Lead Heroes Reviews

Having lead generation at their core is what drives most businesses to continue their operations. And as the thought stands, the effectiveness of a company’s lead generation strategy can significantly impact its success.

But if you’re tired of doing things yourself, or you’re just a start-up business owner wanting to make your business somehow known in your niche, there are also companies that “sell” leads.

One of them is Lead Heroes, a company that specializes in offering affordable and exclusive telemarketed leads, especially in the insurance sector.

In this extensive review, we will break down Lead Heroes bits by bits. What do they do? What field do they specialize in? Can you trust this company? How much does it cost? And so much more.

But before getting into the review…

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Lead Heroes Overview

Lead Heroes

Lead Heroes was established in 2015 with the aim of finding a more effective and cost-efficient solution for obtaining affordable and exclusive insurance leads. It is inspired by the founder’s personal experiences, Glen Shelton, as an independent agent, suggesting a firsthand understanding of the challenges faced in lead generation.

After experimenting with various lead sources, he has led to this one way that stands out the most: live telemarketing leads. 

And with this, Glen started growing his company as it operates a fully managed call center employing remote telemarketers all around the world, which is said to be more cost-efficient rather than having all American-based employees. And these telemarketers have been trained by Glen himself, making them identify as real sales professionals.

Lead Heroes are more likely made to cater also independent insurance agents, to help them find leads and become significant to their field of expertise. They’re not only a lead provider that understands the nuances of the insurance industry but also they actively shape its operations to offer cost-effective, high-quality leads through live telemarketing, or so they say.

We’ll check things out in a few on what they can truly offer. But for now, let’s know more about the man behind all of this, Glen Shelton. 

About Glen Shelton

Glen Shelton

To be able to finish an Associate’s Degree, it typically requires at least 2 years on the course. Meaning to say that Glen Shelton didn’t finish his Associate’s Degree in General Studies as he only rendered 1 year in Chandler/Gilbert Community College. He’s also a dropout of Computer Science at Oregon State University the following year.

A college dropout, so what’s next in line? Glen tried various ventures. He became an Inside Sales Representative at Verizon Wireless for almost two years where he’s the one fulfilling sales metrics, having monthly quotas, while having extensive knowledge of changing products and services.

Next is that he’s been the Senior Field Manager of ASUREA for a year and three months. What he did there was he offered insurance and financial services for state employees, homeowners and seniors. He’s also the one responsible for training other field agents. He earned skills like appointment setting, account management, and a wide range of insurance and financial products.

He’s very perceptive in the fact that only having a year and three months of experience in the insurance sector means that he already found a loophole that needs to be fixed in order to thrive more in that realm. 

Lead Heroes stands firm and has been in the industry for 9 years now, thanks to his and his team’s effort to give the best experience an agent(telemarketer) needed to do in order to provide quality services to those in need.

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Products Inside Lead Heroes

Insurance Leads

Lead Heroes Insurance Leads

As said earlier, they offer insurance leads for insurances such as:

  • Final Expense Life Insurance Leads
  • Medicare Supplement (Medicap) Leads
  • Turning 65 Leads
  • Live Transfer Leads

And aside from these, they offer services such as pre-set appointments and custom calling campaigns. 

In all of the leads that they offer, they strictly follow a 6-step process in order to give you the best solutions to your questions, and experience that you can get.

Sales-Trained Staff

Lead Heroes’ telemarketers are all trained by Glen Shelton himself. It is composed of customer-friendly and tech-savvy people, which all undergo a thorough screening process to ensure their proficiency in English and equip them with knowledge of life insurance and Medicare.

Scrubbed Data

Before integrating their sales data to their CRM, it first goes through a meticulous scrubbing process to ensure that it complies with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). 

Once data has been loaded to their CRM system which is designed to optimize efficiency that ultimately maximizes the generation of leads, it aims to foster a cost-effective and productive environment for their agents.

Filtered Demographics

It is not just the data that is being filtered, but also the demographics. It follows a certain criteria such as the state, country, zip code, cities, and everything in between. It allows them to focus on particular demographics, honing in on an individual’s age between:

  • 50-80 years old (for Final Expense Life Insurance Leads) with an income range of $15,000-$45,000.
  • 67-80 years old (for Medicare Supplement Leads) with at least $20,000 income and MAPR (Military Annual Percentage Rate) of below 20%.
  • Seniors 3-5 months before turning 65 (for Turning 65 Medicare Leads) with at least $20,000 income and MAPR (Military Annual Percentage Rate) of below 20%.
  • Also 50-80 years old (for Live Transfer Leads) with an income range of $15,000-$45,000.

Dedicated Script

Each telemarketer working in each of the insurance leads has their own, proven, dedicated script that they follow, which is said to be a guaranteed success of turning one prospect into a customer once it has been used. 

Quality Control Process

Upon receiving an individual’s request for additional information regarding the insurance that they are considering, the corresponding call recording undergoes a thorough quality control process. 

It will be sent to the management team for careful review. Its aim is to ensure that only leads expressing a genuine interest in obtaining more information move forward to the agents. 

This step not only safeguards the integrity of the leads but also enhances the efficiency of the overall operation, making it less time consuming, and allowing telemarketers to cater those who have demonstrated sincere interest.

Prompt Delivery

After all the processes, the leads are systematically arranged into a user-friendly Excel spreadsheet for seamless accessibility. It will be delivered to an agent within the week or a 7-day business timeframe. 

Once they receive the file, they will readily upload it to their CRM, and start doing their outreach activities

Lead Heroes Sample Products

Indicated above are some of Lead Heroes’ products that they offer to the public. As I’ve seen on their website, the cost per service ranges from $560 up to $8,000, depending on the number of leads you want to have.

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Free Course

Free Course

It seems like this one is a free course offered by Lead Heroes, in collaboration with Bantamedia, a national award-winning content, PR and SEO firm based in Cleveland.

If you don’t have money to hire telemarketers and just decided to do it all by yourself, then this “How to Qualify, Present and Sell: Final Expense and Medicare Supplements to Seniors” course is right for you.

It has 10 chapters that can guide you step-by-step until you’ve reached the part where you’re ready to present and sell Final Expense Life and Medicare Supplements Insurances whether online, on the phone or in person. 

The 10 chapters have each of their own instructional videos and detailed PDFs and course notes, all encompassing a total of 6 hours of content, that you can still read or watch in your free time, no pressure, just you and the resources. 

Pros and Cons


  • They offer targeted leads, giving you a wide number of leads depending on your line of work.
  • And you can trust the quality of the leads as they’ve been into several meticulous processes before being part of the list.
  • The first one is a done for you service in terms of being the virtual assistant that you’ve always wanted, giving you more time on preparing and laying out your expertise in the insurance selling process.
  • The second one is a free course, if you’re on a tight budget and you seem to accept that you can also do that part of the job and still become successful.


  • Lead generation services are not cheap.
  • As there are positive reviews, there are also negative reviews about Lead Heroes regarding the quality of the leads they’re getting.

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As harsh as it gets, lead generation services are not cheap, as it serves as the core of any business out there, and without leads, you won’t have any customers. And if you don’t have any customers, your business will die.

It is also a sad truth that trying to do everything by yourself will only lead you to burnout, even if you’re passionate about what you’re doing. And there are certain practices to avoid that. 

If you’re one of many people that wants a get-rich-quick scheme, then lead generation is not for you, since it needs dedication, time, and effort to actually see the fruits of your labor.

Before leaving…

If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone. (*and sky’s the limit*)

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