Kelly Roach Coaching Reviews

Every successful entrepreneur has their own backstories. How they started, struggles they’ve dealt with and how they were able to reach the success they are experiencing in the present. But every one of them doesn’t leave without giving credits to their business coaches. It’s like finding a long lost treasure. Been grinding alone and facing different challenges along the way, only to find out that they just only need one person who will guide them every step of the way.

Kelly Roach has been a business growth strategist for more than a decade. She and her team has helped multiple companies and also solo entrepreneurs get the results that they have been wanting to have during the get go. 

Ready to know if she’s the one you’re looking for? The coach that you will need to be able to start your own business and reach much greater heights? Continue reading on my Kelly Roach Coaching review below.

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Kelly Roach Overview

Kelly Roach

Kelly Roach is your typical gal with a big dream. Living in a typical household where the income of her parents is just enough to support their day to day expenses. 

After finishing BA Communications at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, she started looking for work in Corporate America. Together with other side hustles, Kelly started her way up the ladder faster than anyone else.

Kelly has her outstanding run in a Fortune 500 staffing firm. Having been able to receive seven promotions in her eight years of service and being the first ever, youngest Senior Vice President before reaching the age of 30 is such a huge feat.

Like anybody else, she knows that she has the potential to grow more and maybe eventually be able to make an impact on other people’s lives with the skill sets that she has. 

That’s why Kelly started reading stuff concerning business, marketing, coaching and the likes. She also hired a personal coach on the matter, to help her with the ropes and to make it more understandable for someone who just started diving on a vastly wide sea, the world of entrepreneurship.

Kelly Roach is now a self-made entrepreneur and strategist, an online business coach, a keynote speaker, a best selling author, a top ranked podcast host that talks about business and the founder of “The Business Advisory” which is now known as the Kelly Roach Coaching.

The Business World: Kelly Roach Coaching

After committing herself in the business coaching niche, Kelly started building her empire at a fast rate but with blood, sweat and tears in the process. She started hiring and building her own team, started investing in advertising, and decided not to leave her corporate job not until she achieved her goal which is making her own company reach seven figures. All is well but at what cost? It consumed a lot of her time and it had a negative effect mostly on her mental state.

That’s where she learnt that doing each and everything one step at a time is important. She realized that having more access to tools that “think” and “do” for us makes more business owners become overwhelmed and begin struggling to grow more.

She knows more than anyone else that rushing things will just produce backlashes for the company. Many if not all entrepreneurs all care about the rapid growth, increase income and such that makes them forget that taking baby steps at a time is what matters most. There’s no person who became a millionaire overnight, afterall.

To date, Kelly Roach Coaching has helped 75+ business owners scale past seven-figures over the last 18 months and 2 clients surpassing $10M+ annual revenue, have served 50+ countries across the globe and have produced 1,934% of annual growth, making them ranked 287 in the Inc 5000 list.

The success of being ranked 287 in the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in the United States of America is a meaningful feat for the company because they are advocates of both small and large companies, CEOs and leaders all around the world that want to achieve 1% success in their business and their life.

They’re now working towards becoming the number 1 business education and leadership development company globally.

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Courses and Services

They welcome you to the ultimate destination for CEOs seeking transformational growth. They offer “specialized” training programs that are applicable to different kinds of industries and provide them the tools they need to succeed in any economic environment. They claim that they’ve developed time-tested business principles with innovative tactics that provide noticeable results right away.

Customized Consulting Solutions

The goal here is to help you meet your true potential and live out your dreams by building profitable businesses that enhance every aspect of your life. If you ever feel like you’re in a stomp, their main focus here is to increase your team’s productivity, and provide scalable and easy to use solutions.

You’ll be matched with an expert business strategist that will offer you individualized business solutions based on your needs and they also offer one-to-one support to company executives which eventually will help you boost your company’s productivity and sales.  

It includes team and leadership development, sales training and high-ticket closing, data-driven integrated marketing and diversified revenue streams. Learning all of these can help your business run smoothly on both the front end (customer acquisition) and the back end (back office) operations.

Empire Builders

This 12-month coaching incubator is for high-powered CEOs who ready to:

Empire Builders

The course costs a one-time payment of $25,000 or a 12-month payment of $2,500 each. It includes access to BizbBase, which is their complete coaching hub for resources, templates, training, appointments, community and more. They also have weekly group calls and monthly mastermind calls, 2 monthly 1:1 calls with your business strategist and many more.

There’s also a bonus of having a virtual group VIP day with Kelly Roach herself.

Legacy Builders

Legacy Builders

Legacy Builders is also a 12-month program just like Empire Builders. What differs is that in Legacy Builders,  you’ll have a monthly Hot Seat Q&A with Kelly Roach, and you’ll have a chance to meet her face to face in the 2x 2-day in-person events that happen annually. It also includes an interactive coaching software that offers metric tracking, accountability, task organization and community engagement.

The cost is a whopping $43,200 for one-time payment and $4,000 monthly for 12-months if you choose not to pay one-time big time.

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Legacy Leaders

Legacy Leaders

Inside Legacy Leaders, they’ve created a space where you can think strategically about the future of your organization and start building in alignment with what you thought. 

They have a specific curriculum for seven-figure entrepreneurs who are ready to up their time, expand their sales, build a true self-sustaining dream team and organization while paying them for what’s their worth. 

It includes 3 annual in-person experiences, weekly group mastermind calls, two 50-minute calls with your business strategist each month, 24/7 access to Legacy Leader’s curriculum that focuses training on leadership, recruiting, hiring and onboarding, team productivity and profitability, mindset and business strategy.

It also gives you access to the BizBase client portal, Weekly Live Biz&Build call with Kelly Roach herself, and access to 300+ digital training videos.

Cost is not disclosed, but I’d rather believe that it costs more than Legacy Builders since it has 3x annual in-person events. 

Their Personal Requirements Before Joining

They’re not ranked 287 of the Inc 5000 list for nothing. Everyone inside and have joined the company do their respective work in order to achieve the success they have achieved during the past years. And what they expect from you is to contribute at least the bare minimum, if not better, because what you do will reflect the success that you’ll be achieving in the long run. 

It is a massive opportunity to be part of their company, so they say, if you’re willing to do the work. It’s not a walk in the park, after all.

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Having a business mentor can truly help you manage and grow your businesses to new heights and picking one can be a little tricky.

Even though they introduced low-ticket products and membership to cater beginners who are looking for guidance on the how to’s in starting a business, the Kelly Roach Coaching mostly focuses on already branded companies, the six to seven-figure ones, and their goal is to make them grow into eight-figure and beyond.

If all of these make you a little bit skeptical and overwhelmed, they offer you a free business audit to identify where your opportunities for fastest growth are and to see what you can elevate into starting now in order to achieve the 1% income, business success, and happiness in your everyday life. 

Before You Leave …

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