Local Marketing Vault Reviews

Local Marketing Vault Reviews

Searching suitable images, effective writing for promotional purposes, creating the right offer and getting the right target audience are usually the what is needed in order to run a successful paid ad campaigns to help local businesses get more customers.

Paid ads are like the ads you see on your phone or computer when you are on certain websites, search engines and even social medias (including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram). Businesses or people pay money to put these ads on such platforms in order to reach specific groups of people and it will show up next to the regular posts. These ads help businesses get noticed online, bring more people to their websites, and get more customers when people click on it, view it or do specific actions with it.

The Local Marketing Vault shows you how to use paid ads in a certain or local area to find customers for small businesses. It teaches you ways to find people who might be interested in the services you offer, reach out to them to make sales, and create Facebook Ads that make clients want to keep paying you every month.

In this review, we will be tackling what Local Marketing Vault is, an overview of the course and how it can help you make money online.

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James Bonadies

Local Marketing Vault Reviews

James Bonadies is an expert with over 8 years of experience in lead generation and local advertising that had developed multiple courses through his agency including Two Page Sites and Visibility Cloud, LLC.

He grew up in Wayne, New jersey and had attended Caldwell University, where he finished a Bachelor in Administration in Education and Business, and in Rutgers University where he finished a degree in Economics. His experience in lead generation, business and expertise in copywriting made him a 7-figure income earner and an eligible coach for many students to become successful in this industry.

In the earlier days, James was a passionate Business Education teacher. Unfortunately, it doesn’t enable him to provide the lifestyle he wanted for his family. This dilemma made him to look for other ways and that’s when he stumbled upon lead generation via a Facebook Ad that caught his attention; a story about a hardworking individual who teaches how to get leads and customers for local businesses.

He started hustling between teaching and doing business online, discovering the potential for significant profits through lead generation. On 2016, his profit from his online business was three times higher than what he is making with teaching. It was then that he decided to dedicate his time being an entrepreneur.

Jason McKim

Local Marketing Vault Reviews

Jason transitioned from a traditional “real job” and delve into the world of SEO. Encountering setbacks in entrepreneurship, he temporarily shifted gears to work as a financial consultant. However, he soon realized that this path was not aligned with what he wants. Determined to change his career path, he started intently learning about SEO to sharpen his knowledge while doing side hustle at the same time.

After some time, he realized that he could pursue this endeavor independently and serve multiple companies instead. As he continue sharpening his skills in SEO and paid traffic, he eventually launched his own agency and actually got a handful of clients.

During a seminar, Jason and James crossed paths. Jason, the instructor responsible for teaching students the complexity of paid traffic within LMV, while James serves as a motivator and aids in program promotion.

What is Local Marketing Vault?

Local Marketing Vault Reviews

Helping local businesses to get more customers by running paid ads is the goal of Local Marketing Vault.

Local Marketing Vault is an online course that teaches you to master paid ads and make sales. It teaches you how to run paid ads for local businesses and get paid every month for it. With great job, your clients will be paying you monthly. This will make your business grow and work with more clients who will pay you regularly.

Paid ads help local business get more customers. Normally, business owners don’t have all the time in their hands and wait for their website to rank organically. As a digital marketing agency, you will be helping them by running paid ads to increase their online presence and acquire targeted audience.

Local Marketing Vault Modules

Local Marketing Vault’s course consists of 24 modules that are rich in content, comprehensive and designed for both newbies and advanced entrepreneurs.

1st Module: Introduction

Like most courses, Local Marketing Vault starts with an introduction of James and Jason wherein they will be giving you an overview of what you can expect throughout the course and what you can learn from it. You will also be given insider tips on how you can interact with your clients so that you will be able to establish the impression that you are going for by using the correct words (like how you should avoid calling yourself a “Freelancer” or an “SEO specialist” and instead, should be referred to as business growth consultant), what questions to ask and how to sound confident.

2nd Module: How you can get Clients

Searching for clients and getting rejected is part of the process. In this module, you will be taught how to acquire clients and getting clients means finding people who might want to use what you offer and convincing them to do so. In order to do this, you can arrange meeting with new people, calling them on the phone, sending them emails, going to events where they might be, or using social media like Facebook or Instagram.

Making connections is very important on this stage. It shows that you know what you are doing, and explain how your products or services can help them. Treating your customers well and keeping them happy, might even encourage them to tell their friends about you (advertising through word of mouth) or come back to use your services again. Either way, it will be a great help to get more clients.

3rd Module: Vault Mindset

Setting a firm mindset might be cliche but it is very important as you commit to something. Distractions will always be there but with a mindset, it can help you get back on track.

This module will help you to establish a proper mindset that you will be needing for this kind of online business. Led by Jason McKim, he makes a point on how you should not rely on back up plans. Yes, you read that right.

