Likely AI Reviews

Brad McDaniel isn’t afraid to make the claim that if you’re not leveraging AI in your business, you’ll get left behind. Of course, he’ll say that, he’s the man behind Likely AI, after all.

All the clown show surrounding the tech makes us think otherwise. The potential is intriguing, but so far, it isn’t quite realized yet. With the way AI hallucinates and makes up stuff, it isn’t advisable to use it in making key decisions.

How about the AI in Likely AI, then? Is it any different? We’ll answer that plus reveal all the things you need to know about the program in this review.

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Overview Of The Program

What Is Likely AI?

As a lead generation and monitoring program, the goal of Likely AI (alternatively, Likely.AI) is to revolutionize the way finance and real estate industry does marketing. They aim to do that by using massive amounts of data and advanced AI algorithms to predict the intent to sell, and locate distressed properties.

Their method is very similar to other AI-infused real estate programs like Catalyze AI, Housejet, and Offrs. But in addition to predicting those who are likely to sell, Likely AI also claim that their AI thang can do the following:

  • Ensure a lead’s info (e.g., property address, residence history, phone number) is up-to-date
  • Send instant notifications when an opportunity pops up

The first one is neat if true, but the second one? Receiving timely notifications isn’t a recent development, it’s expected, rather. You don’t need some real estate AI for that. Describing it as some sort of automation won’t change our mind.

Likely AI Real Estate AI

Anyway, the point of these is to be the first to know when someone needs your service. In the case of real estate agents, it gets them better chances in getting a prospect under a contract.

Their claim of being an award-winning program hinges on one, being voted number one AI company at the Keller Williams FutuRE pitch battle; two, being a finalist in 2022 Realogy Innovation Summit; and three, being named 2019 Game Changer by REAL Trends.

They got the wares, but oddly enough, not client reviews outside their website. At least, not positive ones that speak highly about the program.

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Why Use AI In Real Estate?

According to Likely AI, here are the reasons why it’s high time to incorporate AI in your real estate business:

  • It can save you time, money, and effort
  • You’ll never miss out on potential deals (less FOMO)
  • You’ll close more deals from your “sphere of influence” (some woo-woo stuff, eep!)
  • It can help with resurrecting old leads

Not only will your leads’ database be updated, AI will do it automatically for you. This, and knowing what leads to focus on is how you save up on resources while still being in the know of every opportunity.

Honestly, the list is just the expounded version of Brad’s bold statement we mentioned earlier.

Who Is Brad McDaniel?

Likely AI Brad McDaniel

Brad McDaniel is the current CEO of Likely AI. He’s also the one who established the Texas-based (or is it Washington now?) program back in 2016. He calls himself an entrepreneur and visionary.

Brad firmly believes that it’s fine trashing a thousand good ideas if it means sticking to one awesome idea. He prolly classifies Likely AI as the latter, since he left his cozy management job at Vast to start the program.

The very few reviews outside their site say otherwise. Doncha worry, we’ll talk about that later.

Understanding The Program

What Is REfresh Engine?

Likely AI REfresh Engine

REfresh Engine is Likely AI’s proprietary “Enrich + Predict + Monitor + Engage” system used in predicting the intent to sell. It’s their so-called ultimate cheat code for one’s real estate business.

Enrich: With REfresh engine, you don’t have to worry about wasting your leads without address. The system will try to fill it up and more by adding all the important up-to-date info.

Predict: They guarantee that one out of ten likely sellers will actually make a listing within three to six months. Knowing this, you can focus your marketing efforts on these people and save on resources.

Monitor: The system will monitor the leads, and update the database if there’s a change. If something needs your immediate attention (e.g., potential deal), it’ll notify you right away.

Engage: The engine incorporates ChatGPT, so you don’t have to draft emails, listing description, and replies yourself. With just a click, you’ll get something that’s relevant AND empathetic. Marketing and follow-ups done easy.

P.S. For your convenience, you can upload your database in the system as a spreadsheet (in Excel or CSV format), through a CRM integration, or through Likely AI’s GEO Farm. Heck, you can even enter what you have manually on their website, whatever works for you.

