Manifestation Babe Review

Manifestation Babe Review

Are you seeking to revolutionize your mindset and amplify your energy to craft an exceptional life? Enter Manifestation Babe, a distinguished personal development entity boasting a seven-figure status and global recognition.

This brand is carefully engineered to catch inspiration, empowerment, and metamorphosis in the lives of individuals worldwide through an abundance of online educational programs and digital content.

With an unwavering commitment, Manifestation Babe pledges to guide you toward embodying authenticity, embracing your higher self, and unlocking your fullest potential. They assert that this journey is the meeting point where spirituality cuts through with boundless possibility.

But does engaging with Manifestation Babe truly push us toward the manifestation of the life that we dream of? Let us get into this review.

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Who is Kathrin Zenkina?

Manifestation Babe Review

Kathrin Zenkina is the mastermind behind Manifestation Babe, a renowned personal development platform. Despite a challenging upbringing marked by poverty and bullying, she persevered. Raised as a Russian immigrant, Kathrin witnessed her parents’ relationship crumbling under financial strain and abuse. Feeling like a victim of her circumstances, she longed for change.

In 2009, everything shifted when she encountered “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. For the first time, she realized she held the power to shape her reality through her thoughts and beliefs. No longer bound by her past, Kathrin embraced the notion that she could define her future.

A pivotal moment came during a Tony Robbins seminar at age 22. Amidst pressure to pursue a career in medicine, Kathrin confronted the question: “Who are you living for?” Realizing she was not following her own dreams, she broke free from societal expectations and embarked on a new path.

Leaving behind familiarity and security, Kathrin moved to Los Angeles with debt and a failing business. Determined to change her life, she started a year-long experiment, living as if success was inevitable. Starting Manifestation Babe on Instagram to stay accountable, she never anticipated its transformation into a global personal development empire.

Today, Kathrin’s life exceeds her wildest dreams. Alongside building a family, she is dedicated to making a difference by empowering others to realize their potential. Manifestation Babe has impacted over 200,000 women worldwide, offering courses, masterclasses, and books that apply spiritual principles to achieve success. Kathrin finds fulfillment in witnessing lives radically transformed through her teachings.

What is Manifestation Babe?

Manifestation Babe Review

Manifestation Babe offers a training program that gets into various facets of manifestation, encompassing the law of attraction, spirituality, metaphysics, mindset, money, life coaching, and business.

The program spans a 20-week deep-dive experience, exclusively led by Kathrin Zenkina. It features pre-recorded modules accessible through a student-only portal, released sequentially with accompanying implementation workbooks. Additionally, participants benefit from Q&A calls and virtual breathwork classes via Zoom. Q&A sessions provide opportunities for clarifications and insights, while breathwork classes facilitate stress relief and emotional processing.

Recordings of both sessions are shared with participants via email, ensuring lifetime access to all program components and bonuses, empowering individuals to transform their lives comprehensively.

Kathrin asserts that her program will teach you secret knowledge typically not being shared by successful individuals, aiming to deepen participants’ understanding of manifestation beyond the commonly discussed law of attraction.

She also advocates for a holistic approach to manifestation, acknowledging overlooked elements often sidelined in mainstream discussions. Drawing from diverse fields such as the laws of the universe, subconscious mind, quantum physics, psychology, neuroscience, energetics, and spirituality, she pledges to share insights derived from seven years of personal experimentation and teaching experiences.

At the core of Kathrin’s methodology lies the rewiring of the subconscious mind, the removal of barriers hindering desired outcomes, and the activation of one’s innate potential. By addressing underlying beliefs and patterns impeding manifestation, Kathrin aims to empower individuals to manifest their dreams effectively.

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What can you get?

  1. 14 Pre-Recorded Training Modules
  2. 14 Exclusive Audio Downloads
  3. Massive On-Demand Q&A Vault
  4. 14 Weekly Transformational Workbooks
  5. 5 LIVE Breathwork Sessions: These are live sessions focused on breathwork, a practice aimed at promoting relaxation and stress relief through controlled breathing exercises.
  6. It’s Already Yours Workshop: This workshop likely focuses on the mindset of abundance and believing in the attainment of one’s desires.
  7. Breakthrough to Abundance Workshop
  8. Make Manifestation Second Nature Workshop
  9. Manifest Your Dream Life Workshop
  10. Manifest Your Glow Up Workshop
  11. High-Vibe Community & Exclusive Accountability Program
  12. Supportive Peer Mentors who will provide you with guidance, encouragement, and support to your peers throughout the program.