Having a back up plan is great, it’s what mostly life taught us. However, according to Jason, knowing that you have a sort of option on the side will make you lenient on the actions that you will take. On the other hand, if you set your mind that this is the only option you have, you will be forced to give all that you have that will eventually help you pave your path to success.

4th Module: Learning the Vault Marketing Strategy

The technicality starts here. They offer a concept called Value Ladder wherein, since there are tons of services that you can offer to them, you will be starting by offering a low-cost or low-risk offer and eventually walking them up to a more profitable one.

It is mostly about being able to build a good relationship with them. Starting with a small offer and consistently succeeding, you will earn your client’s trust in your abilities and eventually, they would agree to up the game with you by their side.

5th module: Training with Vault Services

This module will taught you what services you can offer to your clients as well as how you can bring more leads, conversions and sales to them. You will be taught several marketing strategies that you can use depending on your prospect clients, like SEO, video marketing, Google My Business and others.

The module will also introduce some new tools that are essential to your venture. One of them is called Dashclicks, which helps you generate different kinds of reports for outsourcing.

It also teaches you the three main categories that successful businesses use: Brand, Customers Now and Customers Later.

  • Brand – It’s basically about how people see, hear and what they say about a business. Playing a vital role in  here are reviews as well as websites and social media.
  • Customers Now –  aims to quickly get customers by using swift methods like paid ads to grab attention and boost sales by using online ads, social media, and search engines to instantly interest potential customers. This would help businesses reach their target audience and get them to act fast, leading to more customers and higher earnings.
  • Customer Later – This is where long-term methods like SEO to get customers gradually enters. Instead of quick results like paid ads, SEO helps to improve a website’s visibility in search engines over time by improving its content and structure. This helps attract natural traffic and gain trust from potential customers with useful contents. While SEO results may take longer than paid ads, they can lead to steady growth and getting customers consistently in the future.

6th Module: Vault Sales Strategy

Vault Sales Strategy’s approach is all about putting the client first and making sure you talk to them in a way that makes sense to them. Instead of using technical words, it is better to talk about things that matter to the client, like getting more phone calls, making more sales, or saving time.

This module will teach you all about selling to clients including tips like making sure to plan the next meeting before finishing one, asking lots of questions that lead to “yes” answers during presentations to influence behavior, and using questions like “how do you feel about that?” to understand your clients better and show you care about their feelings. These methods help you communicate better and build stronger relationships with clients.

Being a salesperson is not actually a necessity as well. The module also provides advices on how you can engage with clients with your skills and confidence. In addition to that, it also provides

7th Module: Establishing Your Agency

This part focuses on understanding why someone wants to start their own business. Jason talks about his own challenges growing up and how they motivated him to start his own business.

The section gives advices on legal stuff like starting a business and saving money on tools. It also talks about pricing strategies, how you could look professional with paperwork, and ways how to find clients. There is even a checklist to help you organize information from clients. The main goal is to show that you are confident and professional when dealing with clients.

In addition, you will be given motivational stories by Jason and James that they hope can inspire you and help build your success.

8th Module: Value Ladder “Done For You” Style

As an extension with the Value Ladder concept, the module goes deeper into its practical application. It is designed to help you identify potential clients and understand their needs better.

James and Jason will show you the exact steps they did for their own value ladder. The goal is to guide you to come up with your own plan although, they are generous enough to let you copy theirs as well.

9th Module: Learning All About Funnel

Sales Funnels is actually a visual representation what the customers do before finally making a purchase. This module will be teaching you how to create your own sales funnel website.

The Local Marketing Vault’s funnel training is tailored for local businesses, which sets it apart from other funnel-building resources. It offers focused instruction and access to ready-made funnels for different industries.

If you need to create a custom funnel, Jason guides you through using ClickFunnels step by step. Although the lessons are mostly in videos, you can get quick help from the Facebook group. It even includes tips on removing distractions for clients, making logos with Canva, and using CallFire for call and text forwarding, making it a valuable resource for marketers.

10th Module: Funnel Automation

This module does two things; it teaches you about email autoresponders and how to use them to get leads; as well as showing you a completely automated funnel system using Zapier – an online platform that helps you connect with lots of other tools, making automation simple and flexible for you.

In this part, James and Jason will make automation easy for everyone. They will explain each steps with videos to make sure it’s clear. Users also learn to make a spreadsheet that updates automatically with new leads and how to share leads among different people in a business.

11th Module: Training on Vault Software

This module introduces two tools: HOWDE and TrueReview.

Interestingly, these tools can be used by anyone freely but by joining the Local Marketing Vault, you will be able to receive effective training on how to optimize its usage.