How Does Likely AI Integrate With Follow Up Boss?

Follow Up Boss is a popular tool among real estate agents. More than just a CRM, it’s a central hub where one scale their business.

The said tool has over 250 lead sources integrations and one of them is Likely AI. By integrating Likely AI with Follow Up Boss, you can get the following info:

  • Likely seller and distressed scores (the indicator whether someone is likely to sell/has distressed properties)
  • Map view of the property, including its estimated value and last sold date
  • Leads’ database that gets updated with correct info automatically
  • Option to use ChatGPT to generate listing description and emails
  • Data-driven triggered events automation

The automation will fire up notifications based on triggers such as likely seller probability change, COVID-19 distressed score change, foreclosure auction date, available equity, owner occupied status changes, LTV change, owner state address updates, and more.

Likely AI Dashboard

Take note that the predictive scoring and automated notifications are also available without using the Follow Up Boss integration (none or a different one like Moxiworks). Just check the dashboard provided by Likely AI.

What Is Likely AI’s GEO Farm?

Likely AI’s GEO Farm claims to focus on a specific area (as specified by your zip code of choice) to generate leads instead of spreading it out across various locations. There’s also an option to filter it further according to your requirements like desired property type, last sold date, estimated value range, etc.

Who Is It For?

Contrary to popular belief, Likely AI is not just for real estate agents. They can also be for brokers searching for top agents to recruit in their team, for loan officers wanting access to real estate professionals who might need their service, and for investors who want to monitor the housing market to look out for potential distressed properties.

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Assessment Of The Program

How Much Does Likely AI Cost?

The cost of Likely AI starts at $89 a month for 2,000 contacts. This is their offer named Launch that also includes a fourteen-day trial. There’s an additional cost if you require their GEO Farm to generate leads.

For Grow and Scale offer, it cost $199 a month for 5,000 contacts, and $599 a month for 15,000 contacts, respectively. All the offers have a yearly pricing at $899 (Grow), $1,999 (Launch), and $5,999 (Scale).

Watch out for holidays sales such as the Black Friday sale for discounts up to 50% off on their monthly fees.

What Are The Positives?

With the programs we’ve reviewed so far, Likely AI has been the most transparent on how they use their AI-infused system. They didn’t say that they’re leveraging AI and big data, and just that. They also spill some tea regarding their algorithm and scoring system.

Having several ways to import your database here is also appreciated. Must be nice that your contacts from lead sources other than Likely AI isn’t going to be wasted. After all, the program also promised to resurrect old leads.

Lastly, the fourteen-day trial could be useful to check out the program first before fully committing. Just make sure to use prepaid cards to protect yourself from automatic billing.

What Are The Negatives?

Likely AI Reviews

The most obvious con about Likely AI is the lack of social proof. Awards don’t mean anything if there’s not much chatter online from clients using the program. That’s exluding those posted by Likely AI themselves, those are likely biased. If there’s any outside their site, it’s all bad ones that discourage everyone from using the program.

We’re talking about the reviews posted on Likely AI’s Facebook page. Many have agreed that they’re a horrible company to work with. As in, be ready to pop some aspirin if you unfortunately subscribed to their service.

They made extravagant promises, but only deliver garbo leads on a buggy platform. On top of that, their customer service is also awful. For a program that preaches how their system can automate follow-ups, it’s quite ironic how they take weeks to reply some sorry-ass excuse.

From the experience of previous clients, don’t expect them to give refunds. All they do promise, but won’t follow through. You’ll have better chances of getting your money back by disputing it directly with your CC company.

Their supposed use of big data, automation, and AI on their system looks good on paper. In reality, it sucked, and they’re ass.

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In summary, we don’t recommend Likely AI. Simply put, they don’t walk the talk. And you know what, they’re different than the typical AIs since they’re much worse. There, I said it.

As a reminder, be vigilant for programs that are huffin’ and puffin’ about predictive analytics. The term seems to be the fave of scummy programs that rides the AI hype without the means to properly implement the tech.

To add, y’all gotta protect yourself from fraudulent charges by only using prepaid cards that you can set the spending limits and expiry. Better be safe than “a program billed my card without my consent!” sorry.