Get Logo Sales Review

The video pitch started off with Zak showing screenshots of his income from doing his logo business. But what can screenshots prove right? We all know that it can easily be manufactured or copied from other people. But hold your horses because he literally demonstrated and proved that each screenshot is on his actual account.

He recorded himself logging into his Paypal account, to show y’all actual proof of what will really happen when you follow his system. In the span of 30 days, he acquired more or less sixty grand, added to that, in 60 days, he’s on $110k, and on the 90th day, he’s nearing a hundred and fifty grand.  

Interested in how he went from posting all over on social media for 6 months straight trying to sell logos and only having $50 on his paypal account to achieving the numbers stated above? Keep reading on my review below.

This One’s Much Better

Zak Loveday dropped out of college when he was in his 20s. No money, no savings, no nothing. And he feels that people are talking about him behind his back. So much fire that he wanted to prove them all wrong, Zak decided to build a side hustle, which is selling logos.

Logos are easy to sell,” he said. “If I can get this right, I’ll have a business that makes me money for years”, he continued. The only problem is he doesn’t have any background in business and marketing. But instead of trusting any system and doing some trial and errors, both wasting time and money, he just started doing it all by himself. 

He began posting all over social media to get people’s attention and eventually get some potential clients to work with. He also is the one designing the logos so that he can save money from paying designers.

Where did it lead Zak? A complete nightmare. Because what he’s doing can also be done by other people, easily. What he got were time-wasting freebie seekers who didn’t have any intention of paying him for his services. He’s offering his clients a free logo design, and they can pay him if they liked it.  

I know there are clients who are worthy of our services because they actually value what you do, but what he got are ungrateful clients. Why? They can keep the logo once they see it and not reply at all, or worse, they can also tell him straight away that they didn’t like it just to get it for free. That’s a flaw that Zak did.

Everything that happened during the past 6 months of his life where everything didn’t go as he had planned, it gave him the boost and experience he needed to go all-in. Instead of quitting and finding a corporate job where the boss will dictate what he can and can’t do with his time. 

This One’s Much Better

He created a system that will do all the work for him. From posting ads on social media, to finding clients and then outsource orders and finding designers that will work for him. What he first did is he built an Automated Sales Machine (ASM) where the clients will ask 4 specific questions which I think can give Zak the idea of what kind of logo the clients are looking for.

And then the clients will pay for some down payment. The system will filter those freebie-seekers from actual clients who actually pay. This way, Zak addressed the flawed system he did in the past where he made logos before getting paid. He told his friends about it, his friends told their friends about it and the word spread like wildfire.

But Zak doesn’t want to keep on depending on his warm market. He ran what he called “Simple Test Ads”, where he simply focused on testing a bunch of $5 ads, dropping the ones that didn’t work and scale the ones that worked. As soon as he’d done it, clients automatically started coming straight to his ASM. 

The last hurdle is how to outsource those customers. Because of the so-called success of his system gathering a huge amount of clients, it takes a lot of time finishing all of them. And as the waiting time widens, the credibility of your business narrows, and the customers become less interested. 

Outsourcing manually is such a drag, because of time differences to other designers in other parts of the world. So he decided he doesn’t want to be the middleman anymore. He created a system to automatically fulfill logo orders. Receive order, automatically send it to a designer, and once it’s done, the logo will be sent directly to the customer. He called it the Logo Fulfillment System.

That’s when he completed a blow out system Get Logo Sales, that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Get in touch with Zak to know more about the cost and get an in-depth explanation on how the system works.

This One’s Much Better