Bonus Features

  • A Masterclass that provides you with resources to attract wealth and establish enduring prosperity.
  • Over three sessions that teach methods to let go of past burdens and become stronger, tailored specifically for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities.
  • A guidebook that aids you in attaining financial independence by offering practical advice and activities to manage your finances and create wealth.
  • A segment delves into the relationship between money, sexuality, and personal empowerment.
  • Access 31 straightforward rituals designed to help you manifest your desires. Each ritual, whether visualization or gratitude practice, assists in aligning your thoughts with your objectives.
  • Through guided practices, you will alleviate stress and tension, fostering relaxation and inner tranquility.
  • African Shaman Makhosi’s exclusive Pre-recorded Q&A offers insights to help you feel more abundant and content.
  • Pineal Gland Wellness which shares the impact of pineal gland health on manifestation and spiritual development.
  • Explore techniques to enhance your prosperity, including reshaping limiting beliefs and setting clear intentions.
  • Gain valuable knowledge on strategies for wealth accumulation and effective financial management with Brennan O’Keefe.
  • Learn about the attributes and allure of feminine energy to attract abundance and satisfaction with Mel Wells’ Masterclass.
  • Acquire practical methodologies to transform your aspirations into reality by accessing your inner strength and fostering a life abundant in joy and fulfillment with Stephanie Burgos’ Masterclass.
  • A Masterclass to discover how to synchronize with lunar cycles to enhance your manifestation endeavors through structured rituals and guided meditations.

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Manifestation Babe Review

The Manifestation Babe program presents itself with a total value of $35,002, yet it’s offered at a reduced rate of $2,999, presenting what appears to be a significant discount. With a flexible payment plan, individuals can start their journey for as little as $257.

Although The Manifestation Babe Academy is currently not accepting new enrollees, those interested can opt to join the waitlist to ensure they’re among the first when enrollment reopens.

Pros and Cons


  1. The program offers a comprehensive approach, covering various aspects of money manifestation, making it suitable for beginners seeking practical knowledge. 
  2. The program is good for people who want to change their mindset. When you stay positive and imagine your dreams coming true, it brightens your mood and fills you with hope. It’s like adding a little sunshine to your day and lifting your spirits, giving you a sense of meaning and happiness. As you work towards your goals, it’s like planting seeds in a garden, creating a space where you can flourish and feel at peace. By staying committed to your dreams and having faith in yourself, you open doors to even more joy and fulfillment in your life journey. 
  3. The program offers Q&A sessions and virtual breathwork classes on Zoom. In the Q&A sessions, participants can ask questions as they go through the program. Breathwork classes help handle stress and fears.


  1. The course costs a lot, which some people might think is too much. It does not seem like a good idea to spend so much money when you can find lots of free stuff about manifestation online.
  2. There is no concrete evidence to support the idea that this method can lead to financial abundance. It remains uncertain whether simply using your mind and manifestation can truly alter your life, despite its longstanding presence.
  3. The program lacks practical instruction on utilizing concrete business models to generate income. Instead, it focuses on abstract concepts such as manifesting wealth, raising doubts about their applicability in real-world scenarios. It fails to guide the preparation of the necessary skills and tactics for building a lasting and viable business. Moreover, the program overlooks various proven and accessible methods for earning money that could offer more reliable paths to financial success.
  4. The program needs real-life stories of people who have succeeded with their teachings to be more credible and effective. Showing concrete evidence of others achieving financial success with their methods, along with specific business examples, would help participants understand how to apply the strategies and feel more confident in the program’s ability to help them succeed in starting their own businesses.


Manifestation Babe offers a potential pathway for individuals seeking transformative change in their lives, highlighting the potency of optimistic thoughts and beliefs.

However, it’s important to understand that the program primarily focuses on fostering a mindset geared towards achieving success, rather than offering specific instructions on generating income online or launching an internet-based venture.

Given the significant investment required to enroll in the course, it’s prudent for individuals to explore alternative business opportunities that may align better with their goals and resources.

It’s essential to bear in mind that building financial stability and prosperity often demands patience, dedication, and a willingness to experiment with various approaches until finding what works best.

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