Leadasaurus Reviews

Naming a lead generation program after a dinosaur is quite an interesting move. Sure, a T-Rex might be strong and fierce, but it’s also long dead and extinct. The last two words ain’t something you want to associate your leads with.

But Chris Lombardi and his Cowboys fanboy ass doesn’t mind and called his brainchild Leadasaurus. According to him, it’s built by real estate agents, for real estate agents.

Curious to know what’s up with Leadasaurus? If yes, you’re in luck, we got you covered with this review. Read on.

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What Is Leadasaurus?

About The Program

Leadasaurus Lead Generation

Leadasaurus is a lead generation program based in Parsippany, New Jersey. They claim to connect agents with qualified buyers and sellers using their proprietary pipeline “cold to closed” system.

The said system reliably generates a stream of people actually interested in talking business with an agent. No tire kickers, time wasters, or anything like that. Rest assured, the leads are exclusive too.

In addition, there’s no need for agents to deal with uncertainty themselves. The program’s USA-based inside sales agent (ISA) team are the ones to initially engage the leads, say what’s up, ask questions, yada yada.

It’s all predictable once you, the agent, enters the fold. ISAs will share all the things you need to know about the lead to make this possible. They also give the option to choose what type of lead to generate, either a seller lead, a buyer one, or both.

Not only that, they find, qualify, and do live transfers day after day, even on Sundays! They’re definitely catching the vibe of NYC, the so-called city that never sleeps, next to theirs.

Everything we just listed sans the location and maybe the option to pick the type of lead are just promises from them. Do they walk the talk? That’s the question.

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About The Core Values

Leadasaurus Core Values

The core values of Leadasaurus caught our attention, but not for a good reason. It’s suspiciously similar to what Leadjolt calls as theirs (see Leadjolt Reviews).

Here are what they listed as core values:

  • Client success
  • Speed is king
  • Innovate or die
  • Do the right thing

In comparison, here are Leadjolt’s:

  • Client obsession
  • Lightspeed action
  • Future thinking
  • Unshakeable integrity

We don’t say Leadasaurus copied Leadjolt. It’s probably the opposite since Leadasaurus, while not as relevant as Leadjolt, is founded two years earlier.

Our concern is how they seem to overlook the importance of putting up core values that truly represent their business. Both of them appear to treat it as an afterthought, being fine with generic crap and all. Show us some passion, c’mon!

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About The Founder

Leadasaurus Chris Lombardi

Chris Lombardi is the founder and CEO of Leadasaurus. He established the program in 2018, back when he’s still working as a full-time project accountant.

He’s a practicing real estate agent now at Keller Williams Realty, and you’ll likely know about it since it’s consistently highlighted throughout the program’s copy. Of course, he won’t miss any chance to boost his rep and authority, and we don’t blame him.

Do note that Keller Williams isn’t very popular with real estate agents. For one, its recruitment practice is reminiscent of  MLMs. Most ain’t a fan of the culty atmosphere, and as they should.

How Does Leadasaurus Work?

Lead Qualification

Leadasaurus is proud to announce that they aren’t using any AI to qualify leads. This is good since, ethical concerns aside, you still don’t want AI when the adaptation for this specific use-case (lead generation) is probably half-baked, janky, and kind of held together by duct tape.

Like, AI can’t even reliably draw a hand right yet. That’s why we don’t wanna hear talks about trusting it to handle a critical aspect of a real estate business. We suggest not to cut corners here, it’s too risky as of now.

Anyways, instead of AI, Leadasaurus has an in-house, USA-based ISA team to do the vetting process. They’re said to be trained by a real estate agent, but no mention if the majority are agents themselves. Probably not.

