wilson Reviews 1

It also has its fair share of negative reviews, plenty of them calling it a scam. However, there’s one interesting feedback that doesn’t state that it’s a scam, but it’s pitch is rather deceptive.

Misha Wilson Reviews 2

Personally, I would say that Misha Wilson isn’t a scammer of any sort. He’s a legitimate internet marketer with plenty of experience in affiliate marketing, and has proven it by constantly getting high earnings and receiving some awards throughout his marketing career.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a great mentor. There’s a big difference between a good marketer and a good mentor.

While it’s undeniable that he’s able to make a lot of money by selling his online training programs, it’s only because he’s a good marketer, and is able to convince several people. But as far as training quality is concerned, it may not be all that great.

He’s even able to convince you that his courses are different from each other and that the higher-priced ones have more value. When the truth is, there’s really no difference in the content that each course provides.

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Common Misconceptions About The Super Affiliate Network

A common misconception about the Super Affiliate Network is that is a pyramid scheme. Mainly because the method to earn money through the program is by recommending it to others.

This is already been proven false because, in reality, that’s how affiliate marketing works. Basically, you become an affiliate marketer for the Super Affiliate Network program, selling their courses to others, and you earn a commission for every sale.

It’s not a Ponzi or pyramid scheme at all because the focus is on selling, rather than recruiting, to earn money. You earn more money by making more sales, not through recruitment. Uplines and downlines don’t exist here.

Also, there’s an actual product to be sold here (the courses), unlike those businesses that are pyramid or Ponzi schemes.


Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Network is certainly one of the good training programs out there if you’re interested in affiliate marketing. However, at its core, there’s really nothing new or mindblowing here.

The so-called “Misha Method” that he’s marketing here isn’t some breakthrough that can disrupt the industry. It’s just your typical marketing strategy that most affiliates already employ.

Thus, it may not be wise to spend too much money on Misha’s program. Because there’s plenty of free training that you can acquire from others.

Besides, affiliate marketing may not be the best online moneymaking method for you, as it’s extremely reliant on you getting a sale. Basically, if you don’t sell anything, you’re not going to earn anything.

While not getting a sale is already bad enough, it could get worse if you think about the money you spent on running paid ad campaigns and whatnot. You could end up losing a lot more money than you already have.

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