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Meet Justin Phillips, Co-Founder Of The Support Black Colleges Brand | HBCU Buzz

With how almost everyone is doing business virtually, we can guarantee that e-commerce business is taking over the future. Hungry while in the middle of the job? Order food online. Need to do last minute shopping during the holidays? Whip out your phone and start browsing. Consumers love the flexibility and convenience of doing groceries or shopping anytime, anywhere. And with e-commerce businesses are equipped with the means to connect and interact with a global customer base, cut down expenses and improve customer engagement and services. However, it doesn’t stop there.

Building your business is not enough. It should be also be sustainable.  But as someone who is new in the online business, how do you start?

This is where Last Ecom Training might be beneficial for you. Continue reading below to find out more.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Last Ecom Training in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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The Last Ecom Training You'll Ever Need with Justin Phillips

Justin Phillips, born in Houston, Texas, graduated from Howard University where he professionalized his main career in the field of HBCU, also known as the Historical Black College or University. He is also a Co-Founder recognized for his pivotal role in initiating and expanding the Support Black Colleges brand with his friend Corey wherein they were able to make a million dollars in just one day. His deep love for teaching and marketing, coupled with his expertise, have enabled him to manage multiple successful brands with revenues in the six and seven-figure range. He also provides consulting services for brands of similar or larger sizes. With his skilled marketing tactics have been evident in notable campaigns and collaborations with major brands such as NBA, Shopify, NBA2k, and a variety of other multibillion-dollar companies.

Justin is a passionate reader that evidently contributed in broadening his knowledge and expertise in entrepreneurship. enhancing his capacity to inspire and educate those around him. With 896K followers on his Instagram account, it does provide proof that many are listening with his contents.

His estimated net worth ranges from $7 million to $11 million. This in consideration with the over $7 million that he has earned from his sales and the revenue generated by the many students who have purchased his course.


According to them, Last Ecom Training will help and prepare you build a sustainable product-based e-commerce online business that earns multi-seven-figure dollar with their strategy and unlimited training. They are to make things easy for you.

His training program is apparently famous with the three major approaches he employs; generating social media traffic, replicating thriving e-commerce brands and collaborating with influencers.

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One of Last Ecom Training focus ventures out with the Drop-Shipping model. Drop-shipping is when people or companies sell items on their website without keeping them in stock. When someone makes a purchase, they pass the order to another company that ships the goods to the buyer. This is actually considered a high-maintenance model since products are purchased individually rather than in large quantities, leading to a less favorable profit margins. Let us focus on the problem at hand with Drop Shipping.


Expensive Paid Ads

Facebook and Tiktok generate more sales than other platforms as these two have millions of users worldwide. Running ads with these social media platforms is ultimately ideal with these facts however, at the same time, it also poses problems with competitors. Numerous e-commerce enterprises advertise clothing and various products or services, resulting in higher expenses for acquiring traffic. This makes the cost of running ads increase each year.  In addition, because of these intense competition, running ads on these platforms doesn’t produce a high impact as what is anticipated. You could face a situation where a larger company is selling the same product at a lower price. As a smaller business, attracting customers might be challenging, as you have to dip into your profits to offer products at a more competitive price.

Consuming Time on Product Research

One of the most efficient way that will aid you to get the traffic by paying advertisements on social media. You will have to do research and observe on recently launched and popular products in the market as this will increase your sales by investing on those advertisements. Nevertheless, as products inevitably lose their popularity, you need to consistently search for the next product that has the potential for profitability, and once you find it, continue the search for the next one. This will apparently consume your time since not all the advertisements you invest in will result in product purchases.

Refunds and Returns

Fulfilling customer expectations can be difficult when there is a lack of quality control since you won’t physically handle the products. Discrepancies in quality may arise, prompting customer complaints and, on occasion, returns. There is also the delay with the shipment wherein suppliers might not be able to process orders immediately (and this happens occasionally). As the middleman, you might not have direct answers. You will have to reach out to your suppliers who, on the other hand, might be too busy with their part of the job. Hence, delays in communication might not be avoided. Either way, you, as the primary contact, will have to face the customers with the answers. Keep in mind that a faulty batch of items can lead to unhappy customers, lost revenue, and potentially negative customer feedback due to factors that are beyond your control.

Nonetheless, Justin provides a remedy for these drawbacks through his training course.


Justin launched this program in 2021 in an attempt to share and inspire entrepreneurs worldwide. It mainly focuses in ways to create revenue in the e-commerce industry, centering on his his three main strategies as mentioned earlier.

Generating high traffic on social media – This strategy involves generating leads on Facebook and TikTok with the aim of boosting your overall income.

Replicating thriving e-commerce brands – This approach involves identifying websites that produces great deal of profit and analyzing the factors contributing to it. Observe what they are doing and take it as the model for your business.

Collaborating with influencers – This method is about working together with influencers to expand your network. His strategy’s focal point teaches you on how you can reach out to these people in a way that elicits a response from them. Drawing a significant number of influencers can help elevate your new brands into a well-known name through online promotion. This strategy gradually lowers the expenses of operating your business while simultaneously boosting your sales.

His program also includes courses on helping you build your own website even without being tech savvy and still look professional. This will aid you in building an online community that can scale your earnings up to a specific amount in a shorter time. The program provides comprehensive knowledge and the necessary assistance for you to efficiently manage your online business. And with these strategies, they promote that you will be able to increase the number in your sales and make your e-commerce online business feasible.

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Cost and Specifics

The training program is purchased as an Ebook that consists of training videos with several modules at a price of $1,497. This is considered a one-time payment with no additional or hidden charges with a 30-day refund policy.

In addition to this, he also speak on podcasts and posts short videos in his Instagram providing tips and encouraging people to know more about his program.


His strategies does look promising when coming in terms with the problems at hand being encountered with drop-shipping. It does provide solution that can make your business sustainable. He was able to make things easy for people who had purchased his program allowing them to manage their own e-commerce business. However, building and running your e-commerce business would not only require you to follow these strategies. You must also have the passion Justin has to be able to succeed in this industry.

Aside from this, joining the program requires a specific amount of capital. And with other training courses available across the internet, this program is kind of expensive for the course. He was not the only one who have succeeded in this business and they too, have testimonies from their clients or followers that their methods are effective as well. Also, it does change the fact the drop shipping business is a high-maintenance model. There are uncertainty with the income numbers particularly for newbies in the market. And again, it is evident that in the years to come, there will be an increase in paid traffic eventually becoming too expensive.

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If you are serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to check out my #1 recommendation.

This is simply the BEST business to start right now and it made me $30,391 in the last month alone.(*and sky’s the limit*)

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