Lil Cross Reviews

Getting involved in the music industry is like stepping into a vibrant and ever-changing ecosystem where creativity meets commerce. It’s a journey that demands passion, dedication, and a clear sense of purpose.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist, producer, manager, or any other role within the industry, understanding your goals is most important. The music business is not just about melodies and lyrics; it involves contracts, royalties, and legal intricacies.

While major record labels have been traditional gatekeepers, independent routes have gained prominence, allowing artists to leverage digital distribution and direct connections with fans. Adaptability to technology and a resilient mindset are vital, as the industry is known for its highs and lows.

That’s where Lil Cross comes in, together with his company/band named Dead to the World. Not much of an appealing name doesn’t it? It might be a little intimidating but they offer services that can help you thrive in the music industry. Wanna learn more? Continue reading on my Lil Cross review down below.

But before getting into the review…

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Who is Lil Cross?

Julian Hurt a.k.a Lil Cross is a composer, singer/rapper, and an entrepreneur. Together with Ethan Marino and Gumby, they established “Dead to the World”, a music business coaching and development company. 

Julian Hurt

But before getting into the company, let’s talk a little more about Lil Cross. Ever since he was a little, he’s been fond of music and the music industry. Lil Cross has been mastering his craft since then until he decided to drop out of college to pursue his dream. 

His way of saving up money is by hosting his own studio sessions for other artists in his very own apartment. And these same artists came to him asking if he could find a place where they can perform in front of people. They need him like a producer, or an event host of some sort.

Finding the venue, picking the perfect time to rent it, producing tickets to sell, and many more processes needed before the actual performance. Neither of them expected that they had sold so many tickets and the event became so successful that it outweighs the cost that they fork out for the venue and other stuff.

That’s when a spark of an idea came to Lil Cross. He’s then eager to learn more about how he can do this kind of business more often, to scale and sell more tickets, then this kind of business can really thrive. That’s when he decided to tell the two lads to register their band name as an LLC also. 

What is “Dead to the World”?

Dead to the World

Dead to the World is their band name but also became a licensed business thanks to the idea of Lil Cross. It started off as an in-house studio, so that they won’t need to do studio sessions in his apartment anymore. They’ve cut down the expenses considerably through this move. 

Even though they don’t have a massive capacity to cater a huge amount of attendees, they are still able to bring in profit with this event hosting type of business. Aside from hosting events, there also comes a time where artists that go to their studio sessions ask their opinions. 

Many musicians approached them out of need, asking basic questions like how to set up their own PROs (who are in charge of collecting money from artists when their songs are performed or broadcast in public), distribution, and other things. Typically, they bill for these consultations in the same way as they do for studio sessions.

Lil Cross hired coaches and mentors asking if what they’re doing was right, or can it be improved in a way that they can really earn big bucks with it, and most of them said yes. Lil Cross’ idea is a scalable business, the real deal that he has been looking for since day 1.

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What Services Do They Offer?

DTW Offers

With the help of the coaches Lil Cross talked with, they’ve been able to repackage the offers that the gang have been doing since the beginning to a much more elaborate high-ticket course

Dead to the World Headquarters is a collective of ARTISTS that work with ARTISTS, offering artist consultation, studio sessions, and booking for your next live event. These days, it’s quite difficult to find something like that. They still actively pursue their dreams and are always attempting to push the limits of their own careers, so they are aware of what works and what doesn’t. 

Artist Consultation

Indie artists bring a refreshing and diverse flavor to the music scene. They are the heartbeat of musical innovation, unbound by the constraints of major labels. The indie spirit is about more than just being unsigned; it’s a commitment to creative freedom and a willingness to carve out one’s path in the industry.

However, being an indie artist also comes with its challenges. Navigating the business side of things, from self-promotion to managing finances, can be demanding. And that’s where DTW Headquarters comes in.

Building Your Own Brand

They will teach you how to create your own brand, depending on the type of personality that you have. Building a brand is a dynamic and essential aspect of navigating the music industry. It goes beyond just creating music; it’s about crafting a distinctive identity that resonates with your audience. Your brand is the unique story you tell through your music, visuals, and overall persona.

Build a Community/Fanbase

Using social media platforms to personally interact with your fan base encourages a feeling of community and loyalty. Not only can you share your music on these platforms, but you can also use them to give behind-the-scenes looks at your ideas, inspirations, and experiences.


The course that they offer also contains lead generation information with the music industry as its core. Marketing funnels, lead magnets, email campaigns, etc. are included in this consultation course. They will also teach you other things that you can market aside from your music, like having merchandise (e.g. t-shirt, caps, mugs, etc.).

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Studio Sessions

They have an in-house studio session where not only you can record your own music, but they will also give opinions on what can be done in order to make your music more marketable and be easily monetized. 

And with the wide range of artists that’s working with them, or so they say, this is the perfect place for you, as an indie artist, to look for collaborations or partnerships with like-minded artists that can further enhance your brand and expose you to new audiences. They can help you set up with people with the same genre as you or even with people that they think is a good combination for your choice of music. 

Even Hosting

Event Hosting

Aside from the marketing side of things using lead generation applications, DTW also offers a mini-course on how you will successfully host your own events. From planning and strategy to budget management, timeline and schedule, finding the venue, number of attendees, ticket sales and promotion, security and anything else that’s needed, they’ve got it all covered.

What they guarantee you is if you ever don’t generate at least $3,000 profit in the first 2 months of setting up and hosting your live event, then you don’t have to pay anything plus they will work with you until you’ve achieved that initial goal. 

They don’t include any costs on any of the services that they offer but they’re clear on not giving refunds on any of them. The reason for that is to implement a trusting and professional environment into their studio.

Pros and Cons of Being an Indie Artist


  • You’ll have creative freedom which allows for experimentation and authenticity.
  • You can establish a direct and meaningful connection with your fan base through social media, live performances and other communication channels.
  • You have full control of business decisions, which allows you to adapt quickly to industry changes and trends.
  • You can explore a wide range of genres and styles, appealing to niche audiences with unique and diverse sounds.
  • Have access to diversified revenue streams aside from music sales and streaming, like live performances, merchandise etc.


  • Like in any other business, going solo, or having a coach will prove financial challenges along the way.
  • Gaining exposure as an indie artist in a saturated market can be challenging.
  • You don’t only think about music, but also the administrative tasks like contracts, royalties, and marketing, hence it can be a bit overwhelming especially for those who just started.
  • Lack of industry connections and opportunities such as high-profile collaborations or placements.

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While it is a good idea to start your own business in the music industry, you should also think about what unique traits you have to offer in this oversaturated market. Even though DTW offers different services and has a lot of success stories from their clients, it’s really hard to believe each and everyone of them since upon checking Ethan and Lil Cross’ Spotify profiles, they both have less than 200 monthly listeners from their music. 

Might be that they don’t focus anymore on their own music and just focus on helping other artists pave their way to stardom, we never know. But as artists themselves, they should set an example or give a face to what they truly offer. Be their own example of successful artists using their own techniques and strategies.

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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