Map Pack Hero Review

Over the course of several decades, as technology and digital surroundings have improved, the idea of virtual real estate has also changed. The term virtual real estate can be mapped during the late 80s where people build online communities and text-based virtual worlds. 

Virtual real estate has gained more general acceptance and public attention in recent years. Do you know Second Life? It was launched in 2003 that allows people to buy and own virtual lands, leading to the establishment of a virtual real estate market.

Then there’s blockchain and NFTs, which made a huge impact on our virtual space during the covid-19 pandemic years. Those times accelerated the adoption of virtual communication and online experiences. 

It has recently risen to the front of people’s minds thanks to a confluence of technology development, cultural change, and more investment and interest. Virtual real estate will probably influence digital experiences and interactions more and more as technology develops.

Joshua Osborne created Map Pack Hero, a brief training program that demonstrates how to build and enhance a Google Business Profile.

This One’s Much Better

A Google Business Profile functions as the online storefront for your company. It’s comparable to having your company appear in Google Maps and search results so that customers who are looking for you or other businesses like yours can simply find you, see what you have to offer, and even read reviews.

Businesses, especially those with physical locations that cater to local clients, must set up and manage a Google Business Profile. It’s an effective tool for building your web presence, communicating with clients, and attracting customers to your establishment.

And Joshua Osborne says that he has the secret ingredient to maximize the full potential of your GBP. They have built a proven and templated system for making the phones ring for local businesses without spending hundreds of hours learning a new skill.

With Map Pack Hero, you can create passive revenue in a counterintuitive way that frees you from the burden and guesswork of not knowing how to accomplish it. You’re free to pursue your desires, such as traveling the world or purchasing the house or car of your dreams.”, he promised. 

Map Pack Hero uses the Digital Traffic Light system that they developed. He started with an excerpt, ”Would you do it if you could build residual income with little investment? Stop trading your time with money. If you could fire your boss and never clock in again, would you do it? Stop letting your schedule be controlled.”

If you could spend more time with your family, would you do it? Free up your time to live life on your own terms. If you could work from the beach, would you do it? Life is meant to be enjoyed, so enjoy it. If you could consciously make money by helping others, would you do it? Stop thinking you’ll get far by just taking, be the giver and freedom will follow.

The Map Pack Hero includes Josh’s 10 steps for dominating local map pack listings. You’ll learn about the importance of setting up social media profiles, Google Sites, GBPs (Google Business Profiles), and much more through video training.

This One’s Much Better

In a video, Josh says he had planned to charge close to $3,000 for this Map Pack Hero training but members of his private coaching group advised him to reduce the cost so that those who don’t fully believe in the possibilities of generating money online won’t invest a lot of money trying. The final price gets 83.5% off of the initial price, which is now down to $497.

He also provides a private Facebook group with his top coaches for google map listings in addition to the video training. You’ll be included in the group of like-minded individuals and can also talk and share knowledge about GBPs, as well as one-on-one coaching.

It takes very little time to set up and is quite passive once completed, making it a great skill to have. In addition, google map packs typically receive the most clicks since it is what most people first notice.

But I think there’s nothing in-depth here, just an introduction to GBP and such. Here’s a fun fact though. Did you know that Josh is the man behind the online blog ScamRisk? Bamboozled aren’t you? He reviews different courses that teach business models like Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing, investing, and more.

This One’s Much Better