Manward Letter Reviews

Manward Letter is said to be your guide in the ever volatile landscape of investment. From stocks, ForEx, crypto and the likes, Manward Letter got you covered so that you’ll be taking home more profits than losses, or so they say.

With Andy Snyder behind your back, is the Manward Letter by Manward Press be your one and true light amidst the changing tides of the investment industry or is he just another rock in the mud? Find out more in this Manward Letter Review.

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Manward Letter Overview

Investment newsletters are everywhere. They are like the cheat codes of the financial world – spilling the beans on hot opportunities, smart strategies and what’s buzzing in the financial hive. 

They serve up a digestible dose of market insights and tips, making you feel like you’re in on the coolest financial secrets. With the help of these investment newsletters, an investor can absolutely build their portfolios, making it easier for beginners to give their trusts on them.

Manward Letter is a monthly investment newsletter by Manward Press, bringing you insightful analysis and expert guidance that serves as a beacon for investors navigating the complex seas of finance. From ForEx to Crypto, its well-researched content and seasoned perspectives make it a valuable resource for those looking to make informed and profitable investment decisions.

Manward Press


Manward Press is a financial publishing company owned by Andy Snyder, established in 2016. They focus on providing investment advice, financial insights, and wealth building strategies to its customers in a subscription-based manner. 

It allows subscribers to access expert insights and recommendations, accompanied by educational content aimed at enhancing their understanding of investment principles and economic trends. 

It’s currently closed to any new aspiring members but don’t worry, once there are slots available, they will contact you if ever you fill up their form for the wait listers. 


“MANWARD” is derived from Andy’s perspective of man. Most men are helpless on their own is what he believes. And in order to reach the “fulfillment” that every man wants, he values more than anything else these 3 scientifically proven ideas:

  • Liberty – freedom from control, obligation, or restriction
  • Know-how – knowledge of how to do something or how something works 
  • Connections – mutually beneficial relationships between two or more people with similar goals

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About Andy Snyder

Andy Snyder

Our guy right here, Andy Snyder doesn’t own any social media accounts at all which is such a bummer. 

So, all we know about him is that he is the founder of the Manward Press, meaning, he has knowledge in the financial landscape. He is said to have a pragmatic approach to financial insights, and his aim is to distill market complexities into understandable information, which even a beginner can follow.

His guidance involves analysis with a combination of actionable advice, giving individuals practical guidance. And with his works, he’s now a trusted voice in the investment realm, built on a foundation of knowledge, integrity and passion for breaking down the intricacies of the markets, for the benefit of the investor.

Andy has been featured on Fox News, various radio stations, podcasts, and other platforms where he shares his investment insights and knowledge to the general public.

What’s Inside Manward Letter?

Aside from the monthly investment newsletter, subscribing to Manward Letter also gives you unlimited access to the Manward Letter special reports library, which offers a wealth of research reports and stock picks. 

They also conduct weekly portfolio updates, ensuring that you stay level headed of the latest market trends and adjustments. You can also be part of the Manward Digest e-letter so that you can access stock market news from your phone wherever you go. 

Manward Letter's Death of Cash Prosperity Kit

And buckle up your seatbelts, because here comes the free bonuses that everyone’s been waiting for, and it is called the Death of Money Prosperity Kit. This kit offers 5 additional research reports that can help you in every aspect of your decision making process. These additional research reports are:

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Owning Gold in the Digital Age: Use New Technology to Keep What’s Yours

In Andy’s research report, he said that he has identified a new technology that facilitates the instant conversion of gold into dollars for everyday transactions, akin to a debit card. 

Traditionally, while holding wealth in gold acts as a protection against inflation, the practicality of using gold for routine purchases has been a challenge. The new found technology is said to bridge that gap, as it offers the dual advantage of the convenience of a debit card and the inflation resistance inherent in gold. 


Everything about cryptocurrencies, as they’ve been on the rise from the past years, especially when the pandemic hit. Andy believes that there are more ways to build wealth other than physical money, and that’s through crypto tokens. 

This research report includes his top crypto picks on the market and ways on how you can access, buy and definitely sell them at the right time. Because if you don’t follow his directions, it’s possible that you will end up losing your money since the crypto market is a volatile space to invest in.

Cashing in on the Cashless Payments Revolution

Everything today has been driven by technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences. One of them is digital payments or cashless transactions. Well, even I am pro with the idea of digital payments as it offers convenience, speed and enhanced security compared to traditional payment methods.

And as Andy sees it fit, he has researched far and wide, looking for people who have the same interest as I/he did. And at the bottom of the ocean, he saw a company that is on its way of building electronic payment systems for clients worldwide.

And as we’re talking about investments, it’s better to be early than late in buying shares/stocks of the said company (of course, it’s not disclosed anywhere) before its popularity finally explodes in the market. *You get what I mean.*

How to Get a Yield of Up to 24%

Andy introduces a “private savings note” which is said to be a unique asset that adds an intriguing dimension to the realm of personal finance. The said assets operate outside the traditional banking sector, offering yield as high as 24%, significantly surpassing conventional savings options.

This research includes insights into the functioning of the assets, guidance on where and how to purchase them and other pertinent details. With this private savings note, Andy promises that there’s a potential of your money doubling every three years through continuous reinvestment of payouts. 

Create Your Own Bank

This research report includes a blueprint for people looking to withdraw their funds from the traditional banking system, providing insights into safeguarding their wealth during challenging periods.

The strategy involves the allocation of funds into secure assets that can be stored globally. It offers both convenience and security, allowing you to diversify your holdings beyond the confines of the traditional banking infrastructure. 

Manward Letter Refund Policy

The price for the Manward Letter, together with the Death of Cash Prosperity Kit is $49 for a whole year. And he offers a 365-day money-back guarantee if you ever feel like the newsletters that you’re receiving through Manward Letter aren’t helping you in any way. 

Pros and Cons


  • Andy Snyder is a renowned personality in the investment space, offering a lot of professional insights that every investor is looking for.
  • Manward Letter with the Death of Cash Prosperity Kit offers 5 tailored research reports that you can use in any way you want.
  • Exclusive newsletters for members every single month for a whole year.
  • The price is affordable.
  • They conduct weekly portfolio updates


  • Andy Snyder doesn’t have any social media accounts, making it hard for him to reach out. I don’t know how often he replies to emails since this is not a coaching program.
  • They don’t offer any other means of communication even with other Manward Press’ members. No community whatsoever. Maybe there’s one out there, which is only created by a member also, and not by Andy himself.
  • All methods being taught are for long-term investments, so don’t expect to get return of investments (ROI) in a short amount of time.
  • There will be a lot of upsells after the Manward Letter.

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Andy Snyder’s Manward Letter gives a lot of useful information and insights that investors can use to navigate the volatile landscape of investment and to better their own portfolios. 

Manward Letter is just the tip of the iceberg. And as cheap as it gets, expect to have plenty of upsells making into your emails after quite some time. 

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