Miriam Laundry Publishing Reviews

It may not be about dictionaries (talking about Merriam-Webster here), but Miriam Laundry also fancied making books. 

Interactive applications on mobile/computer, educational games, e-books are what’s trending because we’re already in the modern era. They cater to different learning styles and often come with cool visuals and audio elements.

But let’s not forget our old friends, the children’s book. They stimulate imagination, promote literacy and offer a break from screens. The timeless charm of flipping through pages, getting lost in the magic of storytelling is still a wonderful experience, both young and adult ones.

Already a children’s book author or an aspiring one? Miriam Laundry Publishing might help you and your work be noticed or get started on your road to be a successful author in the future. 

Continue reading my Miriam Laundry Publishing review below for more information that you might want to know.

But before getting into the review…

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About Miriam Laundry Publishing

Miriam Laundry Publishing

Creating worlds where anything is possible, characters that become friends to young readers, and stories that spark their imaginations is such a fantastic feeling to experience for a children’s book author. 

They get to experiment with language in fun ways to create stories that entertain while also potentially teaching important life lessons. The pictures would act as the vivid brushstrokes on their storytelling canvas, bringing their words to life.

It may be fun, but every journey has its own challenges along the way. For them, finding the perfect balance between simplicity and depth that can capture the attention of the young ones is no easy task, but its potential impact on young readers makes it all worthwhile. 

Miriam Laundry Publishing is the place where aspiring children’s book authors can achieve their dreams in becoming published authors one day. It is a platform that offers free resources, masterclass and mastermind programs to give guidance to aspiring authors looking to publish their own books.

Who is Miriam Laundry?

Miriam Laundry

Miriam Laundry didn’t really think that she’ll be part of the publishing industry. She started off with a successful photography business in the largest city in Canada, St. Catherines.

What led her into publishing is because of a series of events. Grief for a loved one, her husband telling her to attend a self-esteem seminar which might help Miriam back on track, and in fact it did. That’s when Miriam realized how to teach the things that she had learned in the seminar to her children.

There’s that first thought of maybe she can share those things in a children’s book. It can be simpler, but also impactful for a child to understand. And that’s the birth of Miriam’s “I Can Believe in Myself”, a children’s book that achieved a Guinness World Record.

In that instance, not only she inspired her children but also the lives of other children’s book authors that witnessed the feat that she has achieved. With many other children’s book authors asking how she did it, Miriam took the chance to build a publishing company where she can nourish aspiring authors and help them realize the dreams that they’ve been wanting to fulfill. 

I CAN Books by Miriam Laundry

Now, Miriam Laundry is an award-winning author, a sought-after speaker that empowers children and adult alike to just believe in themselves, and a Guinness World Record holder for her book “I Can Believe in Myself” that also has multiple sequels like “I Can Be Me” and “I Can Make a Difference”.

Prior to looking at her LinkedIn profile, she has been a co-owner of “Laundry Real Estate” since 1995. Maybe this one is his husband’s business or something but that’s just a side note. I’m just surprised to know that she also has experience in the real estate industry.

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MLP Offers

Miriam Laundry Publishing Programs

Children’s Book Masterclass

Miriam claims that being involved in the Children’s Book Masterclass, it will make publishing your book a walk in the park. It is a 10-week program that includes 10 modules that will be discussed weekly. 

Module 1: The Big Picture

Revisions are already happening at the beginning. The idea that you have may or may not be child-centered, so it will get revised countless times before it can be considered a children-worthy story. After this, you’ll get to know the necessary page and word count for your book and the type of illustrator that you’ll be working with.

Module 2: Deep Dive into Characters Children LOVE

Starting to picture the kind of characters that your readers can easily relate with. What can be their behavior, the way they speak, and how they will approach different challenges in the story that you’ll make.

Module 3: Make Your Book a Page-turner

You need to make your story as interesting as possible. The story should also click with the age group of the readers that you’ve decided. And then make a strong ending that both leaves an impression while enjoying the story as a whole.  

Module 4: Less is More

The story must possess movement, not stagnant. Make way for the parts that need to stand out. And make sure that the dialogues in the story are closely relatable.

Module 5: Perfecting Your Story

Make a quick rundown of your first draft. Nothing’s perfect but everything can be close to perfect once you’ve pointed out what needs to be changed before submitting the final manuscript to an editor. 

Module 6: Everything Illustrator

Deciding for the illustrations that you see fit for your picture and finding your preferred illustrator, budget and timeline on when the illustrations need to be done lies on this module. 

Module 7: Working With a Book Designer and Going to Print

It explains how and why you need a book designer, which book covers sell, and a little information about Print-on-Demand. You will also decide what the outcome of the front, back and spine will look like both on hard and soft copy. Legal terms like copyright and ISBN# will also be discussed in this module.

Module 8: Everything Marketing

Why are you here in MLP if you’re just creating a book for a hobby? You’re here because you want to realize your dream as a published author that sells. Use of social media platforms to build your author portfolio and look for your target audience will be taught in this module.

Module 9: Website Essentials

They will teach you about how to build your very own author’s website, what’s needed inside it and how you will interact, build trust and connections with your prospect readers/website visitors.

Module 10: Launch It!

You will learn the strategies for earning #1 best selling status, how to list your book on Amazon, building a launch campaign, and setting up a launch party and getting someone to pay for it (legally). 

It also includes a private Author Community where you can get in touch with other authors (newbie/successful). The cost of Children’s Book Masterclass is $1997.

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Publishing Mastermind

What you’ll get in the Publishing Mastermind is personalized coaching and all-done-for-you service from publishing to marketing of your books.

The personalized coaching includes:

  • Monthly 30-minute private coaching calls with your assigned author coach.
  • Monthly 90-minute exclusive, focused Mastermind calls with Miriam herself.
  • Quality assurance calls that make sure all are important things are checked before proceeding to the next one.
  • And a new perk that lets you see how Miriam will choose the perfect illustrator for your manuscript.

And you’ll also have access to the 10 modules mentioned in the Children’s Book Masterclass once you avail this course. The cost of Publishing Mastermind was not stated but one can only assume it is close to $10,000 since it includes the course above plus done-for-you services from publishing to marketing. 

Free Resources

You’ll get free access to the blueprint on how to successfully write a children’s book where you can learn the 5-step formula to outline an engaging story, how to organize thoughts so that the story on your mind follows a series of meaningful events and the little known secret on how to end a story that will leave an impact to the readers, making them want to read it again and again. 

There’s also a free training or a short pre-recorded video by Miriam herself where she teaches attendees how to write a picture book that children will love and parents will buy. You’ll learn how to write a children’s picture book that sells, the 3 most common mistakes that first-timers make when writing one, and be aware of the publishing option that you haven’t considered yet (create, publish, sell).

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I have written one of these publishing courses, like Paper Raven Books Review that helps aspiring authors get published and their works to be known in a bigger space. 

Being a children’s book author is no easy task but it is a fulfilling job once you’ve got the hang of it. You get to let your creativity outflow and create fantastic worlds, magical worlds and quirky characters with characteristics that can impact young minds for the better. With picture books, you can teach them valuable lessons and ignite their love for reading. And it’s also fun working with illustrators who will make your words come to life in vivid and delightful images. And Miriam Laundry Publishing can do all that.

The only downside that I can think of is the cost of both of her programs. And also there’s no mention of their refund policy.

Before leaving..

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