Leadspring ISA Reviews

If you’re a real estate agent, you might’ve experienced the pain of cold-calling. Not only is it time-consuming, but also emotionally draining as well. No one can prepare you from the harsh rejections you might get here.

Fortunately, companies like Leadspring ISA offers a more efficient approach, warm lead calling, and they’ll do it on your behalf. They also include an option with lead generation, so you only have to swoop in come closing time.

To know more about Leadspring ISA, continue reading the review. We’ll show you all the things you need to know about them, including their process, and the pros and cons of their service.

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Leadspring ISA At A Glance

About The Program

Leadspring ISA is a company focused on providing both lead generation and lead conversion service. As their name implies, the lead conversion has something to do with their Inside Sales Agents (ISAs) “converting” leads to listing appointments.

With their claim of 70% listing appointment ratio, Leadspring ISA believes that they can provide results that could easily scale any real estate agent’s business.

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About Austin Benton

Leadspring ISA Austin Benton

Austin Benton is the former CEO of Leadspring ISA. He was the face of the company for at least seven years until he left his executive role last June.

As of the time of writing this, Leadspring ISA isn’t listing anyone on their site who replaced Austin. Hence, we still mentioned him here.

During his stint with Leadspring ISA, Austin was responsible for the management of all operations in the company, making sure that everything runs smooth like butter, but NOT like a criminal undercover. (Sorry ARMYs!)

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Inside Leadspring ISA: What You Need To Know

The Process In Summary

If you chose their ISA only option (ISA Call Center), you’ll be the one to provide the leads. Otherwise, Leadspring ISA will handle both the lead generation and lead conversion on your behalf with Listing On Demands option— all you have to do is wait, anticipate live transfers, and eventually close.

With leads, the promise is to generate “double-scrubbed”, exclusive ones on your choice of location that has a high chance of turning into appointments. They’ll get it primarily through Facebook ads.

They’ll also deliver the leads quickly, and you can expect some in just a few days. According to their website, they specialize in providing listing/seller leads, although their demo calls showcased leads that are buyers, most probably.

Once a lead is there, there will be a swift attempt to contact them, up to four calls in the first week. And yup, you have to anticipate some leads that don’t answer calls the first time. It is what it is.

Got the lead on the line, finally? If yes, it’s time for the ISAs to ask the most important questions, those that’ll determine if the lead is suitable for transfer aka an appointment to you.

Live transfer if the lead is qualified right away, and up to six months follow-up (FYI, at one point, they only mention two) if they aren’t. We’re wishful out here, and always hoping that the leads will eventually be qualified, especially if the only mismatch initially is their time frame of making the (real estate) transaction.

In-depth Look On The Qualification Process

The ISAs from Leadspring ISA talk straight, and they don’t mull over too much on pleasantries. Just a simple, “Hey, we noticed that you’re browsing our listings, are you still looking for a home?” If the lead says affirmative, then they got the greenest of green light to rapid fire qualification questions immediately.

The usual opener is asking about whether the lead is in a contract with another realtor or not. It’s not just an unwritten rule where you don’t want to step on anybody’s toes, it’s also a violation of code of ethics on some states, and trust us when we say that you don’t want that smoke.

Then, there’s also a question about all things money-related such as what’s their budget, if they’re currently working, and if they’re pre-approved for a mortgage and financing. You have to know the figure they’re working with, and bring them down to earth if needed.

Let’s be real, you can’t expect a mansion on a shoestring budget. Also, it’s better to be frank to your leads right from the get-go, rather than, uh, lead them on.

If they insist on pushing their unrealistic demands without signs of changing heart, just let it go. Don’t waste your time and theirs, but be open to those who simply don’t know better, and are willing to temper their expectations and meet you halfway.

Of course, there will be questions about the desired home. Here’s a list of such questions:

  • What’s your desired number of bedrooms and baths?
  • Where’s your preferred area?
  • What are the must-have amenities in your mind? (e.g., access to major roads, proximity to markets, etc.)
  • Do you require an extra acre of land for a backyard?
  • What (extra) features would you love in a home? (e.g., two-car garage, island kitchen, walk-in closet, basement, etc.)
  • Any accommodations you have in mind for someone in your household? (e.g., elderly safe, kid-friendly, has a potential “man cave” ‘cause hubby wants a room for himself during football games, etc.)

Each lead is unique, and the Leadspring ISA’s ISAs (that feels like saying ATM machine, IYKWIM) aren’t shy in asking more probing questions. That’s good, gotta know ‘em to serve ‘em well.

For instance, if someone is in a rental, they’ll ask if they’re still in a lease, and when is it due to expire. More likely than not, they’ll spill their timeframe (that is, before the lease expiry date) without even the ISAs asking explicitly.

If the ISA deemed it’s all good, then they’ll immediately transfer the call to you, the real estate agent. That’s a listing appointment right there. Job’s done on the ISAs…

Well, not quite if the agent isn’t available for a live transfer. If that’s the case, they’ll book the appointment on the agent’s calendar.

Other Features Of Leadspring ISA’s Services

Leadspring ISA Features

Beside converting leads to appointments, here are the other things you’ll get with ISA Call Center:

  • Minimum of fifty leads per month
  • Integration with popular CRMs/lead sources
  • In-depth call notes
  • SMS notifications
  • Only leads the ISAs are able to call count towards the plan
  • Unused portion of the plan will be transferred to the quota of next month

As a subscription, you can cancel anytime, too. Meanwhile, here are the key features on Listings On Demand besides the lead generation:

  • No retainers nor long term contracts, you pay per appointment
  • In-depth call notes
  • SMS/Email notifications
  • Pause and unpause leads at any given time

They also assure that the ISAs in both services are USA-based and are “friendly, personable humans”. Their description is kinda hilarious since it seems like they’re implying that others employ aliens, the otherworldly kind.

In reality, they might mean they’re not using AI or overseas workers. It’s an assurance for those who care, and we have no complaints.

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Evaluating The Value Of Leadspring ISA

Cost Of The Services

For Leadspring ISA’s ISA Call Center, the cost starts at $250 per month for fifty leads, then $5 per additional lead. No mention of refunds.

Meanwhile, the price of Listing On Demand isn’t listed anywhere on their website. Fortunately, a review online brought up some figures: $2,500 for the setup fee, then $250 for each generated leads. They offer at least three free leads before you have to pay the latter fee. Again, no mention of refunds nor referral fee.

Pros Of The Services

Leadspring ISA Agents

From the demo calls, the ISAs seems to be well-trained as they’re comfortable in asking probing questions, and are able to usually deduce a lead’s desired type of home instantly.

While it’s improbable that everyone on Leadspring ISA are agents themselves, it’s evident that their ISAs are at least knowledgeable with real estate.

The people’s skill of them are on display on the demo call as well. Any effort to be considerate and thoughtful counts, even as simple as the ISAs asking for a clarification to make sure they’re pronouncing a lead’s name right.

In a social media driven world that’s empowering people to be as mean-spirited as they could be, we’d rather appreciate those who are the opposite. The bar is hella low, but man, most people are still struggling to clear it.

Cons Of The Services

For us, the biggest concern with Leadspring ISA is its lack of social proof. As in, we see no convincing feedback outside their site.

Of course, we wouldn’t gloss over the thing they got going on Endorsal, but it simply isn’t the most esteemed review site out there. Yeah, it’s all five and four stars there, but that’s only because they don’t allow anyone to update their ratings.

That’s what a reviewer named Hillary H warned every potential client of Leadspring ISA as her review was still up as five stars when she probably wanted it one, maybe zero stars if possible. She didn’t get any listings with Leadspring ISA’s services, after all.

Leadspring ISA Reviews

Then, on more reputable sites (still not fake-and-planted-reviews-proof, mind you) such as Trustpilot and BBB, Leadspring ISA only garnered negative reviews and complaints. Specifically, they got one review on Trustpilot that stated how their leads are garbo, then three, unlisted complaints on BBB.

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While the demo calls posted by Leadspring ISA were promising, it’s not enough to convince us to recommend their service. They aren’t a scam by any means, but the harsh reviews on how the company fails to deliver results is a major concern every potential client of theirs should consider.

As always, it’s better to take heed before you have cause to grieve.

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