Legendary Marketer Review

Legendary Marketer Review

David’s goal in building Legendary Marketer is to empower individuals in launching and / or  expanding their online ventures by using innovative marketing strategies and to help them gain essential personal, business, and marketing expertise to excel through affiliate marketing.

With his program, David provides access to comprehensive digital courses, including virtual coaching, and conducting live gatherings, at the same time, encouraging a dynamic and supportive environment for growth.

In this review, we would be knowing all about David, his program, the advantage and disadvantages that it has and if this program is definitely worth it!

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Who is David Sharpe?

Legendary Marketer Review

David Sharpe is from St. Petersburg, Florida, who founded the Legendary Marketer. He faced difficulty in his early life; dropping out of Clearwater High School in the 9th grade and struggling with substance abuse. Despite these challenges though, he conquered addiction in 2008, returned to his parents’ home, and took up construction work.

Driven by a desire for financial independence, Sharpe explored online income opportunities, investing heavily in internet marketing courses. Later on, he discovered affiliate marketing where he experienced remarkable success as he generate over $150 million in sales within seven years. Together with a business partner, named David Cross, he was also the co-founder of The Empower Network, an MLM company.

However, in 2017, Empower Network filed for bankruptcy following significant financial losses due to an accounting error. Undeterred, Sharpe co-founded Legendary Marketer that same year, achieving over $250 million in online sales since its inception.

Sharpe maintains a strong social media presence, boasting a great number of followers and subscribers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He actively shares insights on his David Sharpe YouTube channel, featuring interviews with fellow entrepreneurs on achieving financial freedom.

What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer Review

David created Legendary Marketer in 2017, creating an online educational platform with the goal of assisting individuals to explore income-generating opportunities on the internet.

The platform provides a number of online courses, coaching sessions, and live mastermind events designed to lead its participants through several methods and strategies of online wealth generation.

According to David himself, the program focuses on using high-ticketing online business model like affiliate marketing, digital products, coaching and consults, and live events .In addition, Legendary Marketer also provides training on increasing YouTube channel subscribers, developing online courses, becoming an online consultant, and much more.

The platform features seven online training programs along with an in-person mastermind event called the Legendary Marketer Mastermind live event.

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Training Programs

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

Legendary Marketer Review

The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge is the first step for people who are interested in Legendary Marketer. It’s a 15-day program where you will receive daily instructional videos by email, guiding you on starting your own business and providing tasks to complete. In addition, a “Business Plan Advisor” will be assisting you in creating a business plan.

This challenge with this course is that, you have to understand all about online marketing in just 15 days! Like a crash course, you will learn how to start and grow an online business, covering various aspects of digital marketing each day. You’ll learn about branding, product selection, and online selling.

Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity for one-on-one sessions with experts and to join a supportive community for extra help and support.

Pricing: $7

The Legendary Marketers Club

Legendary Marketer Review

The Legendary Marketer’s Club is like having access to a big library of training videos for marketing where you pay a monthly fee to watch them. They cover topics like “Sales Secrets From The 5-Billion Dollar Man” and “The Journey To 250,000 YouTube Subscribers as well as different topics, like how to use YouTube for marketing, led by experts like Nathan Lucas.

You also get to join live webinars each week where experts answer questions. The club takes content from past events that usually cost a lot to attend, making it cheaper for people who want to learn about marketing. It is a good option if you want to learn from home and have internet access.

Pricing: $30 per month or $179 per year

Attraction Code

This Legendary Marketer product is a mini educational course designed for beginners aiming to teach the importance of establishing authority in their market.

In this mini course, David Sharpe provides valuable insights and guidance to help individuals building credibility and influence within their industry or niche. Covering topics like branding, reputation management, and thought leadership, participants gain valuable knowledge on positioning themselves effectively to earn trust and recognition among their target audience.

Using practical examples such as case studies and actionable strategies, David motivates beginners to take proactive steps in establishing themselves as authoritative figures within their chosen fields.

Pricing: Ranges from $27 to $37 (depending on the time you avail)

Traffic University

Traffic University is like a helpful library for learning how to run ads and make sales funnels online. It covers platforms like YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.

Participants will learn important skills and tricks to make their ads work well and create effective sales paths. The lessons are divided into easy-to-follow sections, helping students understand how to use each platform’s special features and audience details to get more visitors and sales.

From figuring out who to target with ads to making ads that grab attention, Traffic University teaches everything needed to become good at online advertising and funnel building.

Pricing: $247

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High-Ticketing Online Business Models

Affiliate Marketing

The Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint is a top-notch guide for beginners in affiliate marketing.

It helps you find profitable areas to focus on, set up accounts with different affiliate programs such as MaxBounty, JVzoo, Warrior Plus, and ClickBank, research products efficiently, promote them effectively, and grow your affiliate business with steady sales.

Digital Products

The Digital Products Business Blueprint is great for people who want to turn what they know to generate profit. This course teaches how to create and sell digital products like audio, video, or written content giving students the skills they need to make and market their digital products.

Coaching and Consulting

This course helps you turn your skills and/or interests into a service-based business. It talks a lot about coaching, including different types of coaching services, making proposals, pricing your services, finding potential clients, and more related topic.

Events and Masterminds

The Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint course teaches you how to plan, host, and make money from live events or mastermind gatherings. You’ll learn about finding the right venues, setting them up for mastermind sessions, as well as inviting guest speakers. The goal is to give you the knowledge and skills needed to organize successful events that keep people engaged and bring in profits.

The price of these programs are $2,500 each.

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Pros and Cons


Dave Sharpe is a highly successful entrepreneur in online marketing that leads a team who creates courses for all skill levels. Moreover, people who avail would be able join in a helpful community through a private Facebook group where they can connect with others. There are also live webinars and events for networking with peers and experts.


Legendary Marketer’s expensive programs may be too costly for some, and membership is limited to certain countries. Affiliates can only sell Legendary Marketer products which actually limits your options. Also, the courses don’t cover important SEO strategies. Some of the products offer short refund windows, as well. Plus, there are reports that there are many upsells. Joining the program as an affiliate definitely takes time and money.


To sum up, David Sharpe’s programs seem good for making money online, showing he knows his stuff. But it might be smart to think about other ways to do business because selling expensive stuff can be hard. People might take a long time to decide to buy, and there’s a risk with affiliate marketing too. If the things you’re promoting don’t sell well, you might not make any money at all.

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