  • HOWDE – It reaches out to leads automatically from contact forms until they reply, making communication easier. It sends texts, voicemails, and emails over a few days to increase the chance of getting a response.
  • TrueReview – handles getting reviews and notifies users of any negative ones, which is crucial for keeping a good online reputation. Since online reviews affect buying decisions a lot, this automation is super important.

12th Module: All About Facebook Ads

This module gives you useful tips and methods that will make your agency stand out. They provide proven plans customized for specific niches, tested worldwide for success.

The training starts by showing you how to use the business manager and lets you open two right away. You will learn everything from researching Facebook campaigns to setting up tracking pixels. They cover important parts of campaign management like duplicating ads, split testing, scaling, retargeting, and making engaging ad videos. They also introduce the 3v3 method, where you create different ad sets to quickly find and fix any ads that aren’t working well. Though this method may need more money upfront, it leads to better results in just 24 hours.

13th Module: Optimizing Facebook Messenger Chat Bot

In this module, you will be taught about chatbots and how they can help local businesses. The training explains creating Messenger lists with up to 95% open rates, which is interestingly have higher open rates than email lists.

Chatbots can send automatic welcome messages and share info like contact details, promotions and can even answer simple FAQs. They also let businesses talk directly to customers without needing someone to monitor messages all the time. Using chatbots with Facebook ads is suggested to get more leads and make customer interactions easier for business owners.

14th Module: Pay-Per-Click Training

This module teaches you how to run Google ads effectively for businesses as well as focusing on common challenges and valuable insights.

Unlike Facebook ads, Google PPC ads target users actively searching for specific terms, while ensuring high relevance. Careful keyword selection is essential to avoid wasting money, but the Vault’s ready-made campaigns can help with this. Users also learn important skills like keyword research, landing page creation, and ad group setup. Advanced topics like display and Gmail ads are covered too, providing a diverse range of knowledge. Tips such as using AdWords Wrapper and monitoring conversions closely are shared to improve campaign performance.

15th Module: Vault Campaign Reviews

These sessions involve showcasing campaigns created by students with guidance from James and Jason. Each video session lasts for about an hour and offers practical advice and demonstrations, making it highly beneficial for learning.

For instance, students learn the importance of using the AdWords Wrapper tool and focusing on Broad Modified and Phrase Match keywords to target specific queries effectively. This strategy ensures ads are displayed to relevant audiences, minimizing wasted spending on irrelevant searches.

16th Module: Weekly Q & A Calls

In this module, students get helpful tips and strategies from both newbies and successful earners by listening to live Q and A Sessions. Don’t worry about missing any. You will also have an access to it online where you can re-watch.

17th – 20th Module: Done-For-You Vault Campaigns

In these sections of modules, you will learn important marketing strategies and access pre-made campaigns to boost your competitiveness.

The training is organized into tiers, each offering tailored campaigns for various industries, along with different monthly fees. You will receive step-by-step guidance on running campaigns on platforms like Facebook, along with valuable tips on targeting and ad settings.

Additionally, the module also provides a full campaign example, covering traffic types, landing page design, ad content, and targeting, simplifying the process of implementing effective marketing strategies. These resources enable you to launch successful campaigns and attract clients quickly.

21st Module: LMV Tech Concierge

Local Marketing Vault Reviews

In simpler terms, this section serves as the personal support system within the Local Marketing Vault (LMV) for individuals engaged in local marketing efforts. The team here is readily available to offer guidance and assistance whenever you face any challenges in your lead generation campaign.

22nd Module: The Advanced Gold VIP

This module is only for those who paid the course fee in full upfront, without installment plans. It provides advanced sales scripts, funnels, lead generation strategies, and more. It’s a good reason to pay upfront, as its effective content is highlighted in previous modules’ case studies.

23rd Module: The 10K Club

This is a bonus for Local Marketing Vault members who make over $10,000 in sales per month. Members of this $10K club get special perks and benefits, which can help grow their businesses and possibly earn even more than $10,000.

24th Module: LMV’s Partnership Program

This partnership program lets members join forces and work together to grow their businesses. This setup allows you to balance each other’s strengths, like one person managing funnel websites while the other handles client interactions and sales. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to develop long-term business connections for added benefits in the future.


Starting a digital marketing agency is appealing for those with strong sales skills, as mastering prospecting can quickly bring in clients, boosting income and benefiting their businesses. But with LMV, they will help you from Day 1, step 1 and throughout your journey as an entrepreneur.

Lead generation might be challenging at first but what is not? Every beginning is hard but eventually, it will get easier. This is an ultimate move towards the work-life balance everyone is yearning for.

In addition, there may be other courses that offer training regarding Lead Generation but for me, LMV is the best option to go for. Aside from comprehensive topics and top-notch contents, the mentors and other members are really friendly and supportive which is a foundation for success.

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