The qualifying questions asked by ISAs to leads depends on whether they’re a potential seller or buyer. For seller leads, they ask about the following:

  • Location/address of property
  • Time frame
  • Number of beds and baths
  • Motivation for selling
  • Whether there are any renovations done in the last five years
  • Condition of the property (scale of 1 to 10)
  • Whether they’re currently working with another agent

On the other hand, these are the things asked for buyer leads:

  • Property wishlist (extra features like walk-in closet, central heating, and spacious backyard; and accommodation like elderly-proof, kid-friendly, and the likes)
  • Desired number of beds and baths
  • Desired location/areas of interest
  • Time frame
  • Price range
  • Whether the buyer is pre-approved for financing
  • Whether they currently own a property (ask for their plans in case they have one)
  • Whether they’re currently working with another agent (same as seller lead)

Leads are either qualified or unqualified. They’re thinking in binary, and that’s not ideal since there are leads that’s right in the middle— close to being qualified except for the time frame, and could benefit from efforts to nurture them. Oh well.

Live Transfers

If the lead is qualified, Leadasaurus’ ISAs will try to connect you, the agent, with them via a three-way live transfer call. Not without your consent and theirs, of course!

After a fruitful qualifying call that decided a lead is qualified, the lead will be put on hold first. This way, the ISAs can give you a heads-up call, share the important deets from the earlier conversation with the lead, and ask whether you’re available to talk to them at once.

If you and the lead are available, the ISA will merge the call, introduce you to the lead, then step back and leave it to y’all to carry on. Y’know, time to do the fun part as an agent, which is closing.

Leadasaurus SMS Notifications

Otherwise, the ISAs will book an appointment on your calendar at a later date. They’ll let you know about it via SMS, including a summary of what transpired during the qualifying call (particularly useful for those who missed the heads-up call).

Lead Conversion Training

Not only will Leadasaurus connect you to motivated leads, they also promise to give you the exact blueprint on how to turn them into something. With the training, you don’t have to burn a few leads just to get the feel of what’s right.

In particular, the blueprint is apparently what enabled one of their clients close over sixty transactions in the span of two years with them. They’ll spill his process from start to finish, including the exact nurture process the client uses.

Other Features Of Leadasaurus

Here are the rest of the features of Leadasaurus:

  • Option to pause lead delivery at any time
  • Access to a membership portal for learning resources and custom growth plan
  • Access to an enrollment specialist
  • Dedicated support team that’ll conduct weekly one-on-one check-in calls

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Should You Avail Leadasaurus?

Cost Of Leadasaurus

Leadasaurus didn’t mention any exact figure about the cost of their service anywhere on their website. Instead, they’re just talking in circles about how it isn’t really a cost, but an investment if done right. Like, no, we’re not interested with discussion on semantics, just spill the price.

Fortunately, the few comments online about the program mentioned $500 as the asking price for a two-week trial. For the regular subscription cost, you have to book a call with them to find out.

Pros Of Leadasaurus

These are the pros of Leadasaurus, listed in bullet points:

  • No long-term contracts
  • No referral fees (a pro for those who prefer to pay monthly subscription fee rather than a hefty chunk of gross commission on closing)
  • No rush to be the first to click with their exclusive leads

Cons Of Leadasaurus

Leadasaurus Reviews

Meanwhile, here are the cons of Leadasaurus:

  • Not transparent with the pricing
  • Low website traffic, not even getting past a hundred organic visits
  • Very few reviews outside their website, which is unusual given its age (also, one dragged Leadasaurus for sending fake leads and not issuing refunds)
  • Low budget for marketing

The first three bullet points are pretty self-explanatory. Not the last one, most likely, and we’re here to explain.

No, we don’t see their financial statements to say they’re being cheap. Using an undercover employee to snitch is beyond our scope, unfortunately.

What we see is how they joined a tournament to get their logo for $475 instead of hiring an expert designer. Then, they’re also not able to pay the monthly upkeep of their LLC site (Bardi Media) on Clickfunnels, putting it on pause for the meantime.

When they’re being cheap like that, it doesn’t reflect well on their business. You can also attribute the logo bit to the program’s lack of attention to details, just like how they don’t give a damn about drafting their core values.

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We can’t say Leadasaurus is a scam, but we can’t recommend it either. Given the lack of social proof, testing their service is like willingly subjecting yourself to a lab trial, a sketchy one at that.

We’re here to remind that y’all ain’t no guinea pig. You’re a real estate agent, and you deserve a proven and tested lead generation service, and not some mysterious sh*t. As always, choose your programs wisely.

Before leaving…

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