The Membership Guy Review

Offering recurring goods, services, or content to people or companies in return for a membership fee is referred to as a membership business model. Due to its potential to create recurring revenue streams and generate a sense of community and loyalty among consumers or clients, this model has grown in popularity across a variety of industries.

How can you earn from it? Is it worth it? Is there really money in the membership business niche? Can it replace your shitty 9-5 job and just enjoy earning passive income at the comfort of your homes? 

Josh “The Membership Guy” has all the answers to these questions and you’ll get them thoroughly explained, one by one, in my The Membership Guy review below.

This One’s Much Better

“My wife’s dream”, Josh started “is to be a full-time stay-at-home mom to our three beautiful daughters.” so she came to him and asked, “What do we need to do so that I can quit my job and be with the kids and raise them the way that we felt that they should be raised?”

Josh replied, “Give me 30 days and let me build you a super simple membership business”. Over the next 30 days, Josh built his wife a baking membership business. Even though knowing that they both don’t have any familiarity with the niche, it still became successful.

That’s how he was able to retire his wife. It works in any niche and it’s the exact same method that he used to build all of his membership businesses.

For the past five years, Josh Rasmussen has been a full-time entrepreneur and currently has over 2000 active members that pays him anywhere from $13-$97 every month. “I have fishing, hunting, baking, business coaching, his/her shopping membership and many more. You do the math to whatever I get every month.”

So let me simplify this for you. Imagine you’re into something, let’s call it your interest or hobby. And now, you know that there are like you, out there, going nuts about the same interest. What you do is start a membership thing, secret society if you want to call it, but online.

People who got hooked on your thing join your society by paying a monthly subscription. In that way, they get the good stuff that they can’t find anywhere else. Exclusive videos, articles, guides, etc. In essence, it’s like discovering an enormous treasure chest.

And it doesn’t stop there. It’s not just the good stuff, you’re also building that society, becoming a gathering of like-minded people day by day. They can chat with one another, share, and build friendships, since they all have the same hobby.

This One’s Much Better

Since it’s a society that keeps on giving, every month, you need to be resourceful. You need to keep throwing new videos, start live sessions, or even an online gathering to catch up with the latest trends. Owing to the fact that they’re having fun, having a second home to call, they’ll keep coming back, and continue to pay the monthly subscriptions. 

That’s how cash flow works for you. And we all know it’s a win-win situation for both the owner and the clients. The coolest online society is being hosted by you, and everyone is eager to pay their entry fees to take part.

Now, Josh’s goal is to give the first 100 families a chance to experience hosting the coolest society ever made. “Whatever your goal in life is as a family, I wanna achieve that by retiring you, or your wife, or even both of you. I know I might sound crazy. But here’s the deal.”

“For the first 100 families out there, I’ll be giving away my Josh The Membership Program to you, at a 97% discount. You read that right. I’m literally gonna show you step by step how to build a successful membership business for only $37, instead of the full $1,200.”

The offer won’t be out for too long since the price for advertising is rising. And all he asked in return is for you to give your honest reviews once you’re done with it so that he can make it more understandable and powerful to help more families out there.

This One’s Much Better