Learn from Lucas Review

Today, we are going to talk about Learn from Lucas. Is it actually legit? Let’s find out in this Learn from Lucas review.

It has gotten somewhat easier for a lot of people to earn money from the skills and knowledge that they already have. Many individuals often go through the freelancer route because they can choose who they want to work for. But there are those that take an entirely different route altogether.

There are people who have managed to find some success in selling their own online course. Most of the time, these creators have a decent amount of experience working in a particular niche. They would often share their experiences on social media. And a lot of people would see those videos and posts.

It’s not particularly difficult to create your own online course. There are a handful of different platforms that help you setup the website for your course. But there are also a number of online courses that teach you how to start making your own online course, as well as other types of digital product. One such course is Lucas Lee-Tyson’s eponymous Learn from Lucas training program.

But is Learn from Lucas a good choice for learning about the basics of selling your own digital product? We’ll get to that in just a little bit.

But before getting into the review…

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Who Is Lucas Lee-Tyson?

Learn from Lucas creator Lucas Lee-Tyson

Lucas Lee-Tyson is the creator of the Learn from Lucas online course as well as the founder of a digital marketing agency called Growth Cave.

The journey that Lucas had towards this specific career of his was fairly straightforward. He always had some interest in technology, in some form. It started out with him wanting to learn how to edit graphics in Photoshop when he was a high schooler. And it kind of lead him towards entrepreneurship.

He was doing a lot of things when he wasn’t busy with his studies. Lucas tried everything that you could do when it comes to doing business online. It was digital marketing that got his attention. That was kind of when the seeds were planted when it came to starting his own digital marketing agency.

Lucas decided to enroll in a business management and entrepreneurship degree program. He worked as a marketing intern for a tech company. It was during a couple of sit ins when he realized that they were employing the same strategies that he was researching about online. And that was the push that lead Lucas to try his hand at it.

So Lucas started to work as a freelance specialist while he was on a break at his internship. He was able to help a lot of businesses with their ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook. His experience lead him to see the untapped potential of this particular market.

As he got more and more clients for what was then just a freelance job, Lucas decided to leave his internship after six weeks. But as Lucas was finding a bit of success in this particular venture, he was also being stretched too thin. So he decided to hire a couple more people and delegate tasks to them. That was basically how Growth Cave was formed.

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An Overview of Learn From Lucas

Now that we have talked about the person behind the program, let us now talk about exactly what the Learn from Lucas program entails.

Learn from Lucas was a program that Lucas Lee-Tyson released through his company Growth Cave. I am using the past tense because the Learn from Lucas program that I will be talking about in this section no longer exists. It has shifted towards a new focus, which will talk about later on.

This particular version of the Learn from Lucas program focused on what Lucas Lee-Tyson calls the “Digital Freedom System.” Basically, this system allows you to launch multiple streams of income using the same fundamentals that you will learn through the program. These income streams use the knowledge and skillset that you already have.

I say that because what you were primarily going to focus on in this program is the creation of your own online course. In the page that Lucas uses to promote the Learn from Lucas program, he mentions a content creator named Kat Norton, better known as Miss Excel, who has managed to make a business for herself teaching people how to use Microsoft’s suite of productivity software. Most of what Kat Norton charges for these courses range from $100 to $1,000.

You may be wondering to yourself why would you need to sign up for an online course on how to create an online course? Well, it’s because it is assumed that you don’t have some of the other necessary skillset that it takes to make a fully-realized online course.

Sure, you have specific knowledge and expertise that would lend well to a profitable online course. But there are a lot more that you should know in terms of producing video lessons, finding the right platform to host the course, and how to properly market it online.

What Did The Learn From Lucas Program Include? (And How Much Did It Cost?)

The website for Learn from Lucas

There were a handful of different bonuses that came with the Learn from Lucas program. Aside from the training modules for the “Digital Freedom System,” you also would have gotten access to live training sessions with Lucas Lee-Tyson. They also included the ability to have a one-on-one strategy call with a success coach.

The Learn from Lucas program also included a couple of other courses including the “Digital Millionaire Mindset Training” course, the “Cashflow Consulting” course from Growth Cave co-founder Ozzie Blessed. You also would have gotten access to GrowthBox.ai, which is a software that’s meant to help students in the program to easily launch their digital products. They also had a guarantee that there would have been updates to the training materials as long as you were still signed on.

As for the pricing of the Learn from Lucas program, there were three different options. The first two were subscriptions for either a monthly and yearly membership. It costs $8.99 for the monthly membership and $80.99 for the yearly membership. They also offered lifetime access to the program for a one-time payment of $97.

Lucas Makes A Shift

At the time of writing, Lucas Lee-Tyson has begun to offer a different program called Passive Apps. If you try to go to the URL for the Learn from Lucas website, it will automatically redirect you to a specific page of the Passive Apps website.

The page that you will be redirected to will be a form for a free webclass that Lucas Lee-Tyson is offering. If you choose to input your name and email address, you will be redirected to a timer saying that the webclass is about to start. It only took a few minutes before you’re redirected to the actual webclass.

What the webclass is focused on is how you could potentially make money out of Apple’s App Store through the use of “white label apps.” White label refers to a type of product manufactured by a company that you could then slap your label onto and sell it as your own product.

The webclass is two hours long. But if you wait long enough, it will give you a link to the checkout page for the Passive Apps Lab. For the most part, it’s pretty much similar to the Learn from Lucas program. In that it’s a video course.

The cost of to sign up for the Passive Apps Lab is a one-time payment worth $1,999. Though, they do offer installments up to 36 months through Klarna.

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Is Learn From Lucas Worth It?

It is sort of understandable why digital products were seen as a fairly lucrative market to tap into. People seem willing to buy certain digital products, like ebooks or access to online course, because there are those that want actually learn how to get into a specific niche or learn a new skill.

It kind of made sense why Lucas Lee-Tyson decided to pivot to a different niche after running the Learn from Lucas program for a few years. There is just so much competition that focusing on multiple digital products can be a tough sell. Especially when there are a lot of putting putting out products within the niche that you chose.

But in a sense, what Lucas Lee-Tyson is offering now is pretty much the same. Only this time, it’s focused on creating apps from different templates. And putting most of the content within those apps within a paywall, often a subscription. That’s where the income stream comes from.

All things considered, I would not recommend that you seek after any of the programs that Lucas Lee-Tyson offers.

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