Magnetic Mind Review

The perception of self-esteem that’s been circulating through generations has its own flaws,” says Christopher Duncan. “You don’t need to be always positive, motivated or be a certain way to achieve what you want,” he continues.

I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous but just let me slice it up for you and understand it”. He says that success doesn’t care if you’re happy or sad, motivated or not – it doesn’t care if you’re an early bird or you get up late. What matters the most and what success cares about is if you do the right things. 

Let’s delve into what Christoper and his Magnetic Mind Masterclass has to offer. Continue reading my review below. 

This One’s Much Better

He believes that the self-esteem movement is about one thing, and one thing only – and that’s identity. “The theory is simple, if you don’t think well of yourself, you won’t think you deserve success. You therefore need to sabotage yourself and underachieve your best efforts and live a miserable life if you don’t have self-esteem,” Chris explains. 

That’s what matters and many people got this wrong. What most of them miss is that they’re positive because they have created the life they love, but you don’t need to feel good to create it. 

Some of the most successful people on the planet have low self-esteem. Mariah Carey said that she has low self-esteem, Einstein, Hemingway, Churchill, and the list goes on and on. “The truth is you don’t have to fix yourself, in fact the idea or the premise of fixing yourself will become a life mission, rather than being your life mission to live life,” Chris discusses.

We all know that everything is just a never ending cycle unless we fix it. If you have a big problem – feeling a little bit overweight or you haven’t got enough money to pay the bills, that motivates big action. However, big action starts to solve the problem. Solving the problem only makes less tension and will eventually go back to being a big problem.

People are so ingrained with the idea that they must fix themselves, that it is so hard for them to let go of. “The structure is what creates”, he says. If you’re a super motivated person and you get yourself into a dead end job, it doesn’t matter how positive or motivated you are, that structure of a job that is going nowhere will get you nowhere. 

You must leave that structure behind to create something new. And it goes the same way as being in a relationship. If the structure of the relationship is you’re both just trying to fill each other up, it doesn’t matter how much work you do, the structure won’t let you. 

You can solve all your problems in life, and still not have what you love. Chris Duncan is an investor, entrepreneur, author, coach and most especially, a teacher. He founded the Conscious Education Company, and wrote the books You’re not Broken and The Superconcious Path.

Through his Magnetic Mind programs, he has combined the knowledge of creating technology, alchemy and neuroscience into a straightforward, user-friendly process that has helped millions of people.

This One’s Much Better

In his Magnetic Mind Masterclass, you will get four 3-day life courses in the span of 12 months. A self-help coach with the man itself that gives in-depth discussions on the do’s and don’ts which will let you have a huge transformation, for the better. 

In addition to that, there are also 6 sessions every week that you can tune-in to and he doesn’t mind if you can’t join all of them because of the timezones and other conflicts. 

Having to join at least twice a week is gonna keep you in momentum and they’re gonna work you through your choices.

There is also a huge online university that just keeps getting bigger. There’s a 12-week plan for you to go from A-Z, from self conscious to super conscious living. A two and a half years worth of audio records, a recommended reading list, advanced training and many more.

Chris always reiterates the thing about changing one’s structure. You have the desire to live the life that you love and you may have been frustrated with your results in the past but with the proper guidance, which he believes is the one for you, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. 

After completing all these, and you realized that maybe this is your calling, to become a self-help coach, they also would like you to be part of your team and help countless people just like you when you started. Costs of the program weren’t shown. You can ask for more details once you’ve got in touch with one of their representatives.

This One’s Much Better