Leadjolt Reviews

Life’s been good to John Danes… At least, that’s what he posted on his Instagram.

While he’s assigned to spearhead the acquisitions in Leadjolt, he seems to have lots of free time. Riding camels, eating dinner with SMMA guru Iman Gadzhi, and even training Muay Thai with Leadjolt’s co-founder Adam Artemis, the lad who called him a brother for life.

He, along with Adam, started in the fitness niche, but what’s important now is the company they created after pivoting to real estate. It’s none other than Leadjolt, of course!

In today’s review, we’ll discuss what’s Leadjolt, and what made it different from other lead generation companies. Is it worth your time and money? Read more to find out.

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Leadjolt At A Glance

Understanding Leadjolt

Leadjolt Lead Generation

Leadjolt is a real estate consultancy based in Tennessee. They provide a DFY offer for real estate agents that’s a lead generation and marketing solution in one.

Unlike the referral networks we’re reviewed previously like Deallanders and Housejet, Leadjolt doesn’t charge referral fees upon closing. Instead, they provide a pay-as-you-go option with no retainer (at least, not a long term one) in a monthly subscription-based payment plan.

As a company, their core values revolve around unshakable integrity, client obsession (not in a creepy stalker way BTW, it’s on getting the best results and experience), light speed action, and future thinking (solving problems before they even exist).

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Old Way Versus Leadjolt Way

With Leadjolt, you don’t have to call thousands of uninterested leads, then closing one, maybe two deals. You’ll only deal with those in your service area that are qualified homebuyers/sellers.

The said leads will be exclusive to you as well. “Sharing is caring” doesn’t apply here, and for good reasons.

To simplify things, you don’t need to hire other marketing agencies, especially those you can’t hold accountable when their campaigns for you are met with crickets. Leadjolt guarantees a marketing effort that’ll net you appointments consistently.

Speaking of guarantees, the money-back guarantee is about getting you at least a hundred leads, and fifteen to twenty qualified appointments within ninety days. If they’re able to generate you more, consider it as a cherry on top— no extra fees on you, whatsoever.

The Driving Force Behind Leadjolt

Co-founders John Danes and Adam Artemis established Leadjolt back in 2018. Then, years later, marketing expert Leighton Butler joined the team to lead the client fulfillment and marketing team.

Leadjolt Founders

Calling himself as the “powerhouse”, John Danes is the CEO of Leadjolt. While we mentioned his stint in the health and wellness niche already, he also served clients in the insurance and finance industry.

If John is the “powerhouse” of Leadjolt, then Adam Artemis is the “brains”. As the COO, he is in-charge of operations and product development.

The two lads started their business partnership with a marketing agency catering to multiple industries. Leadjolt is the result of them turning the said generic agency into something that specializes in real estate and lead generation.

What Is Leadjolt’s Three-Pillar Marketing System?

To deliver on their guarantee, Leadjolt utilizes a proprietary three-pillar system, with pillars called as as Local Authority Campaign, Two-Point Nurture, and Live Sales Agent. Below is a more in-depth discussion of each pillar.

Local Authority Campaign

As the name implies, the Local Authority Campaign will aid in making you look like a rockstar agent in your area. This is primarily done through persuasive Facebook ads tailored to capture the very essence of you and your business.

Leadjolt will make sure you’ll attract the right people within fifteen to twenty-five miles radius of your service area with excellent copywriting, retargeting, ad management, the whole shebang. Reports with key metrics included!

No need to attend networking events, beg for referrals, spend all day cold-calling strangers, nor run online ads in a very chaotic, spray-and-pray manner. You might not know better, but Leadjolt does.

Leadjolt System

Also, they won’t pass the leads you receive like a blunt. Upon claiming an area with Leadjolt, what’s yours is truly yours, and you can kiss goodbye sharing leads with other agents.

Two-Point Nurture

With Two-Point Nurture, you don’t have to worry about follow-ups, since Leadjolt will sort it out on your behalf. They’ll do it with patience, since they understand that a single “Sup, how it’s goin’?” won’t suffice.

With their two-way messaging system, the follow-ups will be persistent, but not spammy and downright annoying. This back and forth will be done through email, SMS, voicemail, and/or Facebook DM.

The messages will reflect your sincere and genuine interest to stay in touch, maybe close a deal with them or two in the future, if not now. The goal is to maintain a strong rapport with leads, and build a long-lasting agent to client relationship with them.

Live Sales Agent

Live Sales Agent is Leadjolt’s spin to the typical inside sales agents (ISAs). They’re like ISAs, but better and you, the agent, don’t need to hire them yourself.

Their responsibility is only only booking appointments to your calendar. They’ll also filter to include only the qualified ones through Leadjolt’s seven core questions, so you don’t waste time talking to those that aren’t actively seeking real estate opportunities.

Furthermore, you’ll have an idea on what they’d want, their desired price range, timeline of closing, and what-not, before you even pick up the phone. Live Sales Agent already asked those questions and more.

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Should You Consider Leadjolt?

Features Of The Program

Here’s what you’ll get when you join Leadjolt:

  • Area and agent exclusivity
  • Lead reactivation if you feel like “resurrecting” dead leads
  • Custom CRM with Zapier integration
  • A Client success manager to guide you throughout the entire process
  • A personal support team that’s available 24/7
  • Live marketing reports to see how your marketing campaigns are performing
  • Access to Jolt University, a training course sharing strategies used by top performing agents with bi-weekly coaching calls

Cost Of The Program

While Leadjolt didn’t list any price on their website, there are several reports online mentioning that their subscription cost around $2,500 to $10,000 a month, and you have to sign up for four months minimum. For the exact figures, you have to book a call with them.

Pros Of The Program

If they nailed the execution, Leadjolt not charging referral fees could be a plus for some realtors. Typically, these commissions could cost a lot since it’s percentage-based.

But with the way they consistently fail to deliver on their promise, this is just a negative since there’s no incentive for them to do better. See section below for the deep dive.

Cons Of The Program

All the drawbacks of this program can be summed up as follows: Leadjolt promises the world yet under delivers, and is trying to get away with it through deception.

Leadjolt Reviews

As mentioned by a complaint in BBB, a fine print in Leadjolt’s terms consider any appointment they put on your calendar a “qualified” one. This means even a no-show will count as “qualified” when it really shouldn’t.

Like, c’mon, how can you say someone is interested and “qualified” when they can’t even be bothered to answer a call? If not no-show, they’re buncha randoms who are definitely not a home buyer nor a seller.

At best, they’re misinformed ones who are either looking for a rental or unable to meet the bare minimum the agent have set (i.e., offers six figures below the target market price). Still, they don’t fit the “qualified”, willing, and able appointments you’re supposedly receiving with Leadjolt.

That loose and BS definition of appointments is what they try to use to keep you from qualifying for their money-back guarantee. Technically, they provide leads and appointments, albeit shitty and not the type you can’t convert 28% of the time (another promise of theirs on previous copy, along with over the top average ROI).

There’s a reason people are calling the company a scam pretty much everywhere— on BBB, Bizapedia, Reddit, and their almost empty Facebook page.

Not mid nor mediocre, but scam, complete frauds, and hot garbage. They really have no business charging this much for leads that are probably no better than calling someone with a phone number you just randomly typed.

Leadjolt Error 404

While they recently moved their website to another domain (OG one giving error 404), they seem to have dissolved the company altogether this October, according to their LLC filing.

Somehow, Leadjolt’s co-founder in John seems relieved with this move, judging by the timing of his recent post. It’s his Middle East escapades, and he’s joking around with the caption “real Gs move in silence, like lasagna.” So unserious. Bet he couldn’t “live, laugh, love” his way out of a lawsuit if they ever happen, though.

They might be out of business, but it’s never too late to dispute the charges to your credit card company/bank in case you’re one of the unfortunate people who got baited into joining the program. Don’t let them get away with your money, at least not without resistance.

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Based from what we have gathered, we can safely say that Leadjolt is not worth your time and money. Except for the questionable reviews on Bizapedia that are all posted on the same day, we can’t see any positive feedback about them and their service.

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