Larry Benedict Review

Even for someone who only wants to dip their toes in the water, figuring out the best approach to enter the investment and trading world can be a bit overwhelming. It requires some prior research to identify the ideal stock to launch the trend of fresh profits, but this little journey into the stock market can turn into a lengthy rabbit hole.

Finding the right “guru” if you ever need one to help and guide you to start off with your investment journey is another thing that you also must keep an eye on. There are so many of them out there that you don’t know whose strategies and methods work and whose don’t. 

A man named Larry Benedict is one of these “gurus” that seem to be relatively well-known in the options trading niche. Let’s dig deep further to know more about him and I hope it can help you decide whether he’s the person you’re looking for.

This One’s Much Better

Larry Benedict has more than 30 years of expertise in the financial sector and is a well-known specialist on the stock market and retirement planning. He is known for his outstanding skills in trading, risk management, and the creation of investing strategies.

He started as a market maker in 1984 in equity derivatives products on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. He also became the market maker for American Stock Exchange and later on hired by Spear Leads and Kellogg (SLK) as their personal options specialist in 1989. 

Due to his skills and positive results, Larry became a Managing Director of the newly created proprietary trading department of SLK. While he’s on this, he also launched his short-term discretionary trading hedge fund called the Banyan Equity Management, LLC. 

He never had a losing year while managing his hedge fund from 1990 to 2010, making him a top hedge fund manager. That’s a 20 year streak of cash flow. I can’t imagine anything to fake that off. And to boot it off, in 2008 during the one if not the biggest financial crisis of our lifetime, he and his partners had their best years ever.

They’ve made $95 million in profit. Can you believe that? I don’t think there is someone who can top that of either, none that I know of. 

Barron’s has ranked Banyan Capital, Larry’s hedge fund last 2008 as #36 in the top 100 which puts Banyan in the top 1%  out of 10,000 in the whole world. His list of investors and hedge fund clients is like a Who’s Who of accomplished people, even the royal family (the Crowned Prince of one of the largest oil producing nations in the world). 

He is also given a title Market Wizard and is featured in the Jack Schwager book Hedge Fund Market Wizards, with a whole chapter talking about him and his achievements.

Those are past achievements and surely are being accounted for as to what he has to offer nowadays. He surely made a name for himself, a successful one at that. So what’s the hot topic for Larry today?

This One’s Much Better

The One Ticker Trader program is a cutting-edge consulting service for options trading. His strategy is mostly based on an understanding of how markets operate. He continuously studies the complex dance that occurs between various markets because he believes that no market can function on its own.

My approach is different. It’s unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen.”, says Larry. “It’s called One Ticker Retirement Plan. But put simply, it’s designed to help you make all the money that you need in any market using just one ticker.”, he continued.

With just $19, all is yours including one full year of One Ticker Trader issues and recommendations where you’ll get Larry’s latest ideas around once a week, The One Ticker Trader Retirement Plan which is a guide that can show you the ropes on how to use the proposed strategy.

It also has Larry’s Guide to Trading Options as the name suggests, a crash course to options trading, and his Open Recommendations where you’ll have immediate access to everything he has to offer. You can check his website to learn more about the One Tick trader and other services he’s got to offer.

He knows some people think it’s impossible, and he doesn’t blame them for being skeptical, but the strategy he’s about to share and teach, he has been using for years, decades even. And as a hedge fund manager, it has helped him deliver millions after millions to his clients, year after year, in all market conditions.

This One’s Much Better