Mini Income Streams Review

Mini Income Streams Review

There is this program called Mini Income Streams which is about teaching people how to set up loads of these little income streams super-fast and without spending much money. They say you can get one of these streams up and running in just 10 minutes, and you do not even need your own website. Instead, you sell stuff on big platforms like Amazon, ETSY, and eBay, all from this one platform they provide.

The big sell here is that they promise to share Rachel Rofe’s secret for making big bucks every day from her print-on-demand business, which runs mostly on autopilot. Could this be the answer to all our dreams of making passive income?

Let us find out in this review if Mini Income Streams is the real deal.

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Who is Rachel Rofe?

Mini Income Streams Review

Rachel Rofe is a bestselling author and an internet boss. She currently lives in Pennsylvania, where she loves hanging with her crew. She scored big time, getting shoutouts from big shots like Entrepreneur, Fox News, and CNN, and even graced the cover of Woman’s World mag out in L.A. Rachel is about mixing business with pleasure, making bank and helping over 1,000 people score their first sale through her courses. Her gigs, like CustomHappy, have been successful, selling over 200,000 print-on-demand goodies and shipping out a whopping 4 million items worldwide.

But it is not just making dough for her. She is about growing personally and spreading good vibes. She is totally into this whole well-rounded approach to success, mixing happiness and freedom with everything she does. As a top-notch entrepreneur, author, and online coach, Rachel’s cooked up some killer courses that claim to lay out the roadmap to passive income streams. These babies promise to beef up your cash flow or even replace your nine-to-five grind, all with just a few hours of hustle each month. Let us check out her Mini Income Streams course.

What is Mini Income Streams?

Mini Income Streams Review

Mini Income Streams is a course cooked up by Rachel Rofe which is your go-to guide for selling super niche products online, think Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. The main focus is on simplifying the online sales process, particularly for newcomers to the business scene. One cool thing about it is they have thrown in some fancy AI tools to help you work smarter, not harder, and scale up your game.

It aims to stay simple. They said that there is no need to splash cash on ads, fancy designs, or stocking up on inventory. Everything is printed and shipped as orders come in, saving you a ton of hassle and cash upfront. Plus, they hook you up with this Jumpstart package full of ready-made stuff to kickstart your success – like designs ready to roll, mugs sent straight to Amazon for you, access to SpotNiches, and a bunch more goodies to get the money train rolling faster.

Mini Income Streams also claims to teach you how to craft catchy phrases that turn heads and, more importantly, turn profits with your physical products. Plus, they said that they will break down the mysteries of getting traffic without paying for it and make SEO a breeze, so you can dominate platforms like Etsy like a pro.

The best part is that you are not flying solo. Once you are in, you are part of a tight-knit community where you can get help 24/7 and swap ideas with other hustlers.

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What can you get out of the course?

Mini Income Streams Review
  • The video training breaks things down into easy steps – They say these videos are made super simple, even a 5th grader could get it, and they have got over $1 million in sales backing them up. But, tons of folks have used them to make money that has really changed their lives.
  • The VIP License for Automation Software – Get set to jump into some seriously cool AI tools that will supercharge your work, grow your biz, and kickstart your journey to making passive income quicker than you can imagine.
  • Weekly group coaching calls, 12 per month: Make the most of these regular coaching sessions where you can throw out questions, pick up some golden nuggets of wisdom, and tap into the experiences of others to level up your learning adventure.
  • VIP Concierge Team of Experts: They promise that their crew of expert helpers is on standby to give you the best support possible. They are ready to tackle any questions, worries, or problems you might run into along the road.
  • Mini Streams PRO – VIP Tools with AI Upgrades: Utilize advanced AI tools to streamline your marketing strategies and boost customer engagement.


  • Three one-on-one check-ins – They promise to jump on a call with you when you start, and then again after 30 and 60 days to check how you are doing. If things are not going as planned, they will help you figure out a personalized plan to get back on track.
  • Software Package: Access to Picsplosion and Spot Niches for One Year – Score a full year of unlimited access to the Spot Niches software. It is your pass to discovering valuable opportunities, giving you an advantage in crafting outstanding designs that will boost your income.
  • Endless Entry to Community – Get all the help you need and link up with a bunch of folks on the same journey as you. Get answers to all your questions and find some inspiration in our super-friendly Facebook Group.
  • Masterclass: Earn USD 50,000 in Just 90 Days – Here is your chance to take a sneak peek at how Rachel raked in USD 50,000 in sales on Etsy in just 90 days. She is totally up for sharing the details of how she pulled it off, step-by-step.
  • Easiest Payrise Ever (Expansion Pack) – They claim to help you elevate your business empire by offering an array of personalized items such as shirts, hoodies, masks, and more. Discover the most lucrative products, find top-notch suppliers, and master insider strategies to supercharge your success.

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The Mini Income Streams program goes for $2497, or you can split it into three payments of $997 each. With their 90-day Success Guarantee, kicking in when you start the program, here is the deal: they say that if you have given the program a real shot for 90 days and meet these conditions, you can get every penny of your course fees back:

  • Actively participated in the program.
  • Applied the strategies taught in the course.
  • Provided evidence of your efforts to implement the techniques.
  • Demonstrated that you did not achieve satisfactory results despite following the program guidelines.

Pros and Cons


  • Once you are part of Mini Income Streams, you have lifetime access to customer support who will lend a hand with any questions you have about the business model or any bumps you hit on your journey.
  • Rachel Rofe is known in the print-on-demand business. If you are in the same boat, her tips could be a game-changer for your business. She has been around the block, learning what is what and what is not in this game.
  • The Mini Income Streams software can be like your personal assistant, handling 90% of your tasks and making your life a whole lot easier. It has got AI on board to crank out content super fast, saving you a ton of time.


  • In a busy market like this, even though the course mostly talks about free ads, you have to realize competition’s tough. You might need to stash some cash for paid ads to keep up with the rest of the game.
  • In addition, it is definitely on the pricier side. $2497 can be a bit steep, especially if you are just starting out and trying to watch your wallet.
  • When you opt for Print on Demand, you might find yourself paying a tad more for each item compared to when you do a large print run. This implies that you need to make hundreds of sales daily to achieve your lofty income targets.


The Mini Income Streams course looks like a great tool for people aiming to kickstart a successful print-on-demand online business. Have the printing and shipping handled for you which is definitely a plus. It seems like a promising opportunity. However, making big bucks in this game means hustling hard to hit those daily sales targets. And let us not even begin to talk about the customer service nightmare. You will either be stuck dealing with irate customers yourself or forking out cash to hire a team.

Plus, the competition is fierce, and those paid ads may drain your wallet faster than you can say “print on demand”. Oh, and let us not forget about the extra sweat and cash you will need to put in for those unique designs. Before you jump into this, think long and hard if it is really worth the hassle